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Latest GD Topics on Current Affairs – March 2024 Updated

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Posted by aarnatiwari Mar 27, 2024

Acing the Group Discussion (GD) round is crucial for securing admission to top B-schools or landing that coveted job. This stage assesses your communication skills, critical thinking, and ability to work effectively in a team. Staying updated on current affairs is paramount, as GDs often delve into these very issues.

Latest GD Topics on Current Affairs PDF

GD Topics on Social Issues for 2024 PDF

This article equips you with the hottest GD topics in March 2024, along with insights and strategic approaches to navigate them effectively.

Top Current Affairs Topics for GDs – 2024

Group Discussion, commonly known as GD, is a method used by organizations to evaluate the interpersonal and communication skills of candidates. It involves a group of participants engaging in a structured conversation on a given topic.

  • Finland Claims Happiness Crown Again: For the seventh consecutive year, Finland reigns supreme in the World Happiness Report 2024. This sparks a discussion: What factors contribute to a nation’s happiness? Can India learn from Finland’s model? Prepare arguments on social welfare, environmental sustainability, and economic stability as potential contributors.
  • ‘One Nation, One Election’ Report Submitted: A committee recently submitted its report on the feasibility of holding simultaneous national and state elections in India. This concept, dubbed ‘One Nation, One Election,’ aims to save costs and increase voter turnout. Explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of this system. Discuss logistical challenges, potential impact on regional politics, and electoral reform needs.
  • Sharath Kamal: India’s Flag Bearer at Paris Olympics: The legendary table tennis player Sharath Kamal has been chosen to lead the Indian contingent at the upcoming Paris Olympics. This selection ignites a debate: How can India nurture and celebrate sporting talent across disciplines? Discuss the importance of government funding, infrastructure development, and grassroots initiatives in building a robust sporting nation.
  • KSK Mahanadi Power Acquisition by ARCs: Six asset reconstruction companies (ARCs) have acquired a majority stake in the debt-ridden KSK Mahanadi Power. This event presents an opportunity to analyze the role of ARCs in India’s stressed asset resolution process. Discuss the effectiveness of ARCs, challenges in the power sector, and potential solutions for reviving struggling companies.
  • India Crosses Coal and Lignite Production Target:  India achieved its coal and lignite production target for 2023-24, marking a positive development in the energy sector. This feat prompts a discussion on India’s energy security and diversification strategies. Analyze the reliance on fossil fuels, the need for renewable energy integration, and potential challenges in achieving sustainable energy goals.

220+ Group Discussion Topics for Preparation

While staying informed on current affairs is essential, knowing the facts won’t guarantee success. Check out these latest 220+ GD topics on current affairs to prepare for your next group discussion.

