Mock Interviews: Benefits You Must Know

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Posted by FirstNaukri Sep 24, 2020

Practice makes one perfect. There is no doubt about it. Especially as a new entrant into the job market, you must apply this old saying to your job interviews as well. Prepare well with more and more mock job interviews. They can help you formulate smart answers and let you identify areas of improvement.

With the new normal in place, companies are fast moving to virtual interviews and online hiring process, however, the hiring standards are still the same. The interviews are as aggressive as before, therefore you too should not leave any loop in your interview preparation. This also means that you must have an interview strategy in place and practice thoroughly to increase your chances of success.

Why Mock Interviews

1.Mock interviews offer a smart way to articulate thoughts before the actual interview especially for freshers as they have just started the job search.  It is a way that lets you plan the flow as and how you should share your details with the interviewer. While practicing, you should also record yourself. This will help you know your areas of improvement.

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2. Mock interviews let you prepare answers to the common interview questions. There are numerous common and behavioral-based questions that can be expected in a job interview. Since you know the questions, you must prepare the answers beforehand and practice to avoid any flaws. Remember to always give an answer which is customized basis your qualifications, experience as well as the profile you are applying for.

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3. Mock interviews help you improve your communication skills. Communication skill are one of the most important skills that any hiring manager looks forward to. They have a lot of weightage as a parameter owing to decision making. Mock interviews will show you where you are going wrong while communicating and whether you are able to pass the right messages across efficiently or not. No hiring manager will comment on the skills that you lack. They will just assess you basis their parameters and come up with the final decision of hiring you or not. However, it is imperative for you to understand where you should improve.

4. Mock interviews are a way to get constructive feedback in a low-stress environment. Test your job interview skills with a friend or a recent alumni who isn’t evaluating you for an actual job and can provide an honest feedback. This will bring a lot of improvement in the way you are presenting your data and profile. You will feel far confident and less anxious. You won’t stumble over while presenting the details during the actual interview, as each and everything will be fresh in your memory.

5. Mock interviews familiarize you with the situation and helps you understand your expertise level and where you stand in the job market. You may deny that you need help, the fact is it will boost your confidence and simulate the new experience of an actual interview.

Once you’re done with the mock up, next step is to implement the feedback you have received. Make sure you learn to accept the feedback in a constructive manner so as to nail your interviews in a better way.


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