List of common civil engineering multiple choice questions (MCQ) & answers

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Civil engineering is a dynamic field that offers a promising career in both public and private sector. As a fresher or a final year engineering student, practicing several assessment tests helps you to prepare for your first job as well as campus placement with flying colors.

Here are some civil engineering MCQs that cover a broad range of topics such as building materials, Highway Engineering, Building Construction, concrete technology, railway engineering, structural analysis, advanced surveying, Engineering mechanics, etc. Go through the list and test your understanding of these core civil engineering concepts.

Civil Engineering Multiple Choice Question & Answers


Q1) Number of independent equations to be specified for static equilibrium in a space structure is:

a) 4
b) 6
c) 3
d) 2

Answer: b

Q2) How can the relation between the air base (B), focal length (f), photographic base (b) and flying height (H) of a vertical photograph be defined?

a) B=H/bf
b) B=bH/f
c) B=b/fH
d) B=f/bH

Answer: b

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Q3) What is the unit of force in S.I. system of units?

a) Newton
b) Watt
c) Kilogram
d) Dyne

Answer: a

Q4) The centre of gravity of a semi-circle lies at a distance of:

a) 3r/4
b) 3r/8
c) 8r/3
d) 4r/3

Answer: d

Q5) A first class brick should not absorb water more than

a) 25%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 15%

Answer: c

Q6) What is the maximum mechanical advantage of a lifting machine?

a)  1/m
b)  1+m
c)  1-m
d)  M

Answer: a

Q7)  The expansion of cement should not exceed

a) 20 mm
b) 10 mm
c) 15 mm
d) 5 mm

Answer: b

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Q8) The concrete becomes ____when a suitable admixture is added at the time of preparing the concrete mix:

a) Acid proof
b) Highly strong
c) Water proof
d) All the above options

Answer: d

Q9) In Vicat’s apparatus, the length of Vicat plunger can vary from:

a) 30-40 mm
b) 20-30 mm
c) 40-50 mm
d) 50-60 mm

Answer: c

Q10) What should be the broad gauge?

a) 0.762 m
b) 0.6096 m
c) 1.676 m
d) 1.00 m

Answer: c

Q11) For wooden sleepers used over bridge girders, what is the minimum composite sleeper index

a) 1455
b) 1652
c) 1555
d) 1352

Answer: a

Q12) The external diameter of cast iron or steel shaft in a screw pile varies from:

a) 150-300 mm
b) 0-150 mm
c) 450-600 mm
d) 300-450 mm

Answer: a

Q13) What is the quality of concrete recommended for the pre-cast reinforced concrete piles?

a) M 250 to M 300
b) M 200 to M 250
c) M 150 to M 200
d) M 100 to M 150

Answer: c

Q14) Which of the following sections should be used preferably at places where torsion occurs?

a) Box type section
b) Angle section
c) Channel section
d) None of the above

Answer: a

Q15) The maximum permissible span of asbestos cement sheets is

a) 1680 mm
b) 1250 mm
c) 810 mm
d) 650 mm

Answer: a

Hope you find the sample test useful and gives you a right direction to prepare for your final assessment.

All the best!


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