1. Research the field you want to pursue
  2. Get clarity on what you are looking for
  3. Use your social handles to the optimum
    a. Add relevant industry keywords to your profiles
    b. Create a page or visual advertisement
    c. Loosen your privacy setting
  4. Ask for help within your network
  5. Update your resume and skills
  6. Find job listings on reliable platforms
  7. Plan your course of action
  8. Make a spreadsheet
  9. Follow up properly

The recent COVID-19 situation has cost many their jobs rendering them clueless and in despair.

Whether due to loss of a job or a genuine search for a new job, we have listed these 9 hacks for you to land a job in a month.

Let’s jump right into the steps to prepare for your dream job.

Research the field you want to pursue

To begin with, every candidate needs to have clarity regarding the field they want to tread.

Research the field and scopes it has to offer.

Next step, check if there are any specific skills the field requires that you lack.

In this case, pick up an online course to upgrade your skills. This will provide a higher chance for you to bag the interview of your dream job.

Get clarity on what you are looking for

Searching for a job requires utmost clarity and seriousness, after all, you would not want to feel stuck in a job you don’t enjoy.

To begin with, ask yourself what are your requirements in a job and list them down.

It will be a lengthy list, beginning with the industry you want to work in or whether you want to apply to a big or small company.

Next, every professional has different requirements and hence look for benefits accordingly. Some may prefer 6 days a week working, whereas others may prefer to work from home.

Getting clarity will allow you to be more specific regarding your job search and allow you to focus properly and calculative on the next steps.

Now that you are clear about what you are looking for, let’s head over to the next step.

Use your social handles to the optimum

Upping your social media game is as important as updating your resume.

Websites like LinkedIn have become a valuable player in the job-hunting process.

So, update all your current details on your profiles. Make sure that you upload a professional picture as your display on these sites.

Also, ask your colleagues, peers and acquaintances to write a recommendation for you.

The simple reason for doing so is that recruiters prefer to hire candidates who have good recommendations from people within the industry.

Websites like LinkedIn are a hubspot for recruiters and an attractive profile is sure to grab their eyes!

Here are a few things that you can do to optimize your social media handles.

a. Add relevant industry keywords to your profiles

When on a job hunt, find yourself a listing of job openings on LinkedIn.

Similar to your CV, relevant keywords play an important role in your social media profiles as well.

So, when going through the job listings find the relevant keywords used in the job description and build up your profile using them.

You can use it both to understand the required skills and also how to use it to your advantage while job hunting.

b. Create a page or visual advertisement

You can create a page on Facebook with the title "Hire (your name)". Once ready, you can run specific ads and shoot it to potential employers you are willing to work with.

You can also run a video representation of why you are the best candidate for their job on LinkedIn.

This might seem a little overboard but when you are looking for a job in a month, such course of actions on your behalf can help accelerate your chances of bagging your dream job at the earliest.

c. Loosen your privacy setting

Many of us have a very stringent privacy setting for our social media profiles. This may act as a hindrance in the way of securing your dream job.

You can select what to put out for the recruiters to see and hide the rest of it. As for example, your work experiences, skills and key responsibilities in your past organizations.

Ask for help within your network

There is no harm or reason to feel uncomfortable in asking your family and friends about job openings in their knowledge.

Recruiters have the knack to hire candidates of the right talent. They also appreciate it more if a reliable employee or former employee.

So, feel free to contact your friends, colleagues, or even family members to help you out.

Update your resume and skills

The same size doesn't fit all, it’s a rather honest saying.

Similarly, you need to update your resume as per the requirements asked for by the company you want to apply for.

Also, update your resume with the relevant keywords as it attracts the recruiter’s attention easily.

Check the company’s social pages, research the company, and read the job descriptions thoroughly to highlight the keywords.

It is a bonus if your CV highlights the keywords aligned with the mission and vision statement of the company.

The reason for doing so is most times recruiters just scan through a CV and familiar keywords can attract them to a particular CV and get you shortlisted for the next round of interviews.

Add diverse keywords describing your soft skills, hard skills, industry buzzwords, certifications, and so on to highlight your diverse qualities.

You can learn more about power keywords here.

Tip: Your CV should not be more than 2 pages.

Find job listings on reliable platforms

Someone who is looking for a job and in a time crunch needs to have all eyes and hands-on deck, both offline and online.

Job listings can easily be found on portals like Naukri.com who have initiated their job hiring tracker.

In Naukri, it goes by the name StepUp campaign. The StepUp campaign has been initiated during the tiring times of the COVID-19 situation when many have/are losing their jobs.

It is basically a bridge that provides real-time information to job seekers regarding career guides.

To know how to use the StepUp campaign to its optimum and get hired super-fast read here.

Plan your course of action

Next, you need to plan your course of action since you want to bag your next job in 30 days. This means everything needs to be scheduled and stick to it.

When the aim is to land your dream job in 30 days, you need to allot time to research the job profiles, companies you want to apply to, updating resumes so on and so forth.

You cannot spend an entire day focussing on just one aspect of the entire job search procedure.

So, it’s best to dedicate the number of hours you want to spend on each task and work accordingly.

Take, for example, you can assign 2 hours for researching job profiles of the companies you have shortlisted, 3-4 hours to fix your resume according to the different job requirements, etc.

Make a spreadsheet

List the companies you want to work in and the job profiles, their requirements, and the other provided data in a google spreadsheet.

This will help you to evaluate the companies and your requirements in a single frame. Most times, we dream of working in a company that seems perfect but it soon turns out to be otherwise.

You wouldn’t want that to happen.

Highlight the important aspects of the job profile that has been described, research the company on verified websites like AmbitionBox and mark its pros and cons.

This will help you to weigh your options wisely instead of applying to 100 companies blindly and also keep track of the companies you have already applied to and the next course of action required on the same.

Follow up properly

So, you have bagged the interview and went along with it as well.

This would be the perfect time to send a follow-up email to your recruiter to thank them for their precious time and the opportunity they gave you.

Writing a formal email is way different than writing any other email. No need to mention it the way you write a follow-up email can ensure the recruiter of your sincerity in joining them.

These hacks may seem ordinary but these are the golden rules at landing your dream job in a month.

All the best!

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