A Complete Job Search Guide for Beginners

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Posted by FirstNaukri Feb 28, 2020

Are you hunting for a job? If you are hopelessly muddled that what is the right approach for a successful job hunt, here’s the right piece of advice.

Securing a lucrative job of your choice is an arduous task. Factors like educational background, skills, and work experience are required to get a suitable job. However, searching for a dream job requires the right approach, preparation, and knowledge of writing a professional resume, using a known online job platform, and finally preparing for job interviews.

Here’s a complete job search guide if you are a fresher and soon going to look out for your first job:

Resume Tips:

Resume plays a crucial role in a successful job search. It is crucial to format your resume in such a way that attracts the attention of employers. Few things must be considered at the time of writing a resume, such as:

  • Highlight key Information: Giving all the relevant information in bullets is a smart way to allow recruiters to go through the key details at a glance. This avoids the risk of making any important information going unnoticed by the recruiter and increases your chances of getting shortlisted.
  • Usage of correct words: The usage of words in the resume must be attractive and clear. Avoid using fancy or over-exaggerated words.
  • Unique Information: Mentioning unique information in a resume distinguishes it from that of your competitor. However, don’t go overboard with your strengths and weaknesses and focus on adding information that is relevant for the job opening.
  • Professional Format: For writing a winning resume, an appropriate format must be used for suitable heading, font size, and page length.
  • Error-free resume & application: At last, to avoid any blunder, it is always recommended to review a resume before submission.

Bonus Tip: The best way to ensure that you have a professional resume is to take the help of free online resume makers that create an error-free and impressive resume in seconds.

Online job search:

Online job portals play a crucial role in hunting for jobs of your choice. At present, job portals are gaining popularity among young job seekers who can upload their resume for free in popular job portals like Firstnaukri and avail the advantage of quick job search. Online job portals offer various advantages, such as:

  • Manage profile by updating resume anytime
  • Search jobs and track application status easily
  • Register for free
  • Simple and uncomplicated to use for a quick job search
  • Get free e-mail alerts for relevant job openings
  • Customize job search as per requirement- company, salary, location, work-experience, functional area, designation, etc.
  • Wider reach to different locations, employers and job openings

Interview Tips:

After your resume gets shortlisted by any recruiter, the next stage is preparing for the job interview. It is crucial to take care of your appearance and interview etiquette. Some useful interview tips:

  • Research about the company to understand its background completely
  • Have a clear idea about the job profile and understand what makes you a potential candidate for the job offer
  • Keep details related to your education, work experience (if any), projects and internship on your tips to answer any interview question related to it
  • Take several mock interviews to boost your confidence and prepare well
  • Be truthful and do not give any false information

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Although there can be no shortcut way to score a job, however, the right job search approach is what takes you closer to your goal.

All the best!


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