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Posted by FirstNaukri May 27, 2020

During the COVID crisis, many companies from various industries are witnessing an overall decline in their hiring activities. This has certainly resulted in job seekers coping with uncertainties in their current jobs and struggling with finding new job opportunities as well.

In the face of these tough times and uncertain job market, what freshers can do to stay ahead of their job search and upskill for better career opportunities?

Yes, it’s developing new skills with trending online courses! This will help you to add value to your CV and stay relevant to the recruiters.

Here’s a list of some useful free online courses for freshers to help you navigate these unprecedented times. These courses can be studied by job seekers belonging to any domain or industry.

  1. Public Speaking Course

Anyone interested in improving or learning public speaking/speech/presentation skills can take up this trending course which is free. Freshers who want to feel more confident while speaking in front of others or want to outperform with presentation skills in their office meeting, this course is the right choice for them.

About the course – This course offered by Udemy includes 25 speech/presentation guidebooks that help you to increase your confidence when speaking or presenting in front of many people. You can enroll for free and earn a certificate of learning on course completion.

2. Digital Marketing

With every business transforming into digital processes now, if there is a time to develop this skill, it is actually now. Whether the current scenario will boost the opportunities for digital marketing professionals or not, you can take a leap in your career by upskilling with trending courses like digital marketing.

About the course: Digital marketing course by Udacity allows you to work on real-world projects from industry experts and learn to create marketing content, use social media, make content discoverable in search, run Ads campaigns, and effectively advertise on Facebook.

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3. General Management & Communication Skills

Developing in-demand skills such as general management and communication skills offer a great boost to your career advancement. In the corporate world, developing leadership and inter-personal skills pays off in the long run. Freshers can take up this course to learn these skills and perform in their respective domains.

About the course: GMCS is a 15 days full-time course that provides an in-depth understanding of business environment opportunities in the ever-changing socio-economic scenario. The course curriculum includes several case studies, projects, presentations, mock interviews, and management quizzes to help you prepare well.

4. Problem Solving with advanced analytics

Every employer looks out for the candidates who can successfully solve a business problem and bring an advantage to the business. You can develop this key skill by studying a course in problem solving.

About the course: Problem Solving with an advanced analytics program by Udacity offers foundational knowledge to use data analytics for creating business insights. You will also learn analytical methods to solve business problems with the help of available data and learn from industry experts.

Key benefits of learning and upskilling for freshers:

  • Learning with the help of these online courses enables you to develop industry skills that help in your job search.
  • You can anytime explore and choose the best-fit course for yourself and prepare to stay relevant to recruiters.
  • Online courses are mainly designed in collaboration with industry experts to help you gain maximum learning.
  • You can develop or improve your skills to gain a competitive advantage.  
  • You can earn a Certificate of Completion and add value to your CV.

All the best!


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