Finding the right opportunity in this constantly changing Indian job market is crucial for all job seekers. As you look for new ways to land your dream job, take the first step by understanding the current hiring trends in India.

To help you make smart career choices, brings to you its monthly edition of the Naukri JobSpeak report, an index that measures the month-on-month hiring trends based on recruiter activities on and offers insights into the hiring activities across various industries, cities, and experience levels.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the major highlights from this month’s edition, the Naukri JobSpeak report for September 2021.

Overview of the Hiring Trends

The Indian job market continues its recovery with 57% annual growth in Sept’21, with the Naukri JobSpeak index trending at 2753.

The top 6 metros have grown by 88% on an average in Sept’21 Vs. Sept’20 led by IT hubs Bengaluru (133%), Hyderabad (110%), Pune (95%), and Chennai (85%).

Non Metros are still catching up, annually growing by 30% on an average. With the market situation stabilizing, hiring is returning to normalcy; Sept’21 recorded 21% growth versus the pre-pandemic period.

The IT sector’s upward trajectory continues as it grew by 62% in Sept’21 vs Sept’19. The Education/Teaching industry, which destabilized due to the shutting down of schools/colleges has adapted to the current situation and grown by 32% in the same period.

Annually, the demand for senior professionals with 8-12 years’ experience saw the maximum increase of 75% in Aug ‘21.

Commenting on the report, Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer, said,

India is witnessing a never seen before activity in hiring. Fueled by the demand for IT professionals, it truly is heartening to see the industries recover at the onset of the festive season.

The market witnessed 57% Y-O-Y growth indicating a strong revival of the market post-pandemic. Majority of the sectors, cities, and experience bands have recorded positive growth in both Y-O-Y and M-O-M charts in the month of Sept’21.

Hiring Trends Across Industries

IT-Software led hiring with 173% YOY growth in Sept’21. In contrast to the situation in Sept’20 when lockdown regulations were still not relaxed, the Hospitality/ Travel sector has picked up in hiring by 82% in Sept’21.

Retail has recovered from last year’s slowdown, up by 70% annually. The Education/Teaching sector recorded a strong annual recovery too, growing by 53% in Sept’21 & has now surpassed hiring in Sept’19 by 32%.

BFSI (43%), Real Estate (39%), Telecom (37%), Insurance (29%) and Medical/Healthcare (26%) also saw growth in the same period.

Hiring Trends Across Cities

The impact of the lockdown in 2020 and resultant freeze in hiring adversely affected the metros which have now bounced back, annually growing by over 2X in Sept’21 as compared to Tier 2 cities.

IT hubs have continued to dominate hiring, with Bangalore (133%), Hyderabad (110%), Pune (95%) and Chennai (85%) leading the pack.

Tier 2 cities recorded an average annual growth of 30% with Ahmedabad in the lead, growing by 82% in Sept’21.

Hiring Trends Across Experience Levels

The demand for senior professionals with 8-12 years experience continues to grow, increasing by 75% in Sept‘21 Vs. Sept’20.

Other experience bands such as 0-3 years (54%), 4-7 years (65%), and over 13 years (47%) also recorded commendable growth in the same period.


The Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly Index that calculates and records hiring activity based on the job listings on the website month on month.

The objective of Naukri JobSpeak is to measure the hiring activities in various industries, cities, functional areas, and experience levels. The data is compiled from the website wherein jobs posted by clients on are considered.

Thus, the JobSpeak index includes jobs that might be for replacement hiring. July 2008 is taken to be the base with an index value of 1,000 and the subsequent monthly index is compared with the data for July 2008.

The jobs analyzed for the monthly Index are qualified based on white-collar, urban, belonging to organized corporate sector jobs with the focus on service industries. The report shows hiring trends across industry sectors, geography, experience level, and functional areas.

More than 76,000 clients use, leading to the high reliability of data. The report does not cover gig employment, hyperlocal hiring, or campus placement.

Over a long period, the Naukri JobSpeak was impacted by the increase in the Naukri traffic share, internet penetration, Naukri pricing strategy, and job listing drives.


As per the M-O-M hiring report, hiring activity was stabilized (+3%) in Sept’21 compared to Aug’21 although major sectors and cities recorded positive growth with normalcy gradually being restored in most parts of the country.

The IT sector witnessed 4% month-on-month (MOM) sequential growth in Sept’21 after showcasing a flat trajectory in Aug’21. Sectors such as Retail (+16%) and Hospitality/Travel (+15%), which were most impacted during the second COVID wave, continue to benefit from the removal of movement restrictions across the country.

Hiring activity has also grown in the Accounting/Finance (+13%), BPO/ITES (+12%), Insurance, and Medical/Healthcare sectors (+11% each) as compared to Aug’21.

Within metros, MOM hiring was led by Kolkata (+10%), followed by Delhi/NCR (+7%) and Pune (+6%). Hiring activity grew by 5% in other metro cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad during the same period. Among the tier-II cities, Ahmedabad (+11%) recorded the highest growth followed by Kochi (+10%) and Vadodara (+7%). Hiring activity was flat in cities like Chandigarh, Coimbatore, and Jaipur in Sept’21 vs Aug’21.

Demand for all experience bands witnessed a positive monthly sequential upswing in Sept’21 led by the 13-16 yrs (+9%) category. Hiring in the freshers (0-3 yrs) and >16 years band also saw a 7% uptick in Sept’21 vs Aug’21 followed by the 4-7 yrs (+6%) and 8-12 yrs (+5%) brackets.

Make an informed career choice with these insights into the hiring trends, and find the perfect job for yourself.

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