‘Describe who you are’ is one of the most commonly asked HR interview questions. We have jotted down some best possible answers to this question in this blog. You can also prepare detailed HR interview questions and answers here.

You may think, ‘Oh I can talk about myself easily!’ The goal is not to simply talk, but also convince the hiring manager. Scroll down to read crisp sample answers to this open-ended question ‘describe who you are’.

Possible Answer #1

“I am a very positive and practical person. Definitely the one to fill the glass of water when there is a debate on whether it is half empty or half full! This means, I spend little time brooding over an issue and instead, try to find solutions. When the start-up I was working for started losing a lot of money because of a bad collaboration, there was a lot of debate on whose idea it was, had they thought of this consequence. I took myself away from the chaos, sat by myself for 20 minutes, wrote down ideas and called for a short meeting. Were all my ideas implemented? No. But it paved the way for us to start thinking forward immediately and got everyone out of the shock. I just pushed people to start asking the right questions. This quality sets me apart.”

Possible Answer #2

“I have  an excellent academic background and have worked on stellar projects in my previous companies. I always strive hard to get my job done, which automatically equates to the fact that I am highly task oriented and can work just as effectively by myself, as I can in teams. My present manager would vouch for the fact that I have never missed a deadline and clients love me for it! I always hand over work before the deadline, so there is time for feedback and revisions.”

Possible Answer #3

“I am a travel freak and a craft enthusiast. Both these passions, have taught me to work on a small budget and yet achieve stupendous results. The other day I was able to make a completely new table lamp with just 75 rupees. I just bought some wool and used an old lampshade. It was incredible! My interests have developed me as person, as I strive to come up with creative solutions within a budget. This makes me one of the best candidates for this position.”

Possible Answer #4

“I am a highly self-motivated person and if given a chance, I can demonstrate the same on job. Reason being, I have completed certifications and a distance learning diploma, while simultaneously securing my 2-year long full-time Master’s degree. During this time, managing so many commitments did put a lot of stress on my time and capabilities. Yet, I was able to motivate myself and stay optimistic all along. I consistently tried to put in extra effort into projects and was finally able to complete all my commitments.”

Possible Answer #5

“I am a keen listener. In some ways, people expect me to do less as I don’t really talk too much but it gives me the opportunity to do more! In this job, listening to your customers is half the job done. I describe myself as ‘attentive’. I pay close attention the needs of my customers, to the opinions of my peers and manager and to the little details that eventually paint the bigger picture. This has helped e achieve strong interpersonal with my clients and colleagues.”

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Possible Answer #6

A Fresher’s take on this question

“I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai. I am a hard-working individual and extremely detail oriented. During college, I loved to take on challenging assignments even if this meant burning the midnight oil for months. My degree project took 4 months to complete and it was a resounding success. I won an award for the same, and it featured in the local newspaper in the section reserved for “upcoming artists.”

Possible Answer #7

Sample answer for a software tester

“I am a great communicator. I love interacting with people, asking questions and constantly growing my knowledge. At the same time, I love sharing my ideas and experiences with others. In this industry, it is extremely important to have an open communication to analyze issues and present speedy solutions. Given my communicative nature, I am often appointed Project Lead and enjoy leadership positions as it enables me to make a larger impact.”

Possible Answer #8

Academician cum trainer can take this approach to answer the question ‘describe who you are’

“I am a curious cat.  I love asking questions, and when these are unanswered, I seek resources to answer them myself. This has led me to keenly question and understand the training needs of the people I interact with. With 5 years of teaching experience in the field of management and 2 years of training experience, I am a perfect fit for your organization. This organization and I have two values in common – caring and commitment to excellence.”

Possible Answer #9

Best answer for any professional with 5 years of experience

“I am a bee of the working world. Just like bees have adapted to changes in the world over centuries, I am constantly adapting to the changes in the work space. I am resilient and don’t let anything bog me down! In the past 5 years, I have worked with 3 reputed organizations and have been recognized as a top performer in all.”

Possible Answer #10

This is how an academic counselor could answer the question

“I am a creative person and love thinking out of the box. Given my profession, I often meet individuals who are looking for the right guidance. My ability to understand their interests and aptitude allows me to present to them with options they never knew existed. It opens up the horizon for them. I work with intent of making the futures of my customers easier to navigate . This work ethic of working with an intent has reaped only great benefits for me and the organizations I have worked for.”

Possible Answer #11

How a human resource professional can approach this question

“I am an experimental person who works with a method. Like a French cook bakes a complex Souffle (pronounced su-flay), I believe strongly in following step by step goals to achieve the end result. Therefore, I break down every task into smaller tasks and pay close attention to details. There is no doubt that the results I achieve are exactly the ones I have planned! In the field of HR, harmony of planning and execution is crucial. And I maintain this harmony with great care and effort, seeking feedback and making rapid changes to stay focused on the goal.”

Possible Answer #12

An answer fit for a sales profile to the question ‘Describe who you are’

“I am brave and fearless person. I am not afraid to pick up the phone to speak with a customer or to call for a quick meeting with the team to discus issues. I am also a really fun and easygoing person. Peers and clients both are comfortable in approaching me and I really pride myself on these people skills I have picked up over the years. Sales is 75% networking and 25% making a convincing pitch – and with my fearless & open attitude, I am able to give a 100% to the job."

“Describe who you are” is a regular on the interview scene. It is true that hiring managers may have heard several or all the answers over the years. However, they are keen to see how you present yourself as different from the others.

The question “Describe who you are” can also be asked in different ways like “How do your peers describe you?” OR ” What are your best qualities?” A short description with 3 strong qualities aligned to the job description will do the trick!

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