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Similarly, on the professional front, one of the key skills every candidate should know before applying for job positions is the skill to successfully market themselves.

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While traditional resumes still have their place, new practices such as video resumes are emerging globally.

But why are these professional transitions important?

In this blog, we shall discuss why & how these modern transitions are important on the professional front.

What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is a brief account of a candidate wherein a candidate describes his/her professional experience, qualifications & achievements in a visual form.

Video resumes can have a far greater impact than usual traditional resumes.

Unlike traditional resumes wherein skillsets are categorized in general.

A video resume can give us the convenience to customize & tailor a video profile specifically as per the requirements for a particular job opening.

Video CV's also help in creating a lasting impression in the recruiters' mind before he/she has even gone through your CV on paper.

This a rare opportunity which a traditional resume cannot provide.

Why Video Resumes?

Many of you may think, why is there a need to make a video resume when conventional resumes can still get you jobs?

Well, to that here a few reasons why to make a video resume:

  1. It makes a candidate stand apart from the crowd, by giving a recruiter a first-hand impression of a candidate in just a few seconds.

  2. Highlights the skillset & individual personality which play an important role in the whole hiring process.

  3. It showcases candidate's public speaking & communication skills, which come in handy in many job openings today.

  4. A video resume creates an indirect rapport between a candidate & recruiter.

How to Make a Video Resume

Here are some important video resume tips which would help you create a professional video profile.

1. Video Resume Script

Before making a video resume, write down a video resume sample script & practice it well.

This will help you sound more confident & well prepared while making the video.

Systematically structure your resume content.

Divide it into parts according to their occurrence, for example, qualifications> Professional experience> Technical skillset> Achievements, etc.

2. Maintain a focus point

While making a video resume, fix a specific point to look at while speaking on the video.

Usually, this focus point is the camera itself.

This helps in maintaining eye contact throughout the whole filming process which reflects confidence & positive body language.

3. Be Precise

It’s a professional resume, not a social media profile! Remember this while you making your video CV.

Try to be brief & to the point. Don’t go round & round with the same content.

Develop a video resume script in such a way that it's brief & puts maximum points across in a minimum time frame.

An ideal time for a video resume should be between 80-120 seconds.

Anything more than that might make your resume boring & a recruiter can easily lose interest.

4. Dress Properly

Though a video resume is not an actual video interview, however, it creates a first impression in the recruiter's mind.

One important aspect of professional interviews is formal dressing.

The same rule applies here as well.

Make sure you are formally dressed while making a video Cv.

The way you are dressed would highly showcase your professional aspiration to work.

Record your video while looking professional, well-groomed & presentable.

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5. Feedback from Professionals

Before uploading your video Cv on hiring platforms, send it across to your professional network & ask for their feedback.

These people may be your colleagues, friends, or family, who according to you could be the best judges to give apt feedback on your video resume.

6. Avoid Informal Communication or Slang

While making your video profile, avoid using any form of informal language or usual slang that may have become a part of our language.

Be very careful while drafting your script, proofread your video resume sample script well for any informal words or slang.

You can also use tools such as Grammarly, Pro-Writing Aid, Hemming Way Editor ,etc.

7. Clean & Quiet Background

A video resume includes more entities in a frame than just the candidate.

Keeping that in mind, carefully select the place wherein you are making the video.

Avoid rooms wherein there may be posters, shabby walls, messy surroundings, etc.

Find a tidy place & clean the background before you make a video resume.

Ensure you find a quiet place to make your video. This would make your video much more clear in terms of sound.

8. Be Steady

Adjusting your clothes while talking on a video, looking up while speaking, moving around, etc. all are a big no when it comes to making a video resume.

Not only do these things leave an unprofessional impression, but they also act as a distraction for an interviewer while going through the resume.

Be steady & maintain a good posture while talking & maintain strong eye contact.

9. Maintain an Apt Rate of Speech

An ideal accepted rate of speech is considered to be around 140-150 words/minute.

However, depending on the time you have in hand, your rate of speech may vary.

Do not rush through your information. Be clear with whatever information you are giving in your video profile.

Sound clear & avoid any fillers in between your sentences.

10. Avoid Shaky or Out of Focus Video

Never hold your phone in your hand while making your video. This can make your video look shaky & unprofessional.

Place a book or something behind the phone to keep it steady while making a video.

Also, ensure that the focus is clearly on your face & the video isn’t focusing on any other entity in the frame than your face.

How to Make Your Video Profile on Naukri App

Naukri , a pioneer hiring platform in India, it gives candidates a feature to create their video resume on their android app.

This feature is simple, easy to use & helps in creating a unique resume for recruiters to consider.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make a video profile on the Naukri Android app:

Step 1: Download the Naukri app from play store on your android phone.
Step 2: Open the Naukri app & create your profile.
Step 3: Under the profile tab, open the “video profile section”


Step 4: Carefully watch the demo video which gives video resume tips.


Step 5: Start recording your video.
Step 6: Upload it on your profile & update your profile

If you already have the Naukri Android App, you can click here to create your video profile now. This feature will also be available on iOS soon.

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Best of luck!

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