Job opportunities have not ceased during the current tough job market.

As per the Naukri JobSpeak June Report, the overall hiring activity increased by 33% in June as compared to the last month.

Moreover, hiring activity has picked up its pace across all key industries including IT, BPO, Hospitality, Auto, and Healthcare.

A great relief for all job seekers!

We are in a ‘new normal’ now where companies are conducting online job interviews to hire the best talent for different roles.

Here are some useful interview tips to convey to the recruiter that you are a good fit for the job role, and finally helps you get a job you want.

1. Be yourself

It is tempting to say YES and agree to whatever the interviewer says during the interview with the hope of getting a job.

However, it doesn’t work like that. Recruiters are smart and know how to gauge your capabilities and knowledge.

Pretending to be a person you are not is not a safe game when you are searching for a job.

Therefore, the first advice is always to show the real you as it helps you land a job that is the best fit for you.

2. Acknowledge your shortcomings

Nobody is perfect and recruiters know this too.

Therefore, never hesitate to acknowledge your weaknesses as it shows your self-awareness and strength to be bold enough to talk about it in an interview.

Recruiters prefer honest candidates who know what they lack and have the desire to overcome it.

Many job seekers prefer to avoid this common interview question, “What are your weaknesses?”

If you can talk about it with a clear plan in mind about how you are working to overcome it, it works great.

3. Come up with questions

Job interviews are not only about answering interviewers’ questions but it also requires you to clear your doubts by asking questions.

Sound confident, logical, and smart by asking a few questions at the end of the interview.

This also helps you to evaluate the job offer and take your career decision of joining or not joining a particular company.

A proper analysis of the job role, the position offered, growth opportunities, and the company can help you to land a job you would always love to go to.

Ask questions to understand if a company is the right place you would like to join and give 2-3 years of your career.

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4. Focus on your cultural fit

You get a call for a job interview because you meet the basic job requirements.

However, the charge comes in your hands where you can use this opportunity to highlight your cultural fit for the company.

Qualifications and skills are key factors for getting a job offer, but hiring managers also consider cultural fit as a key factor for shortlisting candidates for the job offer.

During the interview, focus on how suitable you are for the company you are being interviewed for by aligning your values and beliefs with the company.

However, this requires an understanding of the company’s vision, objectives, values, and other details that you get from its official website.

So, research and plan your approach accordingly.

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5. Close on a positive note

It is vital to end your interview on a positive and convincing note to be remembered by the interviewer for at least the time he shortlists you for the job offer.

Give your best shot to share a string of some quick achievements, qualities, and knowledge that makes you the right candidate for the job offer.

Make yourself look positive and excited about the job opportunity.

And yes, don’t forget to send a ‘Thank you’ note on email the same day.

Take time to review these quick tips before your next job interview so that you don’t miss any opportunity to land your dream job.

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