Covid 19 pandemic is by far the biggest challenge that humanity has ever faced before.

Almost the entire world is forced to lock themselves in their respective homes.

Global humanitarian & economic impact is huge.However, in these testing times, still, there are companies that are hiring.

If you have recently appeared for a job interview through a video call, this blog is for you.

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In this blog, we discuss the best possible ways to follow up on a recent interview.

1. Send a follow-up email

The best way to reach out professionally with or without the lockdown is through emails.

However, here are a few pointers to write a follow up email.

  1. Remember to keep it short & crisp.
  2. Mention the purpose of the email in the subject line.
  3. Ask politely if the position you were interviewed for is still open.
  4. Ask subtly about your interview status.

This email could be one of the most important piece of communication with your employer, make sure you give it a good thought.

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2. Making a telephonic call

Many people like to come straight to the point than beating around the bush.

In that case, a telephonic call may serve the purpose.

Usually, telephonic calls are considered to be time-saving.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you make that call.

  1. Sound confident.
  2. Avoid asking too many questions.
  3. Be polite & soft-spoken.
  4. Be precise.
  5. Talk to the right person.

3. Second follow up email

In these times of despair, the system of working has gone for a toss.

Corporates are trying their best to maintain a healthy work from home policy, however, sometimes things might take time than usual.

The first email shall surely get a response, however, if it doesn’t, the best way is to drop a second follow up email.

This email usually is of 2-3 lines and mention the issue you want a resolution to.

Here is a sample:

Hello XYZ,

This is a follow up on my previous email to check on my interview result status for the position of ______.

I am very excited about this role, so kindly provide an update whenever you can.

Thanking you!
Your Name
Phone Number

4. Ask friends in the company to find out

If you happen to have any friends working in the same company, then that’s your best bet.

Ask your friends to reach out to the respective manager & ask about your interview result.

This would give you honest insights about what worked or didn’t work for you during an interview.

This can help you in your future interviews too.

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic, the options of communicating have reduced to virtual.

These times & situations can really add to the anxiety.

However, the best way to deal with all this stress is to learn a new skill until you get that job.

The economy has taken a strong hit, most companies are either downsizing or not hiring.

However, in these times a new skill which is different from the common can brighten up your chances to get that job.

Stay Safe!

Best of luck!

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