CV Dos and Don’ts for Freshers

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jul 15, 2020

Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes for any job opening. With an average of 6-seconds time spent on each resume, the probability of your resume getting shortlisted decreases with an increase in resume counts. This is why writing a perfect resume plays a crucial role in your job search.

Writing a CV is about organizing your useful information for recruiters so that you can pitch yourself. This is the reason many freshers find it daunting to prepare a professional resume that can up their game in a tough job market.

The entire situation leaves no scope for you to commit a CV mistake and miss out on any job opportunity. To help all freshers preparing to kick-start their job search, we share some useful resume writing tips in the form of CV dos and don’ts.

CV Writing Tips


  1. Optimize CV for ATS

Many companies rely on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for screening resumes and shortlisting qualified candidates for their job vacancies. This system scans the CV for relevant keywords and phrases that best fit the job description.

Therefore, it is important to make your CV ATS-ready to increase your chances of getting shortlisted. For this, you need to add keywords from the job description and keep resume format simple.

  • Use a professional email address

Many freshers continue to use a funky email id they have created during college days for social networking. However, an unprofessional email id doesn’t work when you are searching for a job and need to share it with employers. Therefore, it is also advisable that you should create a professional email address and mention it on your resume.

  • Tailor-made your CV

Always customize your CV as per the job requirement, specifically what is mentioned in a job description. One CV does not work for all job openings and companies.

Focus on what recruiter is looking out for in a candidate and try to highlight it in your fresher resume. For instance, add or highlight keywords and skill-sets that make you appear a potential candidate.

  • Format your resume

Formatting is crucial for creating a professional resume. A fresher resume should use the right template that can highlight your skills and achievements.

Firstnaukri offers one such free online resume maker tool that helps create an impressive resume for freshers in seconds. Try it if you find it difficult to create it on your own and save your time. Enter your details and it will create a professional resume as per your requirement.

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CV Don’ts

  • Avoid adding false information

As a fresher, you wish to get your first job as soon as possible. However, refrain from sharing any false information related to your education, achievements, and skills.

Sooner or later the company will track your records and cancel your application. Be honest and never put the wrong information on your job resume.

  • Never forget to proofread

Never be in a hurry to submit your resume without proofreading it thoroughly. Committing typo error, spelling, or grammatical errors is one of the biggest turn-offs for hiring managers. Therefore, always proofread your resume before submitting it.

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  • Avoid adding pages to your resume

Many freshers think that more the number of pages, the stronger their resume becomes. However, that’s not correct. Keep your resume length to one or maximum two pages and avoid adding unnecessary information.

Recruiters are only interested in knowing the facts that make you an ideal candidate for their company and not willing to know your entire history.

  • Avoid adding personal information

There is no need to add irrelevant information that has no relation to your job search. Some of the irrelevant things that every fresher should avoid on CV are nationality, age, photo, sexual orientation, etc.

Get ready to showcase the best of you in your CV with these tips. As a fresher, you have just started your journey. With the right approach and a positive mindset, you can achieve the milestones in your career.

All the best!


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