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How to Answer the Interview Question- “What are Your Strengths?”

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“What is your greatest strength?” or “What are your strengths?” is one of the most crucial interview questions as it gives you an opportunity to stand out among other job applicants by highlighting your skills to the interviewer.

However, there is a fine line between bragging and talking about your strengths. You should not look arrogant or over-confident. Therefore, it’s imperative to prepare well in advance for this question and ace the job interview.

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What are Your Strengths Examples?

Professional Strength Answer Sample 1 : Main Skill Based Strength

Professional Strength Answer Sample 1 : Soft Skills Based Strength

Professional Strength Answer Sample 1 : Character Based Strength

Bonus Tip:Be genuine about your strengths.

Point of caution!

Many job seekers commit the biggest mistake of limiting their answers by only mentioning the common adjectives that interviewers have surely heard a number of times from every candidate, such as:
Team Player

## Hard Working
## Honest
## Humble
## Quick Learner
## Sincere

It is always good to narrate your strengths with some stories or examples. Elaborating with an example is, undoubtedly, more effective than giving bland replies like “I’m a good team player” or “I’m a quick learner”. Telling an example will add value to this bland statement.

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Bonus Tip:Think of a quality that fits well with the role.

Here are some answer samples of interview question, “What is your biggest strength?” These interview answers will help you come up with the best possible replies and leave a positive impression on the interviewer.

what are your strength

Answer Sample 1: What is your greatest strength?

A sample for Skill-based strength: For instance, you are applying for a writing job.

I love to write and have a great knowledge of niche sectors. These two skills make the greatest strength for me that rewards me in my profession. Although I have an expertise in technical writing, I also have a hand on writing for a wide range of topics. Therefore, I believe that writing for different audiences is my core strength.

Bonus Tip: Tailor your answer that aligns more with the position.  

Answer Sample 2: What is your greatest strength?

A sample for soft-skill based strength:

I have a good problem-solving skill, which I consider as my biggest strength. It’s exciting for me to come with different ideas and solve unique issues. In my previous organization, I spent time building this skill where I worked on redesigning the entire manufacturing process and helped the organization in reducing the overall cost by 65%. I was recognized by the Head of the Department for my achievement.

Answer Sample 3: What is your greatest strength

Character-based strength:

People say they see me as a dependable and reliable person. I feel obliged to help others and have helped many colleagues in previous organizations in their key projects where they needed my expertise. I consider this as my strength; however, it also takes my time that I can utilize in my own work. Not to let my work suffer, I have now started to maintain a balance between my priorities and sharing my knowledge and learning with other. I usually let others know when I am free and they connect with me accordingly for their issues. I am glad that I have learned to strike a balance between the two.

Remember, the interviewer may ask this interview question in different styles also, such as “What makes you stand out from other candidates?”, “Why should we hire you?” or “What makes you the best fit for the position?”, etc. As there can be no “fit-for-all” standard reply, use the above answer samples for the interview question, “What is your strength?” to turn a good story for yourself.

All the best!


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