Sales interviews are considered to be one of the most challenging.

Unlike most interviews, sales interviews usually test an applicant’s persuasion skill, confidence & selling skill.

Why sales? Most interviewers tend to ask this question during interviews.

Applicants are also asked to demonstrate their persuasion skills through various sales-based activities.

However, Why sales? Remains one of the most dominant questions asked during a typical sales interview.

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25 Sales Interview Questions And Answers

In this blog, we shall discuss the best ways to answer “Why Sales?” during a sales job interview.

Why Sales? Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?

A typical sales question has a lot of questions to answer, however, why sales? remains one of the most frequently asked sales interview questions.

Well, here are a few reasons why we believe “why sales?” remains one of the most commonly asked sales interview questions.

1. Determines Passion

Sales is all about passion & enthusiasm. An applicant wouldn’t be able to handle the work pressure unless it’s his/her passion that is the driving force.

A witty & passionate answer is what an interviewer expects from an applicant.

Sales isn't a field wherein only knowledge can prove effective, a passion to work is what drives you ahead.

This factor is something that every interviewer tries to look for in a candidate.

Helps in Analyzing the Swift Response

One of the key traits which makes a salesperson successful is a swift thought process.

A salesperson should have a quick & meaningful reply to every query put across.

It’s just like applicants asked to sell a pen during a sales interview.

An interviewer knows that an you don’t know any specification of the pen, yet he/she just wants to see how quickly your thought process works.

So why sales? Helps in giving an interviewer an idea about the reaction time of an applicant.

Evaluating Reasons for Better Understanding

While this question is put across, an interviewer keenly tries to evaluate if the reasons for choosing sales as a career hold genuine value or not.

Indeed I am sure most of us know that merely by saying that, I feel I am a good salesman/woman isn’t enough. Have valid reasons to back your claim.

How to Answer “Why Sales?”

Here are a few samples of how to answer “Why sales” during a sales interview.

Sample 1

I have been working in sales for the past X number of years. I have successfully handled situations which for most could turn out to be hard to crack.

Honestly, I believe that by now I have developed all the right traits to be a good salesperson.

I exactly know when to pitch what & to whom.

Sample 2

I find a career in sales full of opportunities & challenges. This makes it interesting than most career opportunities.

The growth can be unimaginable, similarly, the challenges are huge.

However, I feel I have the right temperament & persuasion power to be a good salesperson. Always have been a people person.

Sample 3

I have always had this knack to choose a career wherein I could have to deal with people directly as this is my biggest strength.

Sales gives the same platform.

Making new contacts, meeting new people, changing perceptions towards products or company, all of it is what makes it more exciting than any desk job out there.

Sample 4

I always wanted to get into sales. This is a field that provides both financial growth as well as professional growth in much less time than most professional fields.

However, it has its challenges. In my previous firms also I have been one of the best salespeople.

Always primarily focused on bringing more revenue to the firm.

It’s the gratification & challenges that motivate me to work harder to achieve success in this field.

Sample 5

I have already worked for so many years in this field professionally.

I believe that I have the right experience to identify consumer requirements & convincing power to make a revenue for the company.

I have handled multiple products in the past & adapted according to the requirement of the product.

All these skills are something that has made me believe that sales are the right career option for me.

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What Not to Say While Answering the “Why Sales” Interview Question

While you already know what to say while answering “why do you be in sales”, here are a few pointers about what not to say while answering this question.

1. Just Finance

Never give an impression to your interviewer that you want a career in sales specifically for financial purposes.

Finances may be one of the reasons for you interested in this field, but when it sounds like finances are the only reason, your chances of getting through drastically fall.

2. Problems With Manager

Portraying that just because of your problems with your current employer or problems with your manager has landed you here, is a big negative.

Fallout with managers or problems in the current company may force a person to opt for a job change.

However, saying it loud in your interview can backfire.

3. I Am Not Sure!

“I am not sure”, is a sentence that you should never use in a sales interview.

One of the biggest strengths of a salesperson is conviction.

“I am not sure”, is that one sentence which is exactly the opposite.

Therefore, in a sales interview, it’s paramount that such sentences are not used.

4. Not Asking Questions

One of the most important traits of a salesperson is to probe.

During your sales interview, ask questions about the position, role, company, etc.

This shows your intent to work with the company & excitement to join the role.

Sales interview questions usually test the candidate’s ability to persuade. Be confident & quick to answer questions asked during a sales interview.

It’s the ability to reply quickly which makes you stand apart from the rest of the candidates.

We hope this blog helps you crack your next sales interview.

Best of luck!

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