Things Interviewers Want To Hear In the Interview

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jul 08, 2020

Got a job interview scheduled?

Careful and timely preparation is a key to a successful job interview.  

Interviewers are always on a lookout for a talent that can perform the job not only intelligently or productively but smartly. After skimming through your resume, they like to assess you on the basis of the details given in your profile and look out for highly relevant answers to their interview questions.

There are some basic interview questions that seem simple, hence many candidates avoid preparing for them, but they are crucial. We recommend you to not to make that mistake. In fact, you must always prepare for the most common interview questions, as they have a high probability of being asked. Remember, a thoughtful answer can go a long way and show that you care and have not come unprepared.

Outlined below are some of the most common interview questions to help you understand that why they are asked.

• Tell me something about yourself?

This question helps the interviewer to break the ice with the candidate. S/he already knows a lot about your academics and professional experience with the help of your resume, however, it is way to begin a conversation and put you at ease.

Do not make a mistake of narrating your life story as an answer. Be precise a concise and come up with a personalized answers instead of giving out some crammed answer. You may start with your name, your qualifications, highlight your personality and mention your work experience.

Use PIQA to create your personalized answer to ‘Tell me about yourself’.

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Interviewers are simply interested to understand your career goals and not really what you will be doing after 5 years. They are looking forward to understand if you have thought about your career or if you’re determined. Also they want to know about your stability; whether you stay longer to a job or just hop jobs. We recommend you to be truthful and don’t come across as a day dreamer. Tell them precisely where you want to be in the next five years, may or may not be in alignment with your current career path.

Express that you are keen to grow in the current role and would like to continue within the organization. Listen to the issues that need to be resolved while you are answering.

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• What are your strengths?

Your interviewer can catch you off guard and come up with a sudden question related to your strengths. Therefore, it is very important for you to first understand the interviewer’s intention to ask you this and then answer. Here, the hiring manager wants to know that your strengths are in line with what the company needs and is looking for. So, tailor your answer accordingly. Mention the strengths like attention to detail, research, communication skills, etc. – something that can reassure them that you’re a smart candidate to perform the given job.

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• What are your weaknesses?

Most job seekers usually find this job interview question the trickiest one. Though, there is no right or wrong way to answer this, just ensure to end the discussion on a positive note.  When you are talking about your weaknesses, share examples related to either skills, habits or personality traits. What you will choose to talk about should depend on the role or profile you are being interviewed for.  Know the job description to get a hint about what is significant for this specific role. Mention your weakness, add additional context and support it with an example of how you turned it into your strength.

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• Why should we hire you?

By the time this question comes, you are already done with the half of your interview and the hiring manager has already evaluated you. And this can turn out to be your deal maker or a deal breaker question and you just cannot go wrong here.

With this, the interviewer wants to understand the skills and abilities that set you apart from other candidates. Highlight your professional strengths, key skills, and accomplishments that you think to correspond to the job you have applied for. Talk about a certification, if any and show large interest in the company as well as profile. Do not stick to the given job description, rather try to match your qualification and interest with it.  

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PIQA stands for Personal Interview Question Answers. It is an effective as well as first of its kind tool to help fresher’s in their job interview preparation by generating personalized answers to common interview questions, based on the users’ profile.

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