Tips for Freshers to Stay Focused During a Job Interview

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Posted by FirstNaukri Apr 29, 2020

Going to face your first interview and nervous about it? If you sit for an interview with a distracted mind, chances are high that you will under perform, and this is not you would want to happen, right?

Let’s get some quick tips on how you can stay focused during a job interview and turn the situation in your favor.

Best tips to stay focused during a job interview:

  1. Keep the purpose clear on mind

One important thought that can keep you tripped up is the purpose you are sitting in front of the interview panelists. Yes, you want to score a job and this is your goal to get shortlisted for your desired job.

Keeping your purpose and goal in mind clear will never allow you to get distracted and push you to do your best.

  1. Keep quick notes

To stay confident and avoid nervousness, keep quick notes from your resume and job description for your discussion and go through them before you face the interviewer. Keeping quick notes helps you to recall important points and stay focused on what you want to bring to the recruiters’ notice.

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  1. Participate in the conversation

The purpose of an interview is not just to answer the interview questions but also to contribute to the entire conversation. Listen actively and also ask questions wherever you need clarity about the job role, the company, or anything else. Asking questions and actively participating in the interview conversation shows your confidence and clarity about your career. This also helps you to stay focused on the interview.

  1. Be confident about your skills

If you know you have the right skills to match the job requirements, stay confident and focused. Use your domain knowledge to win the recruiters’ trust on you and showcase your skills with some quick stories of your previous work. This helps you to keep the conversation in the right direction and avoid killing much time. It is always advisable to keep a few experiences ready on your mind that you can share with the recruiter wherever required and steal the show.

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  1. Stay positive

Keep calm and stay positive– this is one of the best ways to stay focused in your interview. Do not hurry to respond to the questions, listen patiently and then answer to avoid making any mistakes. If you feel nervous at any point of time, relax and take a deep breath. Sit straight in a relaxed position.

These tips will not only help you to stay focused during the interview but also impress the hiring manager. Just practice some common interview questions to stay prepared and nail it!

All the best.


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