Gender equality in the workplace is one of the crucial aspects that make a company the best place to work.

While many urban corporates are focused on making their organizations discrimination-free, the Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum suggests that at the current rate, women may have to wait around 135 years to bridge this gap completely.

This means that more than 3-5 generations of women may have to struggle to get what they rightfully deserve and that is too slow.

This is the reason why companies that acknowledge the importance of gender equality and try to solve problems for people facing hardships, inequalities, and discrimination due to their gender identity stand out from those that don't.

Such organizations are successful in making their employees feel secure in their job and giving them a great work environment that encourages creativity and growth.

If you too are looking for gender equality in the workplace, then this article is for you. Read on to discover the top Indian companies that promote gender inclusivity and diversity.

1. Info Edge

Info Edge is one of the top internet companies in India and is an equal opportunity employer.

With the belief that gender-diverse teams can help them establish better connections with their customers, the organization is focusing its efforts to establish gender inclusivity and creating an environment that is compatible with everyone.

This is probably why the overall gender diversity ratio of women to men is 41% to 59%.

Here are a few initiatives by Info Edge directed toward promoting gender equality in the workplace:

  1. 26 weeks maternity leave with pay for new moms and 12 weeks maternity leave with pay for women employees opting for childbirth through adoption or surrogacy
  2. Crèche facility to support their employees by offering a well-supervised child-care facility
  3. Extended health insurance that covers infertility treatment benefits
  4. POSH training and other such benefits to create a safe and creative space for all employees

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2. HCL

HCL is one of the top tech companies in India. It is the most sought-after organization by job seekers across the country, and there is a reason why!

HCL provides its employees with an all-inclusive and diverse workplace safe for men, women, and other gender identities.

Here are some awards and recognition HCL has received for its inclusivity efforts:

HCL was included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) in 2022 for the second consecutive year
DivHersity Awards presented by for the Top5 Most Innovative Practices
Recognized as the Top 100 Best Companies for Women in India during the Working Mother & Avtar Conference
HCL was awarded NASSCOM Corporate Award for Excellence in Gender Inclusion
HCL won the Gold award for Best Advance in Women Leadership Development Program for the 'ASCEND' program at the Brandon hall awards

HCL is undertaking several initiatives to create an equal, inclusive and safe environment, some of which include:

  1. ASCEND, a platform that helps women of tomorrow with peer coaching and consultancy designed to help them identify and navigate through their career aspirations
  2. SheInpires, a program that captures the women of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) who have made a mark in these fields to inspire the next generation of women
  3. To ensure gender equality in the workplace, HCL has introduced a comprehensive program, ‘Cultural Empathy and Dexterity’, that promotes cultural awareness and inclusivity across the company.

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3. Pepsico

One of the largest beverage manufacturers globally, Pepsico is one of the most gender-inclusive companies.

As of 2018, the company had 40% women in managerial positions, 23% women on the board, and 20% women in the position of executive officers.

In 2021, Pepsico made it to the list of best companies for women to advance in the large companies category.

Here are some ways in which Pepsico is dealing with the issue of gender parity:

  1. Sensitization toward all genders to make the workplace a safe space
  2. Conscious efforts to hire women employees in the effort to attain gender equality in the workplace
  3. Benefits and provisions to help women employees focus on work without distractions
  4. Introducing new positions to be able to provide women in the workforce with jobs
  5. A diverse and inclusive workplace that is capable of fostering inclusion

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4. Nestle

Nestle is one of the top gender-inclusive companies, and we are not the only ones saying this!

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) listed Nestle in its list for the fourth consecutive year in 2022.

At Nestle, women have 43.9% of managerial positions. The company aims to have 30% women in their senior executive positions by the end of 2022.

To establish a diverse and inclusive workforce, Nestle has also taken a step by introducing a gender-neutral Global Parental Support Policy, where the company offers new parental leave policies to support its employees, irrespective of their gender.

Here are some initiatives introduced by Nestle to promote gender diversity:

  1. Sensitization training of hiring managers
  2. Market research to identify safe areas and assess travel entitlements
  3. Unconscious bias and gender sensitization awareness programs
  4. Pre and Post maternity benefits policy that provides priority parking, ergonomic seating, and a unique travel allowance for the mother and child.
  5. 26-week maternity leave with pay and benefits
  6. Safe and private breastfeeding rooms
  7. Dairy farming training for women to increase employment at the grassroots
  8. Launch of the "Attract-Retain-Develop" framework to launch inclusivity and diversity in talent

Nestle focuses several efforts to establish a sense of gender equality in the workplace. It boasts of having one of the highest number of women employees in the FMCG sector.

This reflects that the special initiatives taken to hire and retain women employees are working positively for the company, and that gender diversity is truly a part of the organization.

