Modernization has its perks, from a significantly better life to a literal superpower of reaching out to the world with just a click.

Well, we have it all!

Despite being technologically advanced, a sudden global pandemic Covid 19, has brought the world come to a standstill.

The global economy is taking the worst hit & people are losing their jobs at an alarming rate.

As per a report by The Guardian, 3.3 million have filed for unemployment in the USA alone.

However, in these times of distress, we shall guide you through various ways to use social media effectively to find a job.

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Make connections

Imagine a list of 500 odd friends on your social platforms. Every day you share ideas with so many online friends, showcase your potential.

However, in the hour of need, you realize none of them can help you to find a job. Wouldn’t it seem like all wastage of time?

This is why, we recommend that even on social platforms, connect to people who are the decision makers of an organization.

These can be VP's, Founders, HR Managers, Managers etc.

They shall always prove to be handy while looking for a job.

Keep looking at the right places

Make a list of company pages & start following them on all social platforms.

Closely monitor these pages to see if any job postings come out.

Follow various recruiters on social media & see if any information comes your way.

Update your profile

On line social media channels have evolved as a strong platform wherein you can advertise your skills.

Update your profile on professional business-oriented social sites such as Linkedin.

Update your CV & make sure it contains all the relevant information.

Remember everything eye-catching isn’t interesting.

Update your skills, professional experience, skills, education & any other professional achievements.

Think about it, your regular CV is usually seen by a handful of people, whom you directly involve in the process.

However, through social media, your abilities can be seen by countless people & who knows from where would an opportunity knock.

A complete profile increases your chances of getting a job by 40%.

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Profile Summary For Freshers

Request Skill Recommendations

Credible skill recommendations are important for recruiters to take your profile seriously.

Ask your co-workers to endorse skills on your profile which are according to them are honest.

Grow your network

As soon as your profile seems complete, start importing your contacts & add them.

Connect to your friends, alumni, batch mates & others who work in different professional fields.

Create engagement

Share your experiences, opinions & engage in healthy professional discussions on social platforms.

This shall increase your profile visibility & help in building connections too.

Give a unique perspective

While sharing your personal experiences, thoughts or opinions, make sure you provide something different than the general opinion.

Don’t follow a crowd, stand out!

Talk about things that you believe in but in your own unique way.

Send personalized messages

In the world of random forwards, use technology to your benefit.

Draft a personalized job requirement message & send it to relevant contacts.

Make sure you highlight your skills & experience in the message.

Keep it short & be clear.

Use of Facebook & Twitter

Some social sites, such as Facebook & Twitter, are usually considered to be social interactive sites.

However, these sites can also be effectively used to find a job.

Make a list of recruiters & companies & add them on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Send messages to these recruiters about your employment requirement & also forward your CV.

Keep yourself updated with job openings in these companies & reach out as soon as you see a requirement posted.

Here are a few generic tips

  1. Upload a professionally dressed profile picture on social platforms.
  2. Tweet & retweet interesting posts by various companies.
  3. Add at least one new connection every week.
  4. Ask members of your list to introduce you to their contacts which may be able to help you.
  5. Research about interviewers or company where you apply on websites like AmbitionBox.
  6. Read articles, blogs on social channels to know what is happening around the world.

Social media can be the most effective tool if used wisely. During this time of turmoil, make sure you make the most of it.

Besides all of this make sure you stay strong.

All the best!

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