1. Do not avoid reading instructions properly
  2. Do not miss out on important information
  3. Avoid having a grammatical error
  4. Do not forget to attach the updated documents
  5. Do not write a generic application
  6. Do not apply for job positions randomly
  7. Do not resort to lying
  8. Do not shy away from selling yourself properly
  9. Make your application for employment crisp and clear

Applying for a job requires extra caution. A simple mistake can toss your chance of bagging the job southward.

If you are someone finding a job, this is just the blog for you.

Here are 9 mistakes you must avoid when applying for a job.

Let’s begin!

Do not forget to read the instructions properly

Remember the times we had appeared for our Board examinations?

And, how on the first page of the writing booklet were a set of instructions which we had to go through?

The invigilators warned us off about being disqualified if they were not followed.

Similarly, every organization has its rules and instructions that need to be followed by applicants when applying for a job.

Go through their instructions thoroughly before you start with the assignment provided or even sending across your resume and cover letter.

This will highlight your attention to detail as well your seriousness in finding a job.

Tip: In case of confusion about a certain instruction, reach out to the person of contact for clarity.

Do not miss out on important information

When sending across your application for a job make sure to mention all the important information about your career.

Take for example, if you have taken a year off make sure to mention it in your application for employment.

Whether it was a family emergency or your health, explain it to the recruiter at the time of application.

It is vital for the recruiter to know and understand the reason for the break straight from the horse’s mouth rather than finding it out from elsewhere.

Yes, recruiters do have their ways of doing a background search on candidates. So, it is best not to withhold information.

Check for grammatical errors

Your application for employment is much like the first impression of yourself presented to the recruiter.

One of the most common and recurring mistakes when applying for a job is grammatical errors.

A sloppy application for employment is a direct way to get rejected as it reflects your lack of seriousness when applying for a job.

Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that your job application is sharp and error-free.

You can use apps like Grammarly for impeccable grammar.

Also, your family and friends can help as fresh eyes can spot errors that you might miss out on.

Do not forget to attach the updated documents

Just as you check the manufacturing and expiry date of a product before purchasing, similarly you need to update all your documents when applying for a job.

Make it a habit to update your documents like a resume, even job portal profiles.

Yes, many times recruiters check job portal profiles of candidates while screening candidates for a job profile.

Highlight more of your achievements than your responsibilities as that will give better clarity about your talents.

Tip: Update your achievements beginning with the latest. The same rule applies to listing your work experience.

Do not write a generic application

When it is about applying for a job, submitting a generic application will not work.

The qualities required by each recruiter vary, so preparing a single application for all the job posts will not work.

Go through each job description thoroughly and make a list of the top 3 / 4 qualities that the recruiter is looking for.

Check if you have the same and then carry on applying for a job if your research ticks off all the boxes.

Do not apply for job positions randomly

This happens to be a very crucial mistake committed mostly by freshers when applying for a job.

Recruiters prefer candidates who will be sticking around for a long run

Go through their required demands and expectations from candidates and go ahead only if they align with your talents.

Check if you are over or under-qualified for the position or not, since both ways you will want to leave the job soon.

Being overqualified will make you feel bored and suspicious. While being under-qualified will not help you make your cut into the next round.

So, when applying for a job, whether a fresher or an experienced candidate, make sure to go through the job description well.

Do not resort to lying

Resorting to lying won’t get you anywhere, in life nor when applying for a job.

Recruiters have a few tricks up their sleeves to fact-check whatever you put on your resume.

In case they find any foul play in your application for employment, you will for sure be rejected.

Not only that if the news spreads in the circle of recruiters, finding a job will become a distant dream for you.

Therefore, it is always advised to be honest when applying for a job.

Do not shy away from selling yourself properly

When applying for a job, underselling yourself is the biggest blunder that you can commit.

Finding the perfect balance between bragging and under-selling is indeed a real tough task. But once mastered it is a smooth sail to the finishing line.

To ensure you sell yourself properly, apart from reading the job description, use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) technique to make your point.

Make your application for employment crisp and clear

Many times when finding a job you will notice that recruiters don’t always look for a cover letter.

In such cases, when applying for a job, make sure to form the email shortly and concisely to get the recruiter’s attention.

Also, avoid using heavy words to avoid confusion.

You can use simple yet powerful Action words in your to get your point across to the reader in minimal time.

With these mistakes avoided when applying for a job, making the cut will be made easy.

Also, when finding a job make sure to do thorough research of the company you will be sending an application for employment.

All the best!

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