Do you want to get published on the Naukri blog?

It is extremely simple! Read this article to find out how to get published on the Naukri blog, with guidelines, dos and don’ts, and the submission process.

How to get published on the Naukri blog?

Getting published in Naukri is easy! All you need to do is share your work with the Naukri content team. You can do that by:

Guidelines to get published on the Naukri blog

We are looking for career insights, stories, and experiences from people from all walks of life, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Here is all you need to know:

1. Create original content

The first and most crucial thing is the originality of the content. Plagiarism-free articles are the way to go to get published on the Naukri blog.

2. High-quality articles

Grammatical errors, poor word choice, redundant content, and other factors can affect your chances of getting published.

So, before you send out your work, proofread thoroughly, check for errors, and keep it crisp before you submit the article.

Here are some things you can do to ensure this:

  • Use Grammarly to ensure your content is error-free
  • Proofread multiple times before submitting
  • Keep it simple, crisp, and concise
  • Keep the blog light and fun to read

3. Keep it relevant

The trick to writing an article that attracts eyeballs is relevance. A good article is thoroughly researched and gets its point across well.

So, share content that offers unique insights, adds value and is helpful to the readers. Vague articles that share surface-level information will not be published.

The article can be 800-4000 words, depending on the subject. However, the ideal length for a post is 1200-1800 words. This is flexible as long as the content matter adds real value.

4. Avoid promotions and affiliate marketing

We are looking for content-rich articles that enhance the user experience. So, avoid writing to promote and affiliate marketing. Articles written to push products and establish bias will not be published.

5. Format your article well

The appearance of your write-up is another factor in effective writing. Consistent and simple formatting can make it look attractive and easier to read. Follow these steps to get the same:

  • Open with a catchy line and try to attract the reader’s attention in the first paragraph
  • Keep all sentences crisp and simple
  • Break long paragraphs into smaller bits to make them easy to read for the readers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can write for the Naukri blog?

Anyone who can write has an interesting experience, insight, or career journey to share can write for the Naukri blog.

2. Does a guest post guarantee the publishing of submitted articles?

No, it depends on the content relevance, insights, and subject. The write-ups shared will be assessed against our existing guidelines, and if the team finds them relevant to our line of content, they will get published.

3. Why is the article I submitted slightly different than what is available on the blog?

We reserve the right to make basic edits or rephrase sections of the submitted article to improve and enhance its readability, if necessary.

4. Why was my article not published?

If your article was not published, it is because it did not comply with our guidelines. We try to get back to as many people as possible, but We receive several submissions, and it is not always easy to get back to you with feedback. We reserve the right to reject articles submitted without providing reasons.

5. Why should I write for Naukri?

Naukri is India’s no.1 job portal, making it one of the best platforms to share your career insights and fresh ideas.

The Naukri blog attracts more than 1 million readers every month, bringing readers interested in job search and career journey to you. It can be your chance to shine with your work.

6. What kind of articles can I write?

We are looking for unique and interesting career stories. So, mundane and generic stories will not work. You can write about career journeys, insights, learnings, professional experiences, and advice for the readers.

We are open to any topic related to job search, recruitment, professional life, etc. However, if you have something up your sleeves that seems interesting to you, do not hesitate to send it our way!

*So, what are you waiting for? Send in your entries today, we are waiting!*400

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