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How to Answer ‘What is Your Biggest Achievement?’ – Samples and Tips

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Posted by Aarna Tiwari Mar 22, 2024

“What is Your Biggest Achievement?” is a common question in fresher job interviews. For someone who is a fresher or someone with little experience, it is the chance to highlight their abilities, knowledge, and successes. It might be anything such as completing your college degree, taking first place in a contest, or opening your own business.

As a fresh graduate, you could be unsure about how to appropriately respond to the inquiry and land the dream position. Do not panic! The following article will provide you with instructions on how to respond to the question, “What is your biggest achievement?” and will address all the pertinent issues.

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Why Interviewers Ask ‘What is Your Biggest Achievement’?

“What is your biggest achievement?” is a question from the interviewer to find out more about your qualifications, experience, and priorities. Your response can aid the interviewer in determining your suitability for the position and your qualifications for it. It’s crucial to be precise and detailed in your response to this query.

When interviewers ask, “What is your biggest accomplishment?” they’re searching for a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Transferable Skills: Can you apply your transferable skills and knowledge from academics, projects, or volunteer work to the job requirements?
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Did you face a challenge and overcome it creatively?
  • Initiative and Drive: Did you take the lead on a project or go above and beyond expectations?
  • Learning Agility: Did you acquire new skills or adapt to changing circumstances?
  • Results Orientation: Did your actions have a positive impact on a project, team, or organization.

Best Sample Answers to ‘What is Your Biggest Achievement’?

“What is your biggest achievement/accomplishment?” is a behavioral interview question. The best responses to this interview question will demonstrate to the hiring manager how amazing and pertinent your biggest accomplishment is to the requirements of their team.

These are a few of the top examples of responses to the question:

What is Your Biggest Achievement? – Sample Answer 1

What is Your Biggest Achievement - answers

As a recent graduate in computer science engineering, my biggest accomplishment was creating a machine learning model that correctly forecasted the possibility of fraudulent transactions. With a precision rate of 95% and a recall rate of 90%, the model was highly accurate in forecasting the likelihood of fraudulent transactions. I improved my knowledge of machine learning, Python programming, and data analysis throughout this project.

I received a certificate of merit for exceptional performance as a result of my work on this assignment, which made me the best student in my class. A national conference on data analytics and machine learning featured a presentation of the research.

What is Your Greatest Accomplishment? – Sample Answer 2

My application for an internship at the esteemed National Institute for E-Governance was accepted during my third year of college. I was asked to create an app throughout the three months of training in order to combat the nation’s growing cybercrime problem. I made a straightforward software that enables victims to file a criminal report at the nearby police station and track the case in order to assist lessen money fraud and similar crimes.

The company and the training manager gave the app favorable comments, and it was subsequently showcased at a national technology competition. Being the best intern was a major accomplishment for me as a fresher, so I was overjoyed to find that my app had won the award.

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How to Choose Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Remember that the accomplishment you choose should demonstrate your skills and make a good impression on the interviewer, highlighting why you are a strong candidate for the position. It’s crucial to take into account the following aspects when selecting your best achievement:

  • Adequacy to the position is a must. The accomplishment you select should be pertinent to the position you seek.
  • The accomplishment you select should be specific. Don’t merely state that you received a bachelor’s degree from IIT. Instead, claim that you earned a 9.0 GPA while attending IIT.
  • The accomplishment you select should be noteworthy. It needs to be something that required a lot of effort and commitment to do.

You can begin to reduce your alternatives once you have taken into account the factors listed above. Following are some suggestions for selecting your best achievements:

  • Consider your abilities and strengths.
  • Think about your experiences.
  • Acknowledge advice from others

How to Structure Your Answer to ‘What is Your Biggest Achievement’?

It’s crucial to handle your response to the question “What is your biggest achievement?” in a way that is understandable, succinct, and interesting. Here is an example of a structure:

  • Begin with a compelling introduction and describe your background and top accomplishments.
  • Describe your accomplishment in detail, including what you did, how you achieved it, and the results.
  • Emphasize the knowledge and experience you earned as a result of your success.
  • Finish with a call to action and explain how your accomplishment relates to the position you’re seeking for.
  • Apply the STAR interview approach. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

What to Avoid When Answering What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

STAR method

When responding to the inquiry, “What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?