An appraisal is probably the most-awaited and crucial time for every employee in the workforce. It is the one time of the year when you can evaluate your progress and use it to justify career growth to your managers.

If you are a working professional, you would know the drill, but in case you are unaware, this is how the process works.

The first step in the process is self-appraisal, a practice that allows an employee to be in charge of their own professional development by evaluating their annual performance. The employee self-appraisal generally requires you to focus on 3 major factors - accomplishments, weaknesses, and progress.

Once the self-appraisal is done, the ball is in your manager’s court, where it undergoes evaluation, and based on your assessments and your manager’s observations, the appraisal process is carried out.

As employees, you are bound to have expectations out of your appraisal. After all, you have worked hard the entire year. But is what you expect always what you get?

To answer this question and identify the gap between employee expectations and reality, Naukri carried out a poll survey to find out what employees are expecting out of their annual appraisal for the financial year 2021-2022.

This blog explores the insights from vast data at our disposal and brings to you a clear picture of expectations vs reality for the annual appraisal 2021-22, where professionals like you shared with us what they are expecting out of this year’s appraisal.

To make it easier to analyze, we have divided this data into 4 categories:

  • Appraisal expectations based on work experience
  • Appraisal expectations based on current CTC
  • Appraisal expectations based on Metros
  • Appraisal expectations based on industries

Appraisal expectations based on Work experience

It is natural to have expectations from your appraisal process. The data derived from our poll helped us get a deeper insight into employees’ appraisal expectations.

Work experience plays an important role in the appraisal process. We found out that almost 48% of employees with 1-2 years expect more than a 30% hike while approximately 28% of them expect a hike ranging between 20-30%, while almost 19% expect a hike of 10-20%.

On the other hand, intermediate employees with up to 5 years of experience have a higher expectation from their self-review for appraisal. Almost 55% of the employees expect more than a 30% hike while 27% of the people approximately are hopeful of a hike between 20-30%.

To sum it up, here is a detailed breakdown of employee expectations based on their work experience.


Self-appraisal expectations based on current CTC

Taking a deeper look into salary segments, a maximum of 31% of employees within the 2-5LPA CTC bracket expect a 20-30% hike, while almost 47% and 18% expect a hike of <30% and 10-20% hike respectively. On the other hand, only 3% expect a greater than 10% hike from their self-review for appraisal.

Whereas 15% of the 5-10LPA bracket expect a raise of 10-20% hike. While 28% and 53% expect a 20-30% and more than 30% hike from their self-appraisal.

To sum it up, here is a detailed breakdown of employee expectations based on CTC.


Self-appraisal expectations based on Metros

Self-appraisal expectations also depend on the respective cities. However, appraisal policies vary according to organizations, industry, and many more factors.

Similar to fixing the budget for salary, the following factors play an important role in the employee’s expectations from their self-review for appraisal.

  • Cost of living in the city
  • Demand for the job role

Based on these criteria, Naukri’s poll noted that employees of metro cities like 53% in Bengaluru, 51% in Hyderabad, and 51% in Noida expect more than a 30% hike as part of their appraisal this year.

On the other hand, only 47% of Mumbai employees, 44% of Delhi, and 49% of Gurgaon expect more than a 30% hike this year.

Over the years, there has been a boom in the tech and IT industries in the cities of Bengaluru and Hyderabad causing higher expectations, whereas the financial industry saw a slump in Mumbai due to the pandemic leading to lesser expectations from appraisals.

Let’s get a deeper look into the expectations of the top Metro cities of the country.


Appraisal expectations based on Industry

Apart from company budgets, appraisals vary according to industries as well. Based on the industry and job profile, along with the company’s budget, annual appraisals will differ, but that doesn’t dampen an employee’s hopefulness about their annual appraisal.

For example, the content industry might not be able to match up to the data analytic’s appraisal range given the latter’s high demand and requirements.

Let’s get a deeper look into the expectations for some major industries.



The annual appraisal is the one time when you as a working professional have a lot of hope and expectations riding on the final results.

We will return with the results of the annual appraisal process and find out whether or not the expectations were met in the final results.

Let’s hope for the best!