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5. Zomato

Startups are all the rage in the country today and ones like Zomato are often in the limelight for all the right reasons.

The food aggregator startup leads the charge of inclusivity and diversity in the Indian startup scene and stands out as an equal employer and thoughtful initiative for people of all genders, promoting gender equality in the workplace.

These are some initiatives that Zomato has introduced to bring about a sense of gender inclusivity and diversity:

  1. 50% of directors at Zomato are women as an initiative toward cognitive diversity
  2. The leave policy now allows women and transgender employees to use 10 menstrual leaves in a year
  3. Equal parental leave policy for parents by birth, surrogacy, and adoption
  4. Conscious employment of women at all levels- from delivery partners to board of directors
  5. Aim to increase the number of women in the delivery fleet from 0.5% to 10% by the end of 2022

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6. TCS

Listed in the Bloomberg Financial Services Gender-Equality Index, TCS is one of the top companies that is proactively attempting to establish an inclusive and diverse workplace.

TCS is an equal opportunity employer that promotes gender diversity. With 44% of women managers at the junior level, 30% in middle management, and 13% in senior leadership, the company is focusing efforts on emerging as a holistically inclusive workplace.

The company believes in the idea that diversity and inclusion in the workplace can drive success , and focuses on a simple motto- 'Inclusion without exception'.

To act on this, TCS created a platform for women called Network of Outstanding Women (TCS-NOW) which is a safe space where women can collaborate, create, learn, seek professional and personal aid, and address any issue they may face at the workplace.

Initiatives like TCS NOW make way for an equal and creative environment that increases creativity in professionals and influences people to have a shift in behavior and thought processes.

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7. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra has maintained its position as a gender agnostic employer that has several initiatives in place to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Recognized by the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for three years in a row , the company’s belief in Diversity and Inclusivity in the workplace has proved well for them and has helped them achieve value and growth.

This quote from Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head of Marketing gives the perfect idea about the company’s take on gender equality in the workplace,

At Tech Mahindra, we appreciate differences based on age, ethnicity, race, lifestyle, and social status and have designed a series of programs, policies, and initiatives to promote diversity.

We have endeavored to create a psychologically safe ecosystem where associates are connected through human-centered experiences.

Our progressive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies enable our associates to bring their most authentic selves and thrive in a purpose-driven workplace.

This recognition in Bloomberg GEI Index for the third time in a row is a testimony of our ‘intentionally diverse and naturally inclusive’ philosophy that empowers everyone at Tech Mahindra to rise.

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8. Dr. Reddy’s laboratories

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is one of the most gender-inclusive companies in India today and has led several initiatives to employ and empower women in the workplace.

In the process of promoting gender equality in the workplace, the company has witnessed an increase in women employees from 778 in 2015 to 2,349 currently.

These are some initiatives and projects that have resulted in Dr. Reddy’s laboratories becoming a gender-diverse company:

  1. Conscious hiring of women in sales force and manufacturing, which makes up 60% of their workforce across all levels
  2. SHE (Special Hospital Executives), an initiative involving an all-women sales team of medical representatives.
  • Extended support to women transitioning back into the workforce after a career break by assembling a team of SHEs with women looking for a second chance.
  • Part-time working hours, limited workload, and single-client management for SHEs, compared to regular medical representatives who work long hours and deal with multiple clients and products.
  1. Women employed in roles like R&D, engineering, and warehouse management that are otherwise not open to them
  2. 'Career Comeback for Women', a platform that enables the hiring of women who are on career breaks
  3. Extended aid to pregnant women at work through maternity counseling and buddy mothers, leading to a drop in maternity resignations
  4. Pick and drop cabs for women driven by women

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Importance of gender equality in the workplace, and how can it be attained?

Gender equality in the workplace is crucial for the growth of companies and employees. A stereotype, disparity, and criticism-free environment promote creativity and efficiency in employees as they are not worried about hiding their gender identity.

Gender equality in the workplace is also crucial since it offers equal opportunities to people of all genders.

A discrimination-free work environment is beneficial for both the employers and employees and can be attained by keeping the following things in mind:

  1. Equal salaries for people across all genders
  2. Strict policies and practices to ensure there is no room for discrimination against anyone, irrespective of their preferences
  3. Amenities and incentives for marginalized genders to enable equal employment and participation opportunities
  4. Open access to people of all genders in all occupations and job roles


While many companies are making conscious efforts to promote gender diversity and have an inclusive and discrimination-free environment, the journey has only begun!

Companies are focusing on equal opportunities for men and women, but the crucial thing to remember is that a workplace has to be made safe and secure for people of all genders.

LGBTQ-friendly companies make an extra effort to make everyone on the spectrum feel included.

Similarly, companies must consider the all-inclusivity and diversity of all genders while devising gender equality policies.

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