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Latest Software Testing MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Explanation

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A critical step in the software development life cycle, software testing verifies that programs are trustworthy, functional, and error-free. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are frequently used by aspiring software testers and professionals to improve their understanding of testing.

The following article offers a thorough selection of the most recent MCQs for software testing, along with comprehensive explanations for each question. Furthermore, we urge readers to use the Firstnaukri Aptitude Test as a valuable tool for being ready for numerous interview aptitude exams.

What is Software Testing?

Before a software product is made available to consumers, it must undergo software testing to be evaluated for flaws (errors or bugs) and fixed. Software testing can be carried out either manually or automatically. The process of developing software includes software testing as a crucial step. It aids in ensuring that the program is error-free and satisfies user requirements.

Software Testing MCQs with Answers PDF

Software testing comes in a wide variety of forms, including:

  • Unit testing: The method of testing distinct pieces of code is known as unit testing.
  • Integrity testing: Integrity testing involves examining how various pieces of code work together.
  • System testing: System testing is the process of thoroughly examining a piece of software as a whole.
  • Acceptance testing: This procedure involves evaluating a software program to see if it satisfies the client’s expectations.

Latest Software Testing Interview Questions with Answers [2023]

The below-mentioned 30 multiple-choice questions are designed to test your knowledge of software testing concepts. Use them as a learning tool to enhance your understanding and prepare for interviews or exams.

  1. The order in which test levels are performed is:
  1. a) Unit, Integration, Acceptance, System
  2. b) Unit, System, Integration, Acceptance
  3. c) Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance
  4. d) It depends on the nature of a project

Answer: It depends on the nature of a project. 

2. System testing is a

a) Black box testing

b) Grey box testing

c) White box testing

d) Both a and b

Answer: Black box testing

3. What is the “V” Model?

a) Test Design Technique

b) Test Type

c) SDLC Model

d) Test Level

Answer: SDLC Model

4. Test cases are designed during which of the following stages?

a) Test recording

b) Test configuration

c) Test planning

d) Test specification

Answer: Test specification

5. Which is not the other name for structural testing?

a) Behavioral testing

b) Glass box testing

c) White box testing

d) None of the above

Answer: Behavioral testing

6. The technique applied for usability testing is:

a) White box

b) Grey box

c) Black box

d) Combination of all

Answer: Black box

7. Which of the following is not a Test Type?

a) Database Testing

b) Security Testing

c) Statement Testing

d) Functional Testing

Answer: Statement Testing

8. Static analysis can be best described as:

a) The reviewing of test plans

b) The analysis of batch programs

c) The use of black box testing

d) The analysis of program code

Answer: The analysis of program code

9. Exhaustive testing is:

a) always possible

b) impractical but possible

c) practically possible

d) impractical and impossible

Answer: Impractical but possible

10. Which is not a type of incremental testing approach?

a) Bottom-up

b) Top-down

c) Big-bang

d) Functional incrimination

Answer: Big-bang

11. White-box testing can be started:

a) After installation

b) After SRS creation

c) After programming

d) After designing

Answer: After programming

12. What is Fault Masking?

a) Creating a test case which does not reveal a fault

b) Error condition hiding another error condition

c) Masking a fault by developer

d) Masking a fault by a tester

Answer: Error condition hiding another error condition

13. Which of the following is the component test standard?

a) BS7925-2

b) IEEE 829

c) BS7925-1

d) IEEE 610

Answer: BS7925-2

14. Testing of software with actual data and in an actual environment is known as 

a) Regression testing

b) Beta testing

c) Alpha testing

d) None of the above

Answer: Beta testing

15. Beta Testing is done at:

a) Developer’s end

b) User’s end

c) User’s & Developer’s end

d) None of the mentioned

 Answer: User’s end

16. A program with high cyclometic complexity is likely to be:

a) Large

b) Small

c) Difficult to write

d) Difficult to test

Answer: Difficult to test

17. Unit testing is done by:

a) Users

b) Developers

c) Customers

d) None of the mentioned

Answer: Developers

18. Which of the following is not a Software Development Life Cycle Phase?

a) Requirements Gathering

b) Test Closure

c) Coding

d) Testing

Answer: Test Closure

19. In order to control cost, defects should ideally be detected in which phase:

a) Coding

b) Design

c) Implementation

d) Requirements Gathering

Answer: Requirements gathering

20. Error guessing is a:

a) Test verification techniques

b) Test data management techniques

c) Test control management techniques

d) Test execution techniques

Answer: Test data management techniques

21. Which of the following is not a white box technique?

a) State transition testing

b) Path testing

c) Statement testing

d) Data flow testing

Answer: State transition testing

22. Alpha testing is

a) Post-release testing by end user representatives at the developer’s site

b) The first testing that is performed

c) Pre-release testing by end user representatives at their sites

d) Pre-release testing by end user representatives at the developer’s site

Answer: Pre-release testing by end user representatives at the developer’s site.

