Top Skills Employers Look For in College Graduates

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Posted by FirstNaukri Aug 27, 2019

Freshers often get confused regarding what skills to put on the resume. What are the different types of skills. Where should they include them. These are some common problems that the freshers face these days. With the following article, all your doubts will be cleared.

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All those skills that will directly help you in your job are referred to as hard skills. These are very specific skills and can generally be taught by someone. The intellectual capabilities are limited while using such skills, as it is more of acquired/bookish knowledge.

For instance, for a web developer, HTML, MySQL, etc. are the hard skills that can be acquired and helps in completing tasks at a job. Some other examples of hard skills include:

  • Computer Programming
  • A degree or certification
  • Machine Operation
  • Accounting
  • Research

Soft Skills (Non-technical skills) are some of the hardest skills to learn and understand. Job-seekers and hiring managers may have difficulty defining, demonstrating and recognizing non-technical skills. Although they are extremely fluid and highly personalized for each individual, these skills are an integral part of professional success – and are often the most prominent factor among candidates.

Soft skills are also referred to as transferable skills, interpersonal skills or social skills. Non-technical skills can include almost any ability that relates to how you approach others or manage your professional life. Some examples of soft skills include:

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership

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Both hard skills and soft skills are required to be successful in a job, and therefore, recruiters look for them in candidates at the time of job interview.


  1. Hard Skills are those that are very easy to measure and define. These include things like accounting, computer programming, plumbing or dentistry. You can easily get a diploma or a professional certification in these areas. They are very teachable and almost always feasible if you have the opportunity to pursue a formal education in this area.

  2. Soft Skills are also referred to as transferable skills, interpersonal skills or social skills. Non-technical skills can include almost any ability that relates to how you approach others or manage your professional life. Non-technical skills are difficult to measure. There are not many tests or professional certifications to prove your skills in these areas.

  3. Hard Skills apply to very specific occupations. Computing skills cannot help you become a footballer. Marketing Knowledge is irrelevant if you want to become a care taker. These skills lock you in a certain profession.

  4. Soft Skills are more flexible and can be useful in many professions. Although more effort and creativity are needed to demonstrate these skills, they are useful for almost any job you could do.


It is more difficult to show general skills in a CV than to present their abilities. However, non-technical skills are equally important to potential employers. Although all candidates for a marketing job are likely to have a degree in marketing, they will not all have the same skills to get the job done. Here you can stand out from the competition.
Not only list your general abilities, without providing evidence to confirm your statements. Everyone can say that they have strong communication skills. Demonstrate your project by highlighting projects that communicate effectively with a diverse group of people. For non-technical skills it is more important to show than to say. Add measurable details wherever possible.

  • How many new clients did you land with your networking skills?
  • How much have you improved the productivity of your problem-solving skills?

While training general skills is more difficult, in some cases it does exist. If you attended a soft skills development workshop or seminar, do not hesitate to mention it on your CV. It will only add to your credit-worthiness.
Your general skills can mean the difference between a job interview and a lengthy job. Make sure you take the time to recognize your strengths in these areas and focus on the general skills you value most.

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