  1. Depreciation of Indian Rupee
  2. India’s COVID-19 vaccination program
  3. ASKUS
  4. China’s economic slowdown
  5. The Five Eyes
  6. How to revive the Indian economy?
  7. Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule: a success?
  8. Economic Survey 2022-23
  9. Raising the age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years – Pros & Cons
  10. Russia’s Lunar 25 Mission Failure
  11. India – Sri Lanka relations
  12. AFSPA
  13. EU’s GDPR – Impact on India
  14. How can we prevent the next pandemic?
  15. Artificial intelligence (AI) – Pros & Cons
  16. BRICS vs Quad
  17. XPoSat
  18. Russia-Ukraine Crisis – Impact on India
  19. Crisis in the Automobile Industry
  20. Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
  21. Thorium for clean unlimited energy
  22. WorldCoin
  23. Electric vehicles in India
  24. Buy Now Pay Later
  25. Statue of Unity – GD Topic
  26. Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India
  27. ISRO’s Aditya L1 Mission
  28. India as the world’s 5th largest economy
  29. Caste census – Pros & Cons
  30. Inflation
  31. Budget 2023-24
  32. Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  33. Use of technology in agriculture
  34. Evergrande crisis
  35. Impact of Brexit on Indian Economy
  36. Solar energy – pros & challenges
  37. El Niño
  38. E-learning – Pros & Challenges
  39. Can illiterates be given driving licenses?
  40. Deepfakes – Pros & Challenges
  41. The changing landscape of education
  42. Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse
  43. Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy
  44. COP 27
  45. ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy
  46. E-voting: Pros & challenges
  47. Impact of GST on Indian Economy
  48. What if Bitcoin crashes to zero?
  49. BRICS
  50. 5G in India
  51. Can India become a global semiconductor hub?
  52. Exam paper leaks – How to restore trust in the Indian education system?
  53. Does the “NOTA” option in elections make sense?
  54. Mechanisms adopted to combat terrorism
  55. ABG shipyard scam – India’s biggest bank fraud
  56. Israel-Hamas war
  57. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis – Impact on India
  58. Brexit – Impact on India?
  59. Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
  60. The Great Resignation
  61. Russia-Ukraine war
  62. Expansion of BRICS
  63. Digital India
  64. Global Refugee Crisis
  65. Metaverse
  66. Collapse of Credit Suisse
  67. Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data scandal
  68. Union Budget 2017-18 – Is it beneficial for the common man?
  69. Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons
  70. GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  71. E-Commerce – Sustainable business model?
  72. The Future of work
  73. Impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on Environment
  74. Net neutrality
  75. Private Universities in India – Pros and Cons
  76. Who is to blame for drug usage among youngsters?
  77. Union Budget 2022-23
  78. Significance of BRICS in the world economy
  79. Nuclear Energy in India – Boon or Bane?
  80. India’s income inequality
  81. 4-day work week – Pros & Challenges
  82. Should the mother tongue be the medium of instruction in schools?
  83. India-Middle East-Europe Corridor (IMEC)
  84. The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  85. Gene-edited babies project – Pros & Cons
  86. Open book exams – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  87. Privatization of ‘Air India’ – Good or Bad?
  88. India’s rice export ban
  89. The Growing Threat of Digital Payment Fraud
  90. De-dollarization
  91. Inclusive Growth
  92. Syrian crisis
  93. Iran-Pakistan conflict 2024
  94. China-Taiwan crisis
  95. Impact of COVID pandemic on education
  96. Voice of the Global South Summit
  97. Data Localisation – Benefits & Challenges
  98. Parker Solar Probe
  99. Drug menace – How to fight with it?
  100. Atmanirbhar Bharat in the Defence sector
  101. India-Afghanistan relations
  102. COP-28
  103. National Health ID – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  104. Can ‘Death penalty’ deter child rapes?
  105. India – Maldives relations
  106. Rising heat waves
  107. Internationalization of the Rupee
  108. How to reduce NPA?
  109. Impact of 5G on the Global Economy
  110. Will Threads kill Twitter?
  111. NYAY – Can it eliminate poverty?
  112. Gati Shakti National Master Plan
  113. Cyber Warfare
  114. Summit for Democracy
  115. China’s economic slowdown – Impact on India
  116. ChatGPT
  117. James Webb Telescope
  118. Role of EVs to achieve net zero targets by 2070
  119. Linking Aadhaar card with Voter ID – Pros & Cons