23. What is the primary goal of software testing?

a) To identify defects in the software

b) To develop new software features

c) To design the user interface

d) To document the software requirements

Answer: To identify defects in the software

24. Which testing technique focuses on testing individual units or components of a software application in isolation?

a) Black Box Testing

b) System Testing

c) Unit Testing

d) Performance Testing

Answer: Unit Testing

25. What is the purpose of Regression Testing?

a) To test a new feature in the software

b) To test the overall system performance

c) To ensure existing functionality is not affected by changes

d) To test the user interface design

Answer: To ensure existing functionality is not affected by changes

26. What is the difference between validation and verification in software testing?

a) Verification checks if the software meets user requirements, while validation ensures adherence to standards.

b) Validation ensures that software meets user requirements, while verification focuses on the development process.

c) Verification ensures the software is error-free, while validation checks the software against specified criteria.

d) Validation is done by the development team, while verification is done by independent testers.

Answer: Validation ensures that software meets user requirements, while verification focuses on the development process.

27. What is the purpose of a Test Plan in software testing?

a) To execute test cases

b) To report defects

c) To define the testing approach and scope

d) To analyze test results

Answer: To define the testing approach and scope

28. Which type of testing is performed to validate the software’s behavior based on a specific user scenario?

a) Boundary Testing

b) Smoke Testing

c) Use Case Testing

d) Load Testing

Answer: Use Case Testing

29. Which testing technique involves testing the software’s internal logic, code structure, and algorithms?

a) White Box Testing

b) Black Box Testing

c) Functional Testing

d) Regression Testing

Answer: White Box Testing

30. What does the “T” stand for in “TDD”?

a) Test

b) Technique

c) Team

d) Technology

Answer: Test

Software Testing Interview Questions with Answers for Freshers

Check out the most commonly asked software testing interview questions with answers for freshers.

Check out the most commonly asked software testing interview questions with answers for freshers

What is the primary goal of software testing?

The main objective of software testing is to find flaws and faults in the software. Testers ensure that the program is fully functional, satisfies all specifications, and provides a top-notch user experience by extensively testing it.

Which testing technique helps assess a software application’s functionality by observing how it behaves under different conditions?

“Black Box Testing” is a testing method that evaluates a software application’s functioning under various circumstances. Comprehensive testing is made possible without looking into the underlying workings of the program since testers are unaware of to the inside code and concentrate on expected inputs and outputs.

What is the purpose of Regression Testing?

Regression testing seeks to ensure that fresh modifications or upgrades to a software program don’t negatively impact its current functionality. Retesting the program is necessary to ensure that features that were previously functional are still there after new modifications have been made.

What is the difference between verification and validation in software testing?

While verification guarantees that the program satisfies the needs and expectations of the user, validation verifies that the software complies with specifications and standards. While validation concentrates on the functioning and usefulness of the finished product, verification concentrates on the development process.

Which testing level involves testing individual units or components of a software application in isolation?

To verify the accuracy and operation of a software application’s separate pieces or components, unit testing is used. It is often the initial testing phase of the development process.

Which testing type evaluates the software application’s performance in terms of responsiveness, speed, and stability under varying workloads?

A software application’s responsiveness, speed, and stability are assessed through performance testing under various workloads. It aids in the identification of performance bottlenecks, ensuring that the program can successfully meet user requests.

What is the key advantage of using Automated Testing over Manual Testing?

Compared to manual testing, automated testing provides quicker test execution, more test coverage, and higher accuracy. Continuous integration and delivery are made possible, and repeated tests’ time and effort requirements are reduced.

What is the role of a Test Case in software testing?

A test case is a collection of prerequisites, inputs, anticipated results, and post-conditions that spell out the procedures to be followed while testing software. It offers a methodical way to verify the accuracy of the software program.


When assessing a candidate’s expertise and knowledge in the field of software testing, MCQs are crucial. Aspiring software testers may improve their knowledge and shine in job interviews by knowing the most recent concepts and methods.

We recommend readers take the Firstnaukri Aptitude Test (FNAT), a great tool for polishing abilities and developing confidence in numerous interview aptitude tests, to continue their preparations for aptitude exams. Take advantage of the chances that arise as you grow in your profession as a software tester.

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FAQs on Software Testing Interview Questions

What are common Software Testing Interview Questions?

Explaining the distinctions between various testing types, outlining the elements of a test plan, and going through defect management procedures are all common software testing interview questions. Use actual examples from the real world to illustrate your knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

How to answer behavioral questions in Software Testing interviews?

When answering behavioral questions in Software Testing interviews, use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Provide specific examples of challenges faced, actions taken, and the positive outcomes achieved to showcase your capabilities effectively.

What is the importance of test automation in Software Testing?

Software testing needs test automation because it boosts productivity, decreases time to market, and improves test correctness. Testing professionals may concentrate on complicated situations and produce high-quality software since automation makes sure repeated test cases are completed consistently.

What are the key skills required for a Software Testing role?

Key skills for a Software Testing role include strong analytical abilities, attention to detail, proficiency in test automation tools, and excellent communication. Adaptability and a willingness to learn are also crucial in the dynamic testing environment.


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