Since the pandemic cast its shadow over humanity, the world has literally come to a standstill.

Many people have already lost their jobs & many more are on a verge of it.

According to a report by BBC, India’s unemployment rate is now at a record high of 27.1%, crossing 120 million in April 2020.

However, with the opening of cities across India, most of the sectors are expected to show a positive rise in hiring especially hiring for sales & marketing jobs.

We strongly believe that sales & marketing jobs are expected to rise in the post-COVID 19 job market.

In this blog, we shall state reasons why we believe sales & marketing jobs shall rise post COVID 19 pandemic.

Sales & marketing in India

The sales & marketing job market was rising exponentially before the pandemic hit India.

According to a report by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), The Indian direct selling industry had recorded sales of USD 2.47 billion in 2019, reporting a growth of 12.1 percent.

Moreover, in terms of the number of direct sellers, India is ranked in the sixth position , proving employment to 57.50 lakh people.

However, all this was pre-COVID times, in present-day era, sales & marketing jobs just like any other job market is running slim.

Many professionals who were in the field of sales & marketing had to lose their jobs during the pandemic.

Why sales & marketing jobs will rise post-COVID 19 pandemic?

There are many reasons why we believe that sales & marketing jobs shall rise post COVID 19 pandemic. Here are a few reasons.

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1. Revenue generation

Since most of the companies have had a hard hit on their financial standings, it shall be pivotal for every company to increase its revenue base to run a business smoothly post COVID 19 pandemic.

Many positions that aren’t extremely essential for the firms shall become redundant.

Here is why we think sales & marketing jobs shall become all the more important.

Since sales & marketing has a direct impact on the revenue generation of the company, most companies shall hire more professionals to market & sell their products.

2. Brand awareness requirement

India is a huge country & is eyed as one of the biggest market in the globe.

The middle-class population is expected to reach 475 million in 2030 compared to 200 million presently.

To reach out to such a huge customer base after the pandemic is over shall not be easy.

With lockdown in place for so many months, consumers must already be used to a certain lifestyle which they would have developed during the pandemic.

However, breaking that habitual lifestyle post-COVID times would require a strong & unique marketing strategy.

Most companies shall look for professionals with such marketing skills that would help them reach out to more & more consumers.

Thus the role of marketers shall be more in demand.

Its important to mention that marketing job interviews shall become more harder to crack as employers would want the best from the lot.

3. Off-field sales techniques

Many business firms work on the model of field sales, wherein consumers & sales professionals connect on the ground level in a physical environment.

However, this pandemic has made everything virtual.

More than ever now companies have to heavily depend on virtual means to sell their products.

Thus more focus shall be on hiring sales professionals who are well versed with direct telemarketing, email marketing, etc.

On-field sales jobs may be redundant for many companies for a long time.

4. Change in technology

Most sales & marketing professionals believe that their technological knack may or may not help them in their field to an extent they would want.

After all most people think that sales & marketing is more about wit minded, creative & convincing people.

Now that all has changed. Post-COVID 19 pandemic sales & marketing jobs shall heavily dependent on the technological knowledge of professionals.

This would help them strategize better to reach out to consumers through virtual mediums.

Meetings have moved to applications like microsoft teams & zoom rather than face to face meetings.

However, there is a boon in disguise. This change in senario shall open doors for those professionals who dream to have a career in sales & marketing with a technological background.

5. Better use of social media

This lockdown has made people use social media more actively.

This has become one of the prime mediums to reach out to consumers in a unique & effective way.

Marketers shall be needed by most firms to ensure unique social media campaigns are used to the maximum extent to generate leads & revenue.

Recently most of the big brands are already seen using social media during COVID 19 pandemic to target audiences which are important to them.

Sales & marketing interviews are hard to crack, important questions such as "Sell me this pen", are one of the most important question asked during sales interview.

The world shall heal again, however with the changing times we must change along with it.

Career, professionals, job market & jobs, all shall change post-COVID 19 pandemic, however, the change shall also bring great new avenues to professionals to look out for.

We hope you are ready to accept the change.

Best of luck!

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