5 Tips to Nail Your First Civil Engineering Job

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 13, 2020

Getting through engineering wasn’t a stroll in the park. It required years of hard work, numerous assignments, zillion lectures and innumerable requests for high internal grades for you to become a qualified civil engineer.

The hard work paid off and got you through the job-search process smoothly. Of course, you had the capability to secure a lucrative civil engineering job but, is that it? A successful professional doesn’t celebrate over bygones, but plans and thinks about excelling in the future.

Hence, this article will talk about certain career tips that might help you to be a master in your civil engineering job and advance your career as a fresher.

Tip #1: Become a Concise Communicator

Apart from communicating your ideas with clients and seniors in your organization, your job demands you to provide compelling defense for every technical assumption you make. When coupled with the ability to detail decisions in front of the city officials, this would not only cause great benefit to your organization but immense professional development as well. The key here is having the prowess to articulate problems and information and designing viable and simple solutions for the smooth functioning of your organization.

To be truthful, no customer cares about the engineering details of the project. All they demand is a snippet of solution. They neither have the time nor intellect to understand the technical side of the situation.

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Tip #2: The Art To Develop Business

Even though if you’re not working on your own, being decisive about the kind of projects you want to be involved in is quite quintessential to your job. Be it residential, commercial, retail or infrastructure, your skills, and expertise would vary in accordance with each project you sign up for. Also, the kind of clients you’ll be dealing with would vary with each project you pick. They might range from individual owners and architects to developers and construction companies. This would also determine how diverse a scale of projects you desire (small, medium or large), the types of bids you’ll be pursuing and the market competition your organization will be facing.

Tip #3: You Need to be Familiar With All Applicable Codes

This includes the codes used previously and the ones in practice at present, as well. It’s a known fact that the amount of codes that a civil engineer is expected to be conversant with are mind-numbing, nevertheless it is a crucial part of your job. For instance, certain prominent ones like ACI-38, AISC, NDS, ASCE-7, etc. need to be on your tips.

Tip #4: The Basic Know-How of Rehabilitation Costs Involved

This one factor might make an experienced civil engineer superior to the naive ones. Having a basic understanding of the rehabilitation and associated costs involved with each project is what’ll separate you from the rest of the crowd. Inexperienced civil engineers often prove inefficient while developing designs that would save material costs and those associated with the labor. The situation requires you to think outside your confines and plan the whole construction process versus the availability of labor in the most cost-efficient yet optimum way.

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Tip #5: Develop Impeccable People Skills

You must have got the gist by now. A civil engineer acing his job knows how to handle issues on site while meeting parties that tend to fret to make things go wayward. An unknown fact rather, but dealing with customers is a crucial determinant of your success in the field. Building trust and being politically savvy is a different thing, but you need to ensure that things take the most peaceful and smooth path, until project completion is achieved.

It’s not that tough a job to be a successful civil engineer, is it? All you need to do is just keep in mind the points mentioned above and there’ll be numerous rewards awaiting you beyond the finish line.

All the best!


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