Distance learning seems to be the new cool in the process of the world going remote.

It is an integral part of today’s educational atmosphere, and with the development in technology, education is just a click away.

Not only children, but even adults are also eager to learn, and upskill constantly, making home-based online teaching jobs the future.

If you are a teacher looking for a job or someone with deep knowledge about a subject and willingness to teach, this blog is for you.

Today, we are going to answer how to get an online teaching job from home in 5 easy ways to help you kick-start your career journey.

Let’s begin!

1. Choose the kind of tutor you want to be

Online tutoring may sound one-dimensional, but that is not the case.

Home-based online teaching jobs can have several roles under the umbrella of tutoring.

So, before you set out to find an online teaching job, you must decide the role you want to take up.

Here are some of the more popular roles you can consider while choosing your job profile.

1. Private tutor

Private tutors are most sought after by parents looking for undivided academic attention for their children.

Being a private tutor is an independent venture, meaning you get to decide how many people you want to teach, building your client database, etc.

However, the con attached to this setting is that you will be able to teach a small number of students at a time.

Getting a job as a private tutor depends upon your qualification and knowledge of the subject, and on the student's requirements.

So, buckle up and go through all the nitty-gritty of your subject thoroughly to become the best private tutor.

2. Elementary, a primary or high-school teacher

Unlike roles like a private tutor, becoming a school teacher is a tad bit complicated as it involves getting hired by a school in the first place.

Even though online teaching jobs that are done from home do not necessarily require any particular degree.

But you are needed to have certain qualifications to be hired as a school teacher.

To become a school teacher in India, you must have a Bachelor of Education (B.ed) degree along with your core education in the subject you choose to teach.

Language trainer

Studying foreign languages is a wonderful experience for everyone who goes through it. But most people have a hard time learning them.

This is where a language trainer steps in. A language trainer uses the target language effectively and helps you learn it both verbally and textually.

All you need to become a language trainer is knowledge of a foreign language and the ability to teach it to people from the beginner’s level.

2. Enroll yourself on online tutoring websites

Once you have decided what you want to do, the next step is to let the world know that you are available to teach.

You can use traditional methods like flyers, posters, or word of mouth.

Though the most convenient idea is to get yourself registered on an online tutoring website.

Here are five amazing websites to get you an online teaching job from home.

1. Vedantu

Vedantu is a well-known online tutoring job site that provides coaching on many subjects for students in grades 6 through 12, along with competitive exams like NEEt, IIT-JEE, CAT, and many more.

Working with Vedantu allows teachers to earn Rs. 25000- Rs. 60000, depending on the number of teaching hours, making it one of the best home-based online teaching jobs.

2. Byju’s

Byju’s is one of the most famous ed-tech companies in the country that offers online classes for classes 4 through 12.

It also offers Disney Byju’s early learning app for tutoring young kids aged 6-8 years.

Byju’s classes are also available for several competitive exams like IAS, JEE, NEET, and many more.

What is interesting is that Byju’s has its exam- BNAT (BYJU'S National Aptitude Test) that gives students of grade 4-12 and IAS aspirants a chance to deeply analyze their aptitude, personality traits, interests, and strengths.

Working as an online tutor with Byju’s allows online tutors to make an impactful difference with its unique aspects and well-researched curriculum designed to help students.

3. ClassPlus

ClassPlus is a unique coaching tutor app designed for those wanting to teach online.

Unlike the websites mentioned above, ClassPlus is not an education provider.

Their sole mission is to empower educators in India and create a complete digital tutoring environment for them.

It enables people looking for online teaching jobs from home a chance to get started with their online coaching classes by providing them with the tools required to go digital.

As a teacher on ClassPlus, not only can you take your coaching classes digitally, but you can also be paid by curating academic content for students.

With apps like ClassPlus, you can become an online educator just by launching your mobile app.

And if all this sounds too good, you also get to book a free demo at ClassPlus to decide for yourself.

4. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most famous websites that promotes learning through videos.

With online classes for every possible subject, the website allows a plethora of online tutors to share more about subjects, and even their hobbies.

Since it is a module oriented website, teachers get to upload course content at their pace and routine.

If you are looking for an online teaching job from home, but do not wish to work on flexible timings, Udemy is the ideal platform for you.

5. Chegg

Chegg is a popular website that provides children with homework solutions extensively.

But amongst several other websites, Chegg stands out by offering great monetary benefits for online tutoring jobs in India without investment.

What makes this unique is that students can ask course-related questions, and you can answer as many questions as possible.

The idea is simple- the more questions you answer, the more money you can make.

Chegg makes timely payments to teachers so you can focus on building your online tutoring career without having to worry about money.

It promotes online tutoring with the least possible investment and is one of the best websites if you want to bag an online teaching job from home.

3.Take up certifications and courses to be thorough about your subject

Answering how to become an online tutor is very crucial to understand how your career journey can move forward.

The fact is that online tutoring can be very competitive, and your only chance of standing out is staying in touch with the developments in your subject matter.

Even though there is no specific degree needed to get a home-based online teaching job, it always helps to take up certifications to hone your skills and have something to show for them.

So, if you are getting started with an online teaching job from home we suggest you learn more about the curriculum and take up courses that help you understand your subject better.

4. Build a virtual classroom

Apart from the willingness to share your knowledge, another thing you need to have is a classroom set up.

This includes a space where you can teach and everything that will put you in touch with students for these online classes.

Here are the 5 things you must do to make your virtual classroom:

  1. Find a quiet space to teach with good lighting and internet connection

  2. Get High speed WiFi installed to avoid lagging and connection issues

  3. Get a good quality webcam and mic to enable seamless communication with students

  4. Get a white/blackboard and set it up to face your webcam/laptop cam

  5. Explore digital tools like Skype, Zoom, free whiteboard tools for classrooms , digital pens, etc, to provide a hands-on learning experience

5. Customize your tutor profile for different platforms

Just like the same resume and cover letter do not work while applying to different jobs, having a similar profile on all online tutoring portals is also not a good idea.

So, once you get the hang of the website you are working for, customize your profile to attract more students to attend your classes.

You can add your specializations and certifications related to the curriculum to your profile and use targeting parameters like the class and subject matter you are to teach.

Apart from this you can also write an application for teaching jobs from home to boost your chances of getting a job.

With all this in perspective, it is sure that an online teaching job from home is one of the best remote jobs you can get.

And with these 5 ideas implemented well, you will be able to get a home-based online teaching job of your choice in no time.

Happy tutoring!

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