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How To Give An Interview And Land Your First Job Offer

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If you are keen to ace in your life’s first job interview, you are at the right place. We understand what you have been seeking. In order to help you prepare, we have collated 9 amazing tips so that you can crack your campus placement interview with ease. Don’t waste any more time. Simply prepare for your first job interview with 100% confidence. Remember to apply these 10 basic tenets to shake off nervous jitters.

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1. Do your homework

Research the industry and company thoroughly. You will be asked about what you know about the organization. You may also have to voice how you perceive this company’s position in the market. Mug up the names of important board members, CEO, founder etc. Also, be aware of competitors’ names, company’s competitive advantages, and what its major products are. Do not cram all about the company but only filtered and relevant data. The idea is to prepare with a certain focus.

2. Portray confidence

How to show confidence in a job interview? It all about the eye contact. Keep good eye contact while listening and while speaking. Position your body in a manner to put up a power stance. Occupy a lot of space while sitting to

3. Be well prepared

In a majority of interviews, you will face a weird combination of resume-based questions alongside a few behavioral and case questions. Here, we are talking about the HR round only. As career coaches, we at would encourage you to practice how to narrate your story in the best possible way.
Prepare most commonly asked HR interview questions and answers.

4. Arrive on time

As a candidate, you are obligated to turn up on time for the interview. It is expected for you to be punctual. In case you are running late, ensure that your HR person is informed about your late coming well in advance.

5. Question your interviewer

Your interviewer may ask if you have any questions. Ensure that you have one ready. Do not answer, “No, not really.”

You can ask something like this:

    • “Had you been given the power to design an ideal candidate for this position from scratch, what would this person be like?”
    • “What is the best thing about working in this company?”
    • “What kind of person should ideally fill this position?”
    • During salary negotiation ask – “What is the budget you have in mind for this particular position?”

Similarly, you can come prepared with other intelligent questions for the interviewer. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the company and simultaneously throw light on your seriousness for the purpose.
In case you have multiple rounds, prepare different questions for every HR / Manager you meet.

6. Display fervor

You must portray the right attitude as well as apply the right skills to crack the interview round. Display passion and dedication to ensure that the interviewer gets your message – which is you are the best candidate for the job. If it’s a group discussion round, put forth your views confidently.

Learn how to prepare for a Group Discussion round effectively.

7. Listen to the interviewer carefully

Pay attention so that you can give your best responses. Listening will enable a you as a job seeker to build a silent rapport with the interviewer. Don’t give crammed up answers, rather answer intelligently. This interview is your opportunity for both job candidate and prospective employer to check each other out.

8. Answer cautiously

During your interview, you will face some tough questions too. Do not get baffled. The core key to smash your interview and impress your interviewer is to come across as a cool and composed individual.

9. Use real examples

Stand out in your interview by providing examples to back up all your statements. For instance, say “Self-motivation drives me to start projects on my own with minimal intervention from seniors. Unlike my batch-mates, I am more self-disciplined and am further willing to try out new things.”

It’s important to appear confident and cool for the interview. One way to do that is to go on an ample number of interviews so you get comfortable with the process. Could you use some help in that department? Join FirstNaukri today. 

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