You may have received calls or emails from someone who claims that you can get a job easily only if you pay them money. They claim to be from Naukri or any other reputed company. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? That’s because it is.

Naukri does not ask you to pay any money in exchange for a job. Naukri is a platform that connects job seekers and employers. We are neither a recruitment firm nor a labor consultant company. Searching for jobs and applying for jobs on Naukri is free for all job seekers. After applying, Naukri sends all applications to the employers. Now, it is up to the employer who posted the job to schedule an interview with you.

Our paid services known as Naukri FastForward Services include resume writing, Recruiter Connection, and Priority Applicant among others. These services can help you to get an advantage while searching for a job but cannot guarantee a job.

Identifying genuine calls from Naukri

An easy way to identify if a call is from Naukri FastForward Services is to check if the number is among the following:


If you have received a call from a different number that claims to be Naukri FastForward Services, you can report it to

Identifying genuine emails from

To identify genuine emails from, pay attention to the ‘From’ email address. Naukri email addresses always end in a domain name. For example,,, are Naukri email addresses.

If the ‘From’ email address looks like,,, etc., then the email is not sent by Naukri.

Protecting yourself from fraud

Some guidelines to protect yourself from job scams are:

  • Do not share your personal, non-work related information such as Credit Card numbers or Bank information over phone or email.
  • Do not provide a callback phone number or provide contact information that is outside the country.
  • Do not trust anyone asking for any kind of payment for Job Applications, conducting interviews, or any other such employment/recruitment related purpose.
  • Beware of anyone promising a guaranteed job/interview call.
  • Beware of calls/emails from people claiming to be Naukri employees. Only the emails sent from '' domain belong to Naukri employees.

Naukri does not approve of or represent any employer or recruiter sending a fraudulent communication, which in fact are a violation of the Terms and Conditions.

We value the trust you place in Naukri and are committed to making your job search a safe and fraud-free experience on our platform. When we receive complaints from job seekers about fraudulent or suspicious emails, we promptly notify the concerned employer and, if necessary, block them from using our services.

If you have received (or receive) any such suspicious email communication from a possible Naukri client, do report it to us at

Read the Security Advice for more information.

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