While most of us consider a good resume a stepping stone for finding a great job, we tend to undermine the value of a cover letter.

If you believe that a good resume is all you need to get a perfect job, then this blog is definitely for you.

Cover letter for job is not something which is just a modern-day thing. It has been in the DNA of the job market for decades.

In this blog, we shall try to understand how a cover letter can have an impact on your job prospect & also how to utilize it in the best possible way.

What is a cover letter?

First step first, lets understand what a cover letter really is?

A cover letter can be defined as, a piece of document which is usually attached with the resume.

It highlights various aspects of the candidate, justifying why is he/she fit for the job.

A cover letter for resume broadly explains achievements, qualifications, qualities, or other aspects that may help in impressing an interviewer.

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Role of a cover letter in your job prospect

A cover letter for a job has a compelling value of its own. It is a first glimpse of the unique insights of a candidates professional career.

Though a resume already holds much value, a cover letter gives every detail descriptively.

A cover letter for a job is a unique document wherein a candidate has a chance to pitch for his/her candidature.

What makes you different? Why are you better than the rest? Your zeal to do your best, all these questions can be addressed beforehand in a cover letter.

Every interviewer has a mighty task to complete even before the process of the interview starts.

The process of shortlisting candidates is quite a task.

Amidst countless resumes, sorting out a few is a tough job. Here is where the cover letter plays its part.

Every candidate who has applied for a job must have written all the important things in his/her resume, however, a perfect cover letter for a resume is what can make a difference.

Imagine you are an employer. You have a task to shortlist 15 resumes from over 250 resumes.

Imagine how tedious the task shall be?

However, you find some resumes with perfectly written cover letter attached along, explaining their professional experience, capabilities & unique characteristics to be the perfect candidate.

Would it not make an impact in your mind?

This shows the effort a candidate wants to put in to ensure that he/she gets the job.

The professionalism & zeal of the candidate is also well showcased to an employer.

How to utilize cover letters for a job effectively?

Writing a cover letter for a resume with a thought that it shall mandatorily get shortlisted is naïve.

Writing a cover letter for a resume is one thing, writing a perfect cover letter that has maximum chances of getting shortlisted is another.

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Here are a few things every candidate should keep in mind before writing a cover letter.

1. Short & crisp: Of course you don’t expect an employer to go through a storyline for a job application. Be short, precise & deliver your message within minimal lines.

2. Research Well: What does the company want in a candidate? Till the time you don’t have an answer to this, you still hanging in the balance.

For example, maybe you are a person heavily dependent on your team, whereas the company wants someone who works independently.

3. Know what to write & what not: It’s not important that you need to write everything about your career in your cover letter.

There can be things which you might want to keep away. So think hard before putting everything out there.

4. Don’t be repetitive: A lot of people tend to stress the same thing again & again. Repetitive could prove to be repulsive.

Put your unique abilities strongly ahead, however, don’t repeat them.

5. Why you are different: Don’t think that you are the only one who shall send a cover letter for this job.

Always eye for being unique amidst the crowd. Try to focus more on how unique & innovative you can be.

What makes you stand apart? What are the qualities that make you a better choice? List your abilities & skills & piece them one by one in your job application.

6. Proper information: Ensure that you give proper information in your cover letter. Educational qualifications, experience, abilities, skills, achievements & so on.

7. Avoid mistakes: As humans we tend to often make mistakes while we write something. Make sure you give a good read once you are done with your letter.

A small error or even a spelling mistake could end up ruining your whole application.

The trends across the job market show that applications with attached cover letters, tend to attract more attention to an employer than other job applications.

Here is what all you need to write a perfect cover letter.

So give it your best shot.

Best of luck!

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