In the previous segment “Appraisal Cycle FY 2021-22: What Are the Employees Expecting?”, we looked into the appraisal expectations of the working professionals based on the Naukri’s Poll survey.

While in the previous poll, employees such as yourself gave us your expectations from the appraisal cycle of FY 2021-22, we conducted one more poll to find out whether the final results met your expectations.

Now, the results are finally out! Let’s find out how much of the employee’s expectations have been surpassed...

To help understand the results better, we are dividing the data into the following sections;

  1. Appraisal results based on work experience
  2. Appraisal results based on current CTC
  3. Appraisal results based on metros
  4. Appraisal results based on industries

Now, before we move on to look into the actual outcome of the appraisals, let’s keep in mind that there are varied factors that go into finalizing the increment percentage, like performance, the company’s performance, cost of living in a city, etc.

Appraisal results based on Work experience

The poll results showed that almost 15% of the employees with 1-2 years of experience received less than a 10% increment, while 28% and 23% of the employees in the same experience range received 10-20% and 20-30% appraisals respectively. Whereas a whopping 33% received an increment of more than 30%.

On the other hand, the poll results showed that employees with higher work experience mostly received an increment ranging between less than 10% ranging up to 30% but not many received more than 30% for an annual appraisal.

For example, 35% of the employees with 2-5 years of experience received more than 30% for increment but only 19% of the people with >10 years received the same increment range.

The below attached graph can provide a better insight into the increment range that employees with different work experience received in the financial year 2021-22.


Appraisal results based on current CTC

Going by the employees’ expectations from the Annual appraisal of FY21-22, the percentage of people expecting less than 10% increment ranged from 2-6%, while almost 50% of the people were expecting an appraisal of more than 30%.

However, the results showed a different picture altogether. Between15-27% of the people with a salary ranging from 2LPA to more than 15LPA received less than 10% annual appraisal in the financial year 2021-2022.

Between 28-34% of the employees in the same salary range received an increment between 10-20%.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the annual increment that employees received based on the current CTC.


Appraisal results based on Metros

According to employees’ expectations, a majority of almost 50% of the employees of the top metropolitan cities expected more than 30% increment from the annual appraisal for 2021-22. While in the appraisal poll results, 30% of the employees received more than 30% appraisal increment.

The poll results also show that almost 30% of employees in the major metros like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad received a 10-20% annual appraisal.

To help you understand better, here is a detailed breakup of the final results of the Annual Appraisal of FY 21-22.


Appraisal results based on Industry

Annual appraisals are decided based on the rising demands of job profiles of particular industries.

According to the Naukri poll results, employees of the IT services & consulting industry received a better increment as compared to other industries such as Banking, Financial services and Internet.

The IT industry witnessed a major percentage of 37% employees receiving more than 30% annual appraisal for FY21-22 whereas the Internet industry witnessed the lowest of 25% employees receiving the same increment.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the annual appraisals received by employees of the top industries in the country.



The past 2 years have been taxing not just for employees but also businesses courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought with it volatile and suffering market conditions that had led to job losses and even businesses being shut down.

Although the situation seems to be picking up, it will still take time to reach its former glory. However, the results of the Naukri Annual Appraisal poll show a decent increment.

But in case you feel disheartened by the hike you received, do not lose hope and keep giving your best! You can also check out to help you find your dream job.

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