1. What is teamwork?
  2. How to answer “Give us some examples of your teamwork?”
    1. Give a gist of the situation
    2. Describe the action taken
    3. Discuss the outcome
  3. Sample answers to "How to talk about your teamwork skills during an interview"

“Each individual has unique gifts, and talents and skills,” says John J. Murphy.

However when all these skills are clubbed together, great things can be achieved.

Well, mankind was even able to land a man on the moon with a collective effort of so many together.

The one lone wolf theory holds no place within professional corridors of the corporate world.

Thus, interview patterns across the world have drastically changed and corporates are focused to hire professionals with amiable teamwork record & skill.

In this blog, we shall discuss the best possible ways to highlight teamwork skills during an interview.

What is teamwork?

Technically teamwork is defined as a collective group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.

An ideal team is the one wherein every individual’s strength is wisely utilized to yield maximum results.

A few jobs may require isolation & little or none help from others, however, how many such jobs can we think of?

No matter how much we try, somewhere, at some instance we do need people to ensure great results.

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How to answer “Give us some examples of your teamwork?”

While appearing for an interview & answering questions, wherein you would need to give examples of your teamwork skills, here are a few points you should keep in mind.

1. Give a gist of the situation

While giving examples of your teamwork skills, give an overview of the situation, importance to act on a timely basis.

Also mention the tasks which needed to be completed & so on. However, don’t get into details of team size, names & so on.

2. Describe the action taken

Provide details of the actions that were taken. This can include some details of the plan of action, implementation process, troubles faced (if any).

3. Discuss the outcome

This is the most important aspect of your answer, what was the result?

Give an account of what positive was attained after the action was taken for the betterment of the team.

Did you achieve something better than expected? Did you finish your work before the deadline?

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Sample answers to "How to talk about your teamwork skills during an interview"

Here are some sample answers to help you talk about your teamwork skills in an interview.

Sample answer 1

In my last position, I was a part of the sales team.

We had a situation wherein we had to choose the right strategies to ensure maximum sales for the firm.

Although everyone in the team seemed to have the right suggestions, to finalize, I called in a team meeting & after careful brainstorming sessions, we all unanimously finalized our strategy for that quarter.

Not only that, but we also achieved great results with better results than even expected.

Why this answer?

This answer showcases your ability to handle & resolve conflict in a much effective way.

It also showcases your ability to be a key team player to ensure everyone’s ideas are taken on board.

This can prove to be one of the key skills an interviewer is looking for in the desired candidate.

Sample answer 2

I have worked in many teams previously, but in every team, I always made sure that I am open to learning new things & helping my other teammates.

I can recall an incident wherein one of my teammates was struggling to finish the project work assigned to us.

Rather than pressurizing him more, I realized I am well versed with the software he was working on.

So, I used to stay back an hour after work to help him out.

As a result of that, our team finished the project well before time.

Why this answer?

This answer shows the interviewer your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the success of your team.

This answer also reflects your openness with fellow teammates that they can ask for your whenever they require it.

Sample answer 3

While I was working at ABC company, I was a part of the content team.

Honestly, I was well versed with publications & blogs, but my presentations were a bit off the mark.

Similarly, my other teammate had quite an eye for making fabulous presentations but his writing skills weren’t polished enough.

To ensure a smooth workflow of the team, we worked together on our strengths.

Whenever I used to make a presentation, he used to review it & similarly whenever he used to write a blog, I used to review it first.

This indeed helped us in ensuring that we both make maximum use of our strengths to strengthen the team.

Why this answer?

This answer sheds a positive light on your communication ease with your fellow teammates.

Also, this answer clearly shows your ability to recognize & utilize strengths within the team for the betterment of the team.

Working in collaboration in the key to effective teamwork.

The above-mentioned answer also highlights your willingness to trust the intellect level of your fellow teammates.

Sample answer 4

One of the key responsibilities of my team in the past was to select new vendors & bring them onboard.

My team used to go through the details of each vendor minutely before finalizing them.

However, there have been times where we have had long discussions on the same.

However, I used to make sure each member gets a chance to justify why should his/her vendor be finalized.

Once everyone was content with the pros & cons of each vendor, only then the final decision was made.

Why this answer?

This answer shall show your skills as a team member as well as a team leader to take a point of view across the board before making a decision.

This shows the democratic structure of a team & strong communication within the team.

Sample answer 5

While I was working in my previous firm, while working on one specific project, I & one of my teammates ended up having a difference of opinion.

I could sense our difference was hurting our team’s productivity.

Hence, we sat down in a meeting room & did not come out until we sort out our differences.

This indeed proved to be a booster for us as well as our team.

Putting our differences aside helped us achieve maximum team productivity & seamless execution of strategies laid ahead.

Why this answer?

This shall reflect upon your ability to set your ego aside & professionalism to work towards problems that may affect your work.

This also shows your ability to resolve conflict with the utmost professionalism.

Teamwork is the key to achieve set goals together. However, it can also prove to be disastrous if teammates end up pulling each other down.

There shall indeed be conflicts while working together, however resolving them professionally is what shall always pave the way forward.

Best of luck!

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