1. Why do recruiters ask "Describe yourself in one sentence"
  2. Tips to answer "Describe yourself in one sentence"
  3. Sample answers to "Describe yourself in one sentence"

A job interview is the recruiter’s way of testing a candidate’s worthiness. They have various ways of doing so, from asking you frequently asked interview questions to Introduce yourself.

Once such HR interview question is “Describe yourself in one sentence”. If you have a job interview lined up, then this is just the blog for you.

Let’s begin!

Why do recruiters ask "Describe yourself in one sentence"

“Describe yourself in one sentence” is a favorite HR interview question asked during job interviews.

Through this job interview question, the recruiter gets an insight into whether or not a candidate matches the skills they have prioritized.

Also, the recruiter through the question “Describe yourself in one sentence” tries to check if the candidate has clarity about his/her job.

Such clarity helps a candidate to catch up on responsibilities at the earliest without a lot of hand-holding.

Tips to answer "Describe yourself in one sentence"

Different HR interview questions have a few particular factors to consider when answering.

Similarly, here are a few tips to help you round up your answers when asked “Describe yourself in one sentence”.

Read the job description thoroughly

The job description(JD) is the key to unlocking the mystery of what to say when asked “Describe yourself in one sentence”.

The JD posted by the recruiters holds all the necessary and important skillset they are looking for in their ideal candidate.

Thereby helping you to note down the requirements in order to prepare to face this HR interview question.

Tally the requirements with your own skills

Next, note down your skill set that you possess currently and then tally it with the requirements of the recruiter.

Highlight the most important requirement that is non-negotiable for the recruiter.

Check if you possess it and if not look up some courses to upskill and come up with a plan to ensure the recruiter that you are sincere about the job.

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State what's in it for them

Not only does a job description help you to understand the core requirements to answer “Describe yourself in one sentence”, it can also help you to understand what to put forth on the table that will be beneficial for the recruiter.

Every recruiter gears up to interview candidates who match up with their requirements.

But what remains unsaid is the unsaid additional benefits that you will bring to the team.

Consider your skills thoroughly, if required take the help of a trusted colleague and/or friend and ask them to list down 3 of the top qualities that make you stand out.

However, do not cite completely off skills like “punctual”, “level-headed”, “quick thinker”, etc.

When answering this HR interview question, ensure to cite strong skill that is in tandem with their requirements, as a brownie point.

This will give the impression that you understand the job thoroughly and the additional requirements it presents.

Add in quantifiable achievements

Numbers play a great role in turning words into concrete reality.

It might seem like too much information when asked to “Describe yourself in one sentence”, but it will give the recruiter the impression that you like to keep a holistic knowledge about your work and care about it as well.

Also, when practicing to answer this HR interview question, note down all your achievements along with the quantifiable result.

This will help you to talk about your best achievement.

Be honest when answering

Honesty is the best policy. With proper practice and a holistic knowledge about your skills and achievements, facing the HR interview question “Describe yourself in one sentence” will be a piece of cake.

However, do not try to forge any details. The recruiters have their own way of cross examining information and it would not be a nice situation for you if caught with twisted information.

Therefore, make sure to cite authentic information only and present the best version of yourself in the job interview.

Also, make sure to go through the reviews of the company, company website, you can also try to reach out to current employees of the company on LinkedIn to get a better understanding of the work culture of the organization.

Sample answers to "Describe yourself in one sentence"

Here are a few sample answers to take inspiration from when asked the HR interview question “Describe yourself in one sentence”.

Sample #1:

“I am hard working and a quick learner, even as an intern I hardly took much time to go about with my duties and was even awarded Intern of the Month for achieving the highest target of xx clients on board.”

Sample #2:

“I am highly observant and dedicated to my role in the editorial and have always ensured error-free and eye grabbing copies which have been appreciated by readers and they have personally even reached out for the same.”

Sample #3:

“I am highly goal oriented as is demanded of my role of a Sales Manager and this helps me in attaining not only the required numbers but to push my limits, in the last quarter only I brought about 60% of the company gain.”

Now that you have the tips to How to answer “Describe yourself in one sentence”, be sure to follow them and come up with amazing answers to win over your recruiter when they ask you this HR interview question.

All the Best!

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