Wouldn’t it be great if you come out of this lockdown with an added skill?

During this period, many online platforms have made their courses available for free.

The challenge is now selecting the right course and staying motivated to follow through.

If you are looking for an exhaustive list of free online data science programs, we have compiled an extensive list of 70 free such courses in different areas of specializations, starting with the basics of data science to advanced concepts.

The list includes courses in Python, R Programming, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Deep Learning.

Most of these courses are free and are self-paced. The rest of them can be audited for free and certificates can be obtained by paying.

To help you make your decision about which course to pick, we have also included the rating of the courses, wherever available, along with the time taken to complete them.

You can glance through and pick the one that catches your attention. Let’s explore!

Data Science Fundamentals

It is imperative to learn the basics of any topic before diving deep into it.

These foundational data science courses will help you to learn the basic concepts and get a hang of the most popular data science tools like SQL, R Programming, Python, Statistics, Descriptive Analytics, Regression Analysis, and Machine Learning, among others.

Python for Data Science

Web and mobile app development, desktop app/software development, big data processing, mathematical computations, and system scriptwriting require extensive knowledge of Python.

Below courses will help you to acquire extensive knowledge about this widely used general-purpose, object-oriented, high-level programming language.

R for the win

Statisticians and data miners have been extensively using R Programming for developing statistical applications.

It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is being used in statistical analysis, data analysis, and machine learning.

You can learn R Programming through these free courses from platforms like edx and Udemy.

Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning and AI have been into business for quite a long time and have been helping businesses to ensure better user experience over time without any human intervention or assistance.

Below courses will help you to understand the basics of AI and learn Machine Learning algorithms that can help the systems to identify patterns in a given data, build self-explanatory models, and make accurate predictions.

Big Data

Enough has been said about Big data. Thanks to the rise in internet driven business operations, there’s hardly any business that is not deriving benefit from big data insights, either through direct analysis or through using some third party tools.

You can learn the intricacies of big data with the help of the below-mentioned courses. Take your pick!

Deep Learning

A subset of machine learning, deep learning is all about neural networks, which imitate the way humans think and learn.

Courses in deep learning will help you to learn the functionalities of artificial neural networks, their application in real-world, and solve pattern recognition problems without human intervention.

All the Best!

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