Firstnaukri Aptitude Test (FNAT): The Ultimate Guide

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Posted by aarnatiwari Jun 22, 2023

The Firstnaukri Aptitude Test (FNAT) is a standardized test designed to assess a student’s readiness to clear an aptitude test for various jobs and internships. An excellent method to get ready for the forthcoming campus placements, job opportunities, or internship process is to take the FNAT test, which is based on genuine aptitude test questions asked by companies in the last 5 years. Landing a job or an internship is an important milestone for students entering the workforce. Students must be well-prepared, particularly regarding aptitude exams, to succeed in the fiercely competitive campus placement process.

FNAT test prepares the students for the difficulties they might face during job interviews or internships by basing its queries on actual aptitude test inquiries made by companies over the previous five years. This article examines the significance of FNAT in influencing students’ careers and thoroughly explains its layout.

FNAT Test: Details

Although the FNAT is a difficult test, it is a helpful resource for becoming ready for the job market. The Firstnaukri Aptitude Test (FNAT) stands out as a helpful tool in preparing the candidates’ respect. FNAT equips students with the challenges they might face during job interviews or internships by basing its queries on actual aptitude test inquiries made by corporations over the previous five years.

The FNAT is divided into three sections: verbal ability, logical thinking, and numeric aptitude. There are 20 questions in each section, and the entire test can be completed in 60 minutes. You can answer the FNAT test questions even if you are unsure of the answer because there is no negative marking.

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Why is the FNAT Test Important?

The FNAT test is crucial for a number of reasons. It is an excellent approach to determine your suitability for a range of professions and internships, to start. Since the test is based on actual aptitude test inquiries from companies, it gives you a solid understanding of the knowledge you’ll need to succeed in the job market.

The FNAT test assists you in determining your strengths and shortcomings. By taking the test, you can determine where you need to make improvements. Third, obtaining FNAT Test scores can provide you an advantage in the employment market. You can improve your chances of being chosen for an interview by taking the FNAT Test since many employers use it as a screening tool.

How to Prepare for the FNAT Test?

For students getting ready for university placement, job interviews, or internship applications, the Firstnaukri Aptitude Test (FNAT) is a crucial resource. By imitating the actual aptitude tests used by companies, FNAT gives students the knowledge and assurance they need to succeed in competitive exams. 

You can do a few things to get ready for the FNAT.

  • You should first review the test syllabus. You’ll have a better understanding of the subjects covered on the test from this.
  • Second, practice responding to questions from aptitude tests. You can find a tonne of information that can assist you in this both online and in libraries.
  • Third, you ought to take a practice FNAT test. This will offer you a chance to become familiar with the test structure and gauge your performance.

Here are some additional tips for preparing for the FNAT:

  • Prior to the exam, have a good night’s rest.
  • Before beginning the exam, carefully read the instructions.
  • You should respond to the questions in the order that feels most natural to you.
  • Avoid focusing too much time on a single question.
  • Guess and continue if you don’t know the answer to a question.
  • Throughout the exam, be composed and concentrated.

Preparation Tips for FNAT: Expert Advice

Students may improve their performance on FNAT exams and raise their chances of landing attractive career prospects in today’s competitive professional environment by frequently practicing, comprehending the exam format, and implementing good time management tactics.

For students appearing for the upcoming test, we have compiled expert advice from the Firstnaukri panel on how to solve the FNAT questions with great accuracy!

  • Understand the Exam Structure: Familiarize yourself with FNAT’s structure, including the number of questions and time constraints for each section.
  • Seek Study Materials and Resources: Utilize online resources, study guides, and aptitude test books to supplement your preparation and gain exposure to different question types.
  • Practice Regularly: Regular exercise is key to improving aptitude skills. Solve sample papers and previous years’ question papers to enhance speed and accuracy.
  • Analyze and Learn from Mistakes: Review your performance after every practice session. Identify areas where you made mistakes and learn from them to avoid repetition.
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Assess your strengths and weaknesses in quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. Devote more time to areas that require improvement.
  • Time Management: Develop effective time management skills by practicing under timed conditions. This will help you allocate sufficient time to each section during the actual exam.


The Firstnaukri Aptitude Test (FNAT) is useful for job market preparation. You may discover your skills and weaknesses, create a study plan, and raise your chances of getting contacted for an interview by taking the FNAT test.

We strongly advise taking the FNAT and solving the FNAT Questions if you are a recent graduate or student searching for a job or internship. It is an excellent way to evaluate your ability and raise your chances of hiring.

FAQs on FNAT Test

What is the full form of the FNAT test?

The FNAT stands for Firstnaukri Aptitude Test. The FNAT test is a specialized assessment created to help students with their internship and employment preparation. It is hard to understate the significance of an aptitude test because it is frequently the first stage in the recruiting process for the majority of roles, including those in engineering, non-engineering, and MBA.

What is the structure of FNAT Questions?

The FNAT test gives students 60 minutes to complete 60 FNAT questions, 20 from each of the three sections- verbal ability, logical reasoning, and numeric aptitude in the test. The exam does not have any negative markings.

Who should take the FNAT test?

Any student who wishes to determine how prepared they are for the aptitude test that is often necessary for job applications or internships can utilize the FNAT test to do so. It may be a helpful tool for those who want to assess and improve their aptitude abilities, build their confidence, and eventually accomplish their job goals.

Where can I see my FNAT test results?

The ‘Performance’ page on a student’s profile allows them to obtain a thorough summary of their performance after finishing the FNAT Questions. Students will also be given the opportunity to access their whole report through email after their findings have been processed.

What are the general questions asked in the FNAT test?

The verbal ability, logical reasoning, and numerical aptitude parts will each include a different set of FNAT questions. At the conclusion of a series, we could ask you to fill in a blank with a number, shape, or image, or we might offer you a written scenario for you to answer.


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