A pandemic looming large has made for the first time in years WFH is the new way of life. Everything has become virtual these days. However, companies have started hiring yet again.

Well, that’s good news though, however, a new form of the interview has emerged much more strongly.

Interview by telephone is the new norm.

In this blog, we shall provide some important telephonic interview tips you must have to ace your next job interview.

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Important telephonic interview tips

Telephonic interviews can be divided into two basic sections:

  1. Pre-interview preparation.
  2. During an interview.

1. Pre-interview preparation

Pre-interview preparations can broadly be defined as things you need to do to prepare in a better way before your interview.

Right Spot: Before you gear up for your interview by telephone, find a perfect corner of your house. Make sure it’s quite & with minimum distractions.

Make sure no one disturbs you while you appearing for your interview.

Keep your information ready: Rather than wasting time in finding papers to find relevant information while your telephonic interview is going on, it’s better to keep them handy beforehand.

Make a checklist of papers which you might require during an interview & keep them handy.

Practice: Before you hope to crack a telephonic interview, practice all your answers well. Stand in front of the mirror & practice each answer much confidently.

Use the help of platforms like AmbitionBox, to find interview questions asked during interviews by various companies.

Ace your research: It’s important to know why do you want to join a firm & how? The only way to find compelling justification for the same is through thorough research about the company.

Find all you can about the firm to boost your chances during an interview.

Read reviews of the company you applying for on AmbitionBox. Indeed you shall find all the relevant information of the company.

Technical Aspect: Find a place in your house wherein you find a steady network. A bad reception may cause disruption & important information may get missed.

However, also ensure that the battery of your phone is adequate to avoid any distractions during an interview by telephone.

2. During an interview

Here are some important things to remember while appearing for an interview by phone.

Sound confident: Right from a “hello” to a “goodbye”, sound confident & focused. An interviewer can’t see you, however, it’s just the voice that creates an image of the candidate.

A confident image of a candidate is half battle won. Who would not want to hire a confident enthusiastic employee?

Be clear while talking: Most of us usually tend to skid away from the topic while talking over a phone. This can prove to be fatal for your job prospect.

One of the most important telephonic interview tips is to be precise. Be precise, brief & to the point.

Don’t wander around off-topic.It shall lead you nowhere.

Listen well: The three-second technique can prove to be quite handy in listening better. Basically, after completion of each answer, pause for three seconds.

This allows the interviewer to find an opportunity to ask a question or relevant details which he/she might want to ask. Listen well & then reply appropriately.

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Sound positive: What you feel, reflects in your voice. Smile more, be enthusiastic in an interview by telephone.

This shall project your image as a positive & an optimistic person.This adds to your professional profile.

Write down important things: During a telephonic interview keep a notepad handy. Write down all the important things which are worth taking note of.

Record: If you have an option, record your interview for future reference. This shall help at a later stage, wherein you can either practice for your future interviews well or even have a record of what all conversation happened.

Keep your questions ready: Don’t be scared to ask questions. Asking questions shows yours intend & seriousness about the job. Jot down relevant questions & ask them in the end.

End well: Finish your interview on a good note. Thank the interviewer, appreciate the time they have given. Convey your hopefulness to hear from the interviewer soon.

The above-mentioned pointers are quite important telephonic interview tips.

While the world is switching to virtual means of communication during this pandemic, it’s important to champion telephonic interviews.

Interviews by telephone & job prospects depend entirely on one conversation that you shall have with your interviewer.

Make sure you give your best shot.

Best of luck!

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