Anyone who has been through COVID-19 flu or has even had the scare of being so must know about quarantine. Quarantining requires people to isolate themselves if they suspect exposure to infectious diseases like COVID-19.

This is where quarantine leaves come in! Quarantine leaves are a new addition to the types of office leaves we have in India. Employees may apply for quarantine leaves if they show symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious infections.

These leaves are unrelated to other leave entitlements you get in office and are additional to the provided sick leaves.

In this blog, we will focus on understanding how to apply for a quarantine leave with format and sample letters.

What to include in a Quarantine leave application?

A quarantine leave application is just like any other office leave letter. Here is a list of things you must include in your quarantine leave application:

1. Cause of quarantine

In the last couple of years, almost everyone has isolated themselves at some point. As you write a quarantine leave application, state why you are quarantining yourself, briefly describe your health issues, followed by your current situation and doctor’s consultation.

2. Leave duration

One of the most important aspects of any leave application is the duration of leaves. As you quarantine, there may be some uncertainty about the exact number of days you need to quarantine for, but try to include a tentative and realistic end date to provide clarity to your employer and teammates.

3. Medical reports (if any)

You can attach a copy of the doctor’s consultation or medical reports that you may have got tested for to your quarantine leave application. This allows your manager to help you better, and work as an official record for your health condition.

4. Substitute point of contact and emergency contact details

To avoid any delay on the professional front, mention the name of a teammate that will take the responsibility to cover for any urgent work that may come up in your absence. Also, mention your emergency contact details so that your colleagues can reach out to you in case of an emergency.

5. Formal leave request

End your letter with a formal leave request to be sanctioned at the earliest.

Quarantine leave application format

The quarantine leaves application format is very simple and identical to other office leave applications.

The format looks something like this:


Para 1: Introduction & problem statement

Para 2: Duration of leave and tentative joining date

Para 3: Contact details in case of an emergency and a substitute point of contact

Para 4: Formal request to sanction leaves

Regards/Yours sincerely
(Your name)

Quarantine leave application sample

Respected Sir/Mam,

I regret to inform you that I have developed symptoms of Covid-19 flu & have undergone the mandatory test. The doctors have advised me to go into self-isolation for the time being.

As my current state of health deteriorates, I will be unable to work, which is why I’m applying for leaves starting today, till March 5, 2022, tentatively. In case I test positive or face further complications, I may have to extend my leave duration.

I have requested {Colleague’s name} to take care of anything urgent that may come up in my absence to ensure that the work does not suffer till the time I resume office.

In case I’m needed, you can reach out to me on my contact number or email

Request you to understand my health situation & grant me leave for X days.

Rohan Sharma
(Assistant Manager, Operations)


We hope that with this blog, you now have a clearer understanding of how to apply for a quarantine leave and will not face any trouble getting leaves sanctioned as you deal with your quarantine.

Stay healthy, Stay safe!

All the best!

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