Gone are the days when gender used to define job opportunities. It's 2023! Break all the stereotypes and remember gender doesn't matter when looking at a career.

If you aspire to become a pilot or join the armed forces, opportunities are galore. All you will need to do is plan your career properly and in advance and take proper action.

In this article, we will address the highest-paying female jobs. Do not go by the headline, the career opportunities listed will surely leave you satisfied and surprised!

  1. Social media jobs
  2. Product manager
  3. Investment banker
  4. Architect
  5. Software developer
  6. Data scientist/ analyst
  7. Chartered accountant (CA)

Let's begin!

Social media jobs

The digital space has transformed drastically in the last few years and will only gain more popularity in the coming times. With this, social media jobs are already on the rise. The most popular being a social media influencer and social media marketing.

There is no age barrier to becoming a social media influencer. All you need to work on is creating unique content and having good communication skills.

Your earnings will be based on the number of followers on your page. According to Jian Hua (Ted) Chen on Quora an Indian influencer with more than 50K followers will be making somewhere between Rs 15,000-25,000 per post on Instagram.

Now social media influencers are mostly their own bosses. But if you want to carve a career in social media before planning to become an influencer then there are many social media marketing jobs you can sort through on Naukri.

The average salary for a social media manager starts from 4.5 LPA to 12.1 LPA based on experience.

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Product manager

Product management is another career option to consider when looking for the highest paid jobs for women. Product managers are experts who overlook the entire product lifecycle based on user needs.

They are skilled in UX, tech, and business development while possessing excellent communication skills.

The average Product manager salary in India ranges between 5.2 to 35 LPA based on experience.

Investment banker

Investment banking is another of the highest paying female jobs. An investment banker secures their clients' financial assets by helping them to invest correctly.

For qualifications, you will need a degree in Commerce, an MBA degree in Finance is a bonus. Check out the Investment Banker salary along with High paying investment banking companies in India.

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Architecture has started gaining popularity as construction started gaining demand. You will need a degree in Architecture and learn the art of planning, designing, and constructing various physical structures.

The average salary of an Architect in India is 8.2 LPA, which goes up to 40 LPA as you gain experience.

Software developer

Software developer jobs are at an all-time high. All you will need is a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, and more than one doorway will open up in the IT sector.

Brownie points if you work on getting relevant certifications by learning new languages.

The average salary of a Software developer in India ranges up to 13 LPA with an average salary of 4.8 LPA.

Data scientist/ analyst

The world has become heavily reliant on Data as it helps companies take calculated decisions backed by evidence. To decipher these data scientist jobs have increased by leaps and bounds.

You can learn more about being a Data Scientist from Narayan Sharma, Data Scientist at Naukri.

The salary of a Data Scientist ranges up to 25.7 LPA with an average annual salary of 10 LPA.

Chartered accountant (CA)

Chartered accountant jobs are one of the professions that will never go out of demand in the job market.

CAs are responsible for maintaining records of accounts and need to have a thorough knowledge of Indian accounting practices.

Now, to become a CA, you need to clear the CA examination and complete an apprenticeship under a professional for a minimum of 3 years.

The salary of a CA in India ranges up to 14.5 LPA with an average of 6.3 LPA.


These are only a few of the highest paying jobs for females to consider, but there are plenty more to browse through.

Find your calling and work towards your perfect career.

All the Best!

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