Are you preparing for an interview? Here is a master list of questions and answers that covers the most common interview questions. These interview questions have been divided into different categories to help you prepare for your interview.

HR Interview Questions and Answers

HR interview questions and answers cover general questions about the candidate.

The motive of these questions is to know more about you and to judge if your profile and motivation suit the job posting. Here are some examples of HR interview questions and answers:

1. Tell me about yourself?

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2. Describe who you are?

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3. Why do you want this job?

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4. Are you willing to relocate or travel?

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5. What are your salary expectations?

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6. Do you know anyone who works for us?

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7. What is your ideal company or workplace?

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8. Are you applying for other jobs? Do you have any other offer in hand?

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Basic Interview Questions and Answers

Let us take a look at some basic interview questions and answers:

1. What is the difference between group and team?

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2. Why should you be hired for this role?

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3. What motivates you to do a good job?

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4. Can you handle work pressure?

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5. What do you know about our company?

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6. What software packages are you familiar with?

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7. Can I trust you with responsibilities?

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8. How do you respond to change?

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Common Interview Questions and Answers

Have a look at these common interview questions and answers.

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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3. What are your biggest achievements?

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4. What are your short term and long term goals?

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5. Why should I hire you?

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6. Do you have any questions for me?

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7. How do you deal with feedback and criticism?

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8. Why have you changed jobs too many times?

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9. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

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Personal Interview Questions and Answers

Some examples of personal interview questions are:

1. What motivates you?

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2. What are your hobbies?

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3. Are you an organized person?

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4. Can you describe your time-management skills?

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5. What is your greatest failure in life?

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6. What are the 3 most important things for you in a job?

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7. Do you have good work ethic?

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8. What are you most proud of?

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9. What do you friends and co-workers say about you?

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10. What did you do in the last year to improve your knowledge?

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11. What makes you angry?

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Behavioural Interview Questions and Answers

Some companies conduct a special behavioural interview round to assess your core skills and competencies. It is a method of screening the behavioural traits of a candidate during a job interview. Click below to read some common behavioural interview questions.

1. How do you handle stress and pressure?

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2. Whay is work life balance important?

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3. What is your management style?

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4. Are you a leader or a follower?

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5. Have you ever made a mistake? How did you handle it?

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Interview Questions and Answers as per Job Role/Title

Every job profile has some common and specific interview questions. Here are some common job roles and their interview questions.

  1. Teacher interview questions and answers

  2. Business analyst interview questions and answers

  3. Accounting interview questions and answers

  4. SEO interview questions and answers

  5. Adwords/PPC interview questions and answers

  6. Sales interview questions and answers

  7. Social Media interview questions and answers

  8. Technical Writer interview questions and answers

  9. BPO interview questions and answers

  10. Content Writer interview questions and answers

  11. Corporate security interview questions and answers

Technical Interview Questions and Answers

Technical job roles are very popular among people from technical backgrounds. Some of the popular technical interview questions are:

  1. HTML interview questions and answers

  2. JavaScript interview questions and answers

  3. AngularJS interview questions and answers

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Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Interviews can seem to be a bit intimidating for freshers. Here is a list of interview questions that freshers can prepare and appear for the interview with confidence.

Group Discussion Topics for Interview

Group discussions are an important part of many interviews. Take a look at these blogs to read about GD topics and answers in detail.

  1. Group discussion tips you must know

  2. GD topics on social issues

  3. 101+ Group discussion topics

  4. GD topics on general issues with answers

  5. GD topics on econmics and business with answers

  6. GD topics on politics with answers

  7. GD topics on education with answers

  8. Gropu discussion tips you must know

How to Face Interview

Interviews are not always face-to-face. These days, video/Skype and telephonic interviews are quite common as well. Learn how to face different types of interviews.

  1. Skype interview: Tips and questions

  2. Telephonic interview: Tips and questions

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is very important as it can make or break your interview. Learn how to prepare for an interview, along with tips and checklists to appear for an interview.

  1. Interview preparation tips: Before, during, and after an interview

  2. How to prepare for a walk-in interview?

  3. Your interview checklist for the big day

Interview Skills

Develop interview skills so that you can perform well in every interview. Here is a list of 21 interview skills to crack an interview:

Interview Dress code

Wondering what to wear for an interview? Here is the answer:

Interview Body Language

Body language plays extremely important role in an interview. Learn how to get your body language right!

  1. Interview body language do's and don'ts

  2. Body language tips for your next interview

  3. Body language: Everything you need to know about it

Questions to Ask in an Interview

In almost all the interviews, a candidate comes across the questions- "Do you have any questions for me?" Learn how to ask questions to an interviewer.

Do not think of an interview as a question and answer session. Think of it as two-way communication. Prepare for your next interview with full confidence. All the best!

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