9 Hacks to Ace Your Aptitude Assessment Test

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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 01, 2019

Don’t you think that it would be great if you had a key which would unlock all the shortcuts to success in your life? Quite an unrealistic thought isn’t it? But here in this article we might unlock something for you and help you with strategies which can help you to reduce your stress levels, improve your scores of aptitude tests and help you in your campus placement.

Employers use aptitude tests to measure the cognitive capacity and suitability of freshers like you, for a particular role. You must be aware of the types of the most commonly used set of aptitude tests, this is just for refreshing your memory. The most popular types of aptitude tests are –
• Abstract/conceptual reasoning
• Verbal & numerical reasoning

Let’s discuss some hacks with which you can definitely achieve some great success.

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1. Read More and More

It is one of the first tips to obtain good results, a good reading habit helps you to improve the interpretation of texts, contents and readings. Make it a habit to take some time out every day and read new and different things. In addition, reading will improve and broaden your vocabulary.

2. Practice

The key to clearing all assessment tests is to practice as many questions as possible. This will give you a complete idea of the type of questions you will be asked. Practice certainly makes you perfect! Practice mental exercises helps a great deal. If you need to do verbal and numerical aptitude tests, you must train your mind to recognize patterns of words and numbers. In addition, you need to tailor your brain to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately. This may involve practicing puzzles, studying basic math and/or checking the spelling of confusing words. Also, learn some shortcuts.

3. Plan Well

Create a study schedule, start with rehearsing the basics. It is a good idea to watch some video tutorials or take short practice sessions that focus on specific topics. Concentrate on your areas of weakness and try to work on them to assure a good improvement.

4. Learn to Skim Read the Paragraphs

Make sure that you know how to skim read the paragraphs before reading the questions. Skim reading will help to have an idea of the context before you jump to the questions and will also help you to understand it in a precise manner. Usually there are 3 -5 questions per paragraph, so it’s reasonable to spend 15 – 20 seconds quickly reading the paragraph.

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5. Read & Follow Instructions

You should be aware that a set of instructions are provided before the test. Make it a point to understand the instructions carefully and then go ahead with the test. At first, answer the questions that you know and if you are not sure about a particular question, avoid it. Once you have completed all the other answers, come back and try the difficult questions again. If you have time, check all your answers.
Make sure you know how much time you have to complete the test and use it in an appropriate way. Do not hurry, because you may make mistakes.

6. Beat the Clock

Aptitude assessment tests must be completed within the allotted time and you should avoid spending too much time on a single question, as this affects your ability to finish the entire test on time. Practice is the key here, yet again. Keep your timer handy while practicing and improve yourself.

7. Avoid Stress

Focus on reducing stress and anxiety. Stress can negatively affect your mood, sleep patterns, and ability to concentrate. Additional relaxation techniques are advisable. As a fresher, you need to be very particular about your new start, so always start on a good note.

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8. Sleep & Eat Well

It is best to sleep at least eight hours the day before the test. Lack of sleep can cause key concentration errors. Take your meals on time and eat properly. Have a balanced diet, include nuts, dairy products and sufficient fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid junk food.

9. Believe in Yourself and Do Your Best

This may sound like a cliche, but having faith in your capabilities always works. Luck favors the one who tries.

All the best for your college placement!


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