Finding a job on Naukri
is a simple process. Read the infographic to know more!


Step 1 - Create profile

We guide you to create your profile. Creating a profile on Naukri is free.

Step 2 - Complete and update profile

Recruiters search for profiles to hire. Completed profiles have higher chances of getting contacted by recruiters.

Tip: Learn how to write resume headline and profile summary for your Naukri profile.

Step 3 - Get job recommendations

We send you relevant jobs based on your profile data and previous job applications.

Step 4 - Apply to jobs

When you apply to a job, we send your application to the recruiter. We send you updates when the recruiter takes any action on your application.

Tip: Before applying to jobs, learn more about a company and what employees have to say about it through company reviews.

Step 5 - Get Shortlisted

Your profile is viewed by recruiters. Relevant profiles get shortlisted and contacted by the recruiters.

Tip: Got your profile shortlisted? Now prepare for the interview! Check out company interview questions for popular interview questions.

Step 6 - Get Hired

  • By having a complete profile
  • By applying to relevant jobs
  • By keeping your profile updated

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