How to Carry a Right Body Language in Your First Job Interview

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Body language makes a huge impact on the way others perceive you. It becomes even more critical during a job interview, where your interview starts much before you actually sit in front of the interviewer. Yes, it starts with your first step into the interviewer’s cabin!

Your body communicates more than your words. And, it is  called non-verbal communication. Understanding what makes an effective body language can prepare you communicate a positive message to your hiring manager. Therefore, to learn about how to leverage your non-verbal communication and use it to your best  in your job interview, here’s our  expert advice.

What is body language?

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication, in which your physical behavior or gestures express your feelings and thoughts. It includes eye movements, facial expressions, body movements, hand gestures, etc. With a little knowledge about the right body movements and gestures, you can augment your chance of scoring a job offer.

Body Language in Interview – 7 Tips


## How should I walk into the interviews’ room?

## How to address the interviewer?

## How should I sit in front of the interviewer?

## How should I speak in an interview?

## Should I make an eye contact with the interviewer?

## What is the ideal position for hands & feet in an interview?

## What to say at the end of the interview?


So, let’s get answers to all your questions related to body language during a job interview that can help you a great deal in preparing for either an on-campus placement or off-campus hiring.

Question 1: How should I walk into the interviews’ room?

Answer: As said earlier, the hiring judgment starts the minute you enter the room and walk towards the interviewer. Therefore, maintaining the right body language in an interview holds extreme importance. Your walk should be poised and confident. When you walk, never keep hands inside your pocket as it indicates over-confidence or boredom. Walk smoothly with your head facing the front. Keep a gentle smile that helps you create a positive and friendly environment to initiate the conversation.

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Question 2: How to address the interviewer?

Answer: If there are more than one or two interviewers, you should address everyone with a quick look and return your attention to the main interviewer who initiated the conversation with you. It is good to go for a firm handshake. If you feel nervous, take a deep breath and relax before you greet everyone.

Question 3: How should I sit in front of the interviewer?

Answer: Sit straight, but in a comfortable position that keeps your shoulders relaxed. Sit with your back straight against the seat and lean in when the interviewer is speaking as it makes you look attentive and interested. Also, avoid lounging back in your chair as this indicates a clear sign of disinterest.

Question 4: How should I speak in an interview?

Talk calmly and in a tone that is easily and clearly understood by everyone. Many freshers make a blunder by speaking spontaneously just to show off their accent, however, this might not make your conversation much clear to the listener. Nodding your head occasionally shows that you are trying to engage with the speaker and understand what the other person is saying.

Question 5: Should I make an eye contact with the interviewer?

Yes, but making the right amount of eye contact in an interview is vital. This is one of the most important body language tips for every fresher. Maintaining an eye contact conveys that you are trustworthy and confident. However, remember that there is a fine line between staring and looking at casually. Be sure that you look away for a few seconds to avoid a long gaze. However, never look away when the interviewer is talking to you.

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Question 6: What is the ideal position for hands & feet in an interview?

If you are a fidgeter, keep your hands and feet in a more relaxed position. Keeping your feet flat on the floor and hands in a neutral state unless speaking keeps you relaxed. However, when you speak, it is fine to use hand movements slightly to give emphasis on what you are saying. Keeping your legs and arms in a crossed position makes you look defensive and unapproachable. So, avoid that too.

Question 7: What to say at the end of the interview?

Just like the first impression matters, how you leave from the cabin also makes a lasting impression on the interviewer. If you know the art of departing from the interview, you can definitely earn brownie points.

Some quick interview body language tips:

## No matter how nervous you are, do not panic and make haste to leave
## Ask relevant questions to make the recruiter understand that you are serious as well as excited about the job opening
## Remind them of your skills that make you a suitable candidate for the job
## Inquire about the next step to follow up with the HR
## End on a humble note and say ‘Thank You’
## Don’t forget to keep a smile on your face

All the best! We hope these interview body language tips will help you ace your job interviews as a fresher.


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