1. Why is listing strengths in a resume important?
  2. Can you use your skills as strengths?
  3. Top 8 strengths in resume for freshers

A job application for a fresher can be quite intimidating and the first step is to get the professional resume for freshers on point.

Apart from knowing the important resume tips for freshers, you also need to know what are the factors to add to the resume for freshers, for example, the strengths in resume for freshers and also the skills in resume for freshers to list.

In this blog, we will address what are the top 8 strengths to add to a resume in order to impress recruiters.

But first, let’s begin with why it is important to add strengths to a resume for freshers!

Why is listing strengths in a resume important?

Similar to the HR interview question “What is your strength?”, listing your strengths in a resume for freshers can help the recruiters understand the value you bring to the team and justify why you will be the perfect fit for the role.

Can you use your skills as strengths?

Although skills and strengths are different by nature, there are certain similarities between the two as well. Let’s first understand the difference between skills and strengths.

Skills are the knowledge that you learn and execute. These skills sharpen as you use them regularly during the execution of tasks or perish with the lack of usage.

For example, if you use certain tools like InDesign regularly, you will have better knowledge and know the tips and tricks of using it. But when you don’t use the app for a time period, there’s a possible chance you will lose the finesse of using InDesign.

On the other hand, strengths are the factors that help in character building and play a great role in your success. For example, traits like honesty, time management, etc.

However, more often than not, skills can be considered a strength. Take, for example, your time management skill - it can be utilized as a strength as it highlights that despite the workload, you can manage to complete all the tasks with ease and without compromising the quality of work.

Top 8 strengths in resume for freshers

Now that we have cleared the air about skills and strengths, let’s address the elephant in the room. Here is a list of 8 strengths in a resume for freshers.


A proactive attitude is one of the most popular strengths recruiters look for in their ideal candidate. The work sphere is different from school or college.

At work, you are expected to take a lot of initiative on your own as everyone has their own targets and tasks, and won't be able to guide you all the time.

So, you can describe a time when you showcased a proactive attitude in your professional resume for freshers if you have had an internship experience or even in college.

Collaboration & teamwork

At work, there will be a lot of opportunities to engage in cross-team collaboration and teamwork required to achieve the goals. You can highlight your successful collaborations in your resume for freshers to establish this strength.

Creative thinking/solutions

Competition has grown more cutthroat by the day which only means one will need really strong out-of-the-box thinking to come up with a strong game plan to outsmart the competition.

Recruiters adore candidates who possess such a characteristic trait. So, mention incidents where you showcased independent thinking and how it yielded positive results.

Tip: Use the Situation, Task, Action, and Results (STAR) method to grab the recruiter’s attention and make an impact.

Critical thinking

There are many job roles that require quick thinking to resolve a problem or take an on-the-spot decision. If you are someone who has the natural inclination to critical and logical thinking, make sure to list this strength in your professional resume for freshers.


Recruiters admire candidates who show curiosity towards a job role and its requirements instead of just focusing on their salary package. Listing this strength in a resume for freshers highlights that you are a curious learner and are willing to work on upskilling to be at par with the standards of the team.

In case you are a fresher with no prior experience, you can either highlight this strength with any incidents from your college extracurricular activities and/or make a list of questions regarding the job role and ask at the job interview when you are asked “Do you have any questions for me?”

However, if you are someone with some internship experience, you can list the times when you showed curiosity to seek new information and picked up new skills to bring value to the table.

Time management

When you start work, you will realize that there are days when you need to juggle multiple projects at the same time or work under a very strict deadline. This requires excellent time management skills to juggle multiple projects successfully.

So, make sure to list this strength in your resume for freshers by describing incidents where you successfully showcased your management skills.

Communication skills

Communication plays a very crucial factor at work. Communication within the office is different from that of a college or university with peers and professors.

At work, you will be mostly relying on written communications like emails or upfront in meetings, etc, which means if not framed right, the tone of the message can go south and land you in trouble.

You can showcase your communication strength and skill in your resume for freshers by describing co-curricular activities or previous achievements.

Problem-solving skills

No matter how well you plan, there will be something or the other that goes wrong. Whether it is an error in a project or within the team, being able to come up with quick solutions to sort it out and get everything back on track is an important strength to add to your resume as a fresher.

To conclude, when listing your strengths in a resume for freshers make sure to align them with your skills.

Along with this, ensure to maintain the format of your professional resume for freshers and proofread the document thoroughly to leave a greater positive impact on the recruiter.

All the Best!

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