  120. Post-Covid world
  121. The rise of Generative AI
  122. Covid third wave in India
  123. Is WikiLeaks a bane or a boon?
  124. BharOS
  125. India-Bangladesh relations
  126. National Education Policy 2020
  127. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis
  128. National Recruitment Agency – Pros & Challenges
  129. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian economy
  130. Mission Shakti – India’s Anti-satellite missile test
  131. Challenges to the Indian Banking Sector
  132. Biomedical waste crisis
  133. Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
  134. Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?
  135. How to eliminate the threat of Nuclear war?
  136. Board Exam Twice a Year
  137. Should NEET be banned?
  138. Defence Budget 2022-23
  139. One Belt One Road – Impact on India
  140. Flipkart-Walmart deal – Impact on India
  141. Bullet trains in India – Is it the right step?
  142. Stagflation
  143. Is GST beneficial for the common man?
  144. SWIFT
  145. Chandrayaan-3
  146. Decriminalization of Homosexuality – Road ahead for LGBTQ community of India
  147. India-Canada Relations
  148. How will 2022 shape 2023?
  149. Restriction on Paytm Payment Bank
  150. Social Media – Impact on human behavior and society
  151. Should India be given a permanent seat in the UNSC?
  152. Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill – GD Topic
  153. Net Zero
  154. Caller Name Presentation (CNAP)
  155. India-China relations
  156. Ayushman Bharat – Will it achieve Universal Health coverage in India?
  157. EV adoption in India
  158. High fuel prices in India – What are the causes?
  159. War crimes
  160. India’s fight against Terrorism | Pulwama Terror attacks
  161. Ban on Chinese Apps in India
  162. G7
  163. Quad
  164. Changing relationship between India and Bangladesh
  165. Why are Indian PSUs in losses?
  166. Titan submersible implosion
  167. Global warming – Causes, Effects & Solutions
  168. National Monetization Pipeline
  169. I2U2
  170. Private Trains in India – Benefits & Challenges
  171. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  172. Omicron
  173. Jet Airways Crisis
  174. Moonlighting
  175. The Edtech bubble has burst
  176. Nuclear fusion energy
  177. Relevance of WTO in today’s global scenario
  178. India’s G20 presidency 2023
  179. One year of GST
  180. US-China Trade war – Impact on USA, China & other countries
  181. Can ‘One Belt One Road’ improve the developing world?
  182. NATO
  183. Restrictions on the import of laptops, tablets, and servers
  184. Global Biofuels Alliance
  185. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  186. Biohacking
  187. Go First crisis
  188. One sun, one world, one grid
  189. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao – a success?
  190. India @ 75
  191. Should both developed and underdeveloped countries have equal binding in combating climate change?
  192. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence & Automation
  193. Deglobalization
  194. Why are many startups failing in India?
  195. How to tackle Naxalism?
  196. Aadhaar Act
  197. Is the United Nations still relevant?
  198. Global energy crisis
  199. G20 – GD Topic
  200. Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons
  201. AUKUS vs Quad
  202. Belarus-EU migrant crisis
  203. Reusable Launch Vehicle
  204. Unique identification number for every Indian
  205. Pakistan’s Economic Crisis
  206. Ethanol Blended Petrol
  207. The Future of Twitter
  208. US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal – Impact on India
  209. 3D printing
  210. IMF World Economic Outlook 2023
  211. Fukushima water release
  212. Community kitchens – Pros & Challenges
  213. #MeToo – GD Topic
  214. How to improve the standard of sports in India
  215. Can we rely on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  216. How can banks prevent Nirav Modi-Like scams?
  217. Should COVID-19 vaccination be made mandatory?
  218. Development Finance Institution
  219. Plastic Pollution
  220. Gig economy
  221. Neuralink
  222. US-China relations
  223. India’s New Foreign Trade Policy 2023
  224. Rise of Protectionism
  225. The Significance of Newly Found Lithium Deposits in India
  226. Green Growth
  227. Space tourism
  228. India’s Defence exports
  229. Asteroid Bennu sample – OSIRIS-REx
  230. India – UK relations
  231. Corruption in India
  232. Big Data – Pros & Cons
  233. Effect of ChatGPT on Journalism
  234. Red Sea crisis
  235. National Quantum Mission
  236. Should people invest in cryptocurrency?
  237. BIMSTEC
  238. Lifestyle for Environment – LiFE
  239. Cauvery River Dispute
  240. COVID-19

General Current Affairs Topics for GD

In the dynamic landscape of current affairs, staying abreast of the latest developments is indispensable for successful GD participation. Check out some of the current affairs topics for your upcoming discussion.

Global Affairs & Politics

  1. Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Will it escalate into World War 3?
  2. Global Food Crisis: Impact of the war and climate change.
  3. The Rise of Populism: Threat to democracy or a voice for the unheard?
  4. Cybersecurity Threats: How prepared is the world for a major cyber attack?
  5. Space Race 2.0: Implications for international cooperation and competition.
  6. The Future of the European Union: Will it remain united amidst global challenges?
  7. The US Midterm Elections: Potential impact on global politics.
  8. China’s Growing Influence: A threat or an opportunity for the world?
  9. The Iran Nuclear Deal: Can it be revived or is it time for a new approach?
  10. The Role of International Organizations: Are they still relevant in today’s world?

Economy & Business

  1. Global Recession: Looming threat or manageable risk?
  2. Rising Inflation: Causes, impacts, and solutions.
  3. Supply Chain Disruptions: Are we making progress towards building resilience?
  4. The Future of Work: Automation, remote work, and the changing skillset needs.
  5. Cryptocurrency Regulation: Is it time for a global framework?
  6. The Hindenburg Report: Impact on Adani Group and Indian Stock Market.
  7. The Rise of Green Tech: Investment opportunities and environmental benefits.
  8. The Metaverse: Hype or the future of social interaction?
  9. Ethical AI Development: Ensuring responsible use of artificial intelligence.
  10. The Gig Economy: Benefits and challenges for workers and businesses.

Science & Technology

  1. Climate Change Mitigation: New technologies and strategies for tackling the crisis.
  2. Gene Editing: Ethical considerations and potential benefits.
  3. The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Recent discoveries and future missions.
  4. Advances in Renewable Energy: Can renewables meet the world’s energy needs?
  5. Quantum Computing: Potential applications and implications.
  6. The Spread of Misinformation: Role of social media and fact-checking initiatives.
  7. The Future of Transportation: Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and urban mobility.
  8. Privacy Concerns in the Digital Age: Balancing innovation with user protection.
  9. The Democratization of Space Exploration: Private companies’ role in space travel.
  10. The Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance: Developing new solutions to combat superbugs.

Framing Your Arguments for GD

While staying informed on current affairs is essential, knowing the facts won’t guarantee success. Here’s how to frame your arguments for a compelling GD:

GD Process
  • Research and Analysis: Don’t rely on superficial knowledge. Dig deeper into the chosen topic, gathering data and perspectives from credible sources like news articles, research papers, and government reports.
  • Critical Thinking: Go beyond surface-level opinions. Analyze the causes, effects, and potential solutions related to the issue. Formulate well-structured arguments supported by evidence.
  • Multifaceted Approach: Recognize that most issues have multiple perspectives. Be prepared to present a balanced view, acknowledging opposing viewpoints and offering counter-arguments when necessary.
  • Creative Solutions: Don’t shy away from proposing innovative solutions. Think outside the box and offer ideas that contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

Group Discussion Skills For Freshers

Acing a GD isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about communication skills. Here are key skills to master:

  • Active Listening: Pay close attention to your peers’ points, allowing the discussion to flow organically.
  • Clear Communication: Articulate your thoughts concisely and logically. Use proper vocabulary and avoid jargon.
  • Respectful Engagement: Acknowledge and build upon others’ arguments. Maintain a respectful and professional tone even when disagreeing.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Project confidence through strong eye contact, appropriate body language, and an enthusiastic tone.
  • Leadership: While not every discussion requires dominant leadership, strive to keep the conversation focused and moving forward. Offer constructive feedback and encourage participation from quieter members.

FAQs on Group Discussions on Current Affairs

How can I stay updated on current affairs for GDs?

Read newspapers, follow reliable news websites, and subscribe to current affairs podcasts. Social media can be helpful, but be cautious of misinformation. You can also check the latest social issues topics for GD here.

What are some good sources for GD preparation? 

Many websites and coaching institutes offer mock GDs, sample topics, and analysis of current affairs. Utilize online forums to discuss topics with fellow aspirants.

How much time should I speak during a GD?

Aim for a balanced approach. Don’t dominate the discussion, but actively participate with well-thought-out points. Aim for 20-30% of the total speaking time.

Is it okay to disagree with others in a GD?

Absolutely! A healthy debate demonstrates critical thinking. However, disagree respectfully, acknowledge others’ perspectives, and focus on finding common ground.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in a GD?

Talking over others, being unprepared, lacking confidence, and using irrelevant information are major pitfalls. Avoid negativity and personal attacks.

How can I overcome nervousness in a GD?

Practice mock GDs beforehand. Deep breathing exercises and positive self-talk can help manage anxiety. Focus on the discussion, not on your nerves.

Should I be the first one to speak in a GD?

It’s not necessary. Starting can showcase confidence, but allowing others to initiate shows active listening. Participate actively throughout the discussion.

What are some nonverbal cues to project confidence in a GD?

Maintain eye contact, use positive gestures (nodding, open posture), and speak with clarity. Projecting confidence enhances your message’s impact.


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