Best Resume Tips No One Has Ever Told You!

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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 21, 2019

What gets you hired? It’s how you sell yourself to the recruiter! And of course, a professional resume can do that for you. Read on to know more…

While there are numerous resume writing tips available at just a click, there are still some amazing resume writing tips you would have not heard before. Let’s find out what are those useful tips that can help you to land a job interview:

Tip #1: It’s not important to mention everything  

Consider your resume as a marketing document that plays a crucial role in providing your details to a recruiter. It is suggested that you should not mention everything on that single document and keep some useful stuff reserved to talk about during your job interview. It impresses a hiring manager to know that there are more amazing facts about you and your work to discuss and it also allows you more time to interact with him. However, it is important that you highlight your key accomplishments and skills that are relevant to the job in resume to make that first impression.

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Tip #2: Don’t force yourself by increasing the length
Keep your resume to a page or maximum of two pages by keeping the information relevant and concise. If you find it difficult to write an impressive resume in a crisp format, try Firstnaukri free resume maker tool. It helps you to create a professional resume in a few seconds.

Tip #3: Strategically share your social account details
Mentioning links to your social accounts in a resume are nowadays common. Even recruiters find it useful to check a candidate’s social presence before hiring him/her. Therefore, the idea is to use it to your best advantage and mention social accounts strategically by sharing professional social handles only like LinkedIn or even Instagram, but ignoring non-professional social accounts like Facebook.

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Tip #4: Are you naming your file properly?
Everything written and done in your resume, but your job is half done if you are not naming the resume file smartly before sending it across to recruiters. Many job seekers commit a mistake of renaming their files as simple as ‘resume’. However, the best way to do it is by adding your name to bring it to the recruiters’ notice, for example: ‘Jacqueline Smith Resume’.

Tip #5: Keep refreshing it
Creating just one resume and using it for every job application is not a smart way to search for a job. It is important to keep updating your resume by adding new skills, relevant job-related keywords, etc. to stay above in recruiters’ searches. Moreover, it keeps you always ready to send across your updated resume if there is any new job vacancy. If you find it challenging to update and redesign your resume every time, take the help of Firstnaukri free online resume maker and stay relaxed!

If you are a fresher and have no relevant experience to mention, don’t panic. Just focus more on transferable skills, academic achievements, and internship experience to highlight what makes you an ideal candidate for a particular job opening.

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