1. Interview Tips for freshers
  2. What do you know about the firm?
  3. Why should they hire you?
  4. Dress professionally
  5. Be Punctual
  6. Be confident, sound confident
  7. Let the work do the talking
  8. Be a good listener
  9. Be polite but on point
  10. Ask questions
  11. Don’t Argue

Interview tips for freshers is the most important thing that you need to read before you appear with all your knowledge & wit in your dream interview.

If you are a fresher & have already got yourself an interview, well indeed this blog is written just for you.

This blog aims at providing well-researched interview tips to freshers along with a systematic chain of things you need to do before an interview. So let’s get started.

Interview tips for freshers

1) What do you know about the firm?

Apart from the salary structure & market reputation, there are countless insights that you need to know before appearing for an interview. Grab as many insights as you can.

How to research?

Check the company website & read about the domain of business, the firm is into & how well they are growing. Check reviews of the company on AmbitionBox , understand their work-life balance, internal office environment, salaries, etc.

Ask your friends who work in that firm or know people in that firm, to give you details about the work pattern & environment in the firm. This shall give you a general overview of the company.

2) Why should they hire you?

Interview tips for freshers would just be a mere tag if this all-important question is not entertained in the list.

Be confident to pitch your strengths in the right place.An engineer in an HR firm may not that useful, but an HR in an engineering firm makes more sense. So make sure your skill set matches the core of the company.

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How to know, where do you fit in?

Do a complete SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunity & technology) of the firm the best way you can. Once you have a clear idea about the strengths & weaknesses of the company, find your perfect place.

See what it is in you which shall make a change in the current standing of the firm. Once you know your place, indeed it’s easier to explain to the HR that hiring you wont be a mistake.

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3) Dress professionally

We all remember the classic quote our teachers used to quote in school, “The first impression is the last impression”, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it's true!

The first impression that an interviewer gets of you, usually reflects upon the last impression mentioned on your profile.

Before your knowledge could find the right words, your dressing would have spoken. If you seriously want to embark upon a long & successful career, the last thing you want is employers thinking that you aren’t serious about professional life.

A professional man/woman usually tends to dress professionally.

How to dress professionally?

Make sure your clothes are formal & well ironed. If you wearing a shirt, wear a light-colored shirt. Wear a blazer if you can or the best attire is a well fit suit. Also, make sure your shoes are well polished & hair well combed.

For females: Wear a saree if you can, but if you want to wear western, a formal knee-length pencil skirt with a pastel-colored shirt is a perfect combo or a pastel color pantsuit.

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4) Be Punctual

If you can be late for an interview, it’s not that hard to imagine what shall you do when you get hired. Puntuality, rightly is considered directly proportional to professionalism.

How to make sure, you are on time?

Plan your schedule in such a way, that you at least have an additional buffer of 30 minutes when you leave for your interview.

Usually, interviews are in the morning, so sleep on time & set an alarm to wake up on time.

5) Be confident, sound confident

While answering the HR, make sure your confidence is demonstrated in the best way possible. Speak with conviction & make sense.

Remember confidence & relevance go hand in hand. No matter how confident you are, if it's not making sense, all shall come crashing down.

Who is showcase your confidence?

Maintain eye contact, don’t look down or around while talking. Make sure you sit confidently & not closed in limited space.

Shake hand firmly, listen carefully & answer aptly, talk slowly but convincingly. Your body language is well evident, so don’t show any signs of nervousness through unwanted actions.

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6) Let the work do the talking

Indeed we all understand that mere words aren't enough, keep your previous work samples handy, any piece of work that you have done in your free time, to give a glimpse of your ability.

Compile some of your best work & present them to the interviewer to review.

What samples to present?

No matter which genre you think you expertise in, it all depends on the position you are applying for.

You can’t be an expert in html coding & apply for a position of a content writer unless there is some strong talent or samples to support your claim of expertise.

So make sure, you compile the best, yet relevant & unique samples to showcase.

7) Be a good listener

Believe me, you will get your time to talk. During an interview, many people are in a haste to prove their worth, only to end up licking their wounds.

You shall have ample time to speak, but before that keep your ears & mind open.

Listen carefully & answer relevantly & slowly.

Who is a good listener?

As the name suggests, a good listener is the one who has the patience to let other people finish talking first. A rare trait I must say.

Broadly a good listener also has relevance in his replies. Be a good listener but also be a relevant respondent.

8) Be polite but on point

Have politeness in the way you talk to the interviewer. Politeness is a great virtue but often misunderstood.

To balance it out, ask relevant questions that pop up in your head but in a calm manner.

Refer to the interviewer as sir/mam or even by their last name e.g Mr ________ /Ms ________.

How to be polite during an interview?

Polite people are usually stereotyped as dull, however great minds usually tend to be polite in their words.

If you are one of this kind, be glad, indirectly I called you a great mind. However, during interviewers be polite & soft-spoken.

Don’t be loud in the way you speak. Listen carefully & then reply. However, when you reply, be calm yet firm.

Speak slowly but with impact.

9) Ask questions

Be curious! If I have to give one powerful interview tip to freshers, this would be it. Curiosity leads to questions. Keep questions ready for the interviewer.

This reflects positively as it showcases your keen interest & readiness to work with them.

What questions to ask during an interview?

What shall be my day to day responsibility? What are the KPI’s of the firm & how are they measured?

According to you, what shall be the hardest part of my work here?

These are some questions that as an interviewee you should ask. However, there are many more questions that may be relevant to that specific firm.

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10) Don’t Argue

The moment you start arguing, it reflects way too poorly on your skills to be a team player.

Try to accommodate the point of view of others, if you don’t agree to the same, politely put your argument forward.

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Best of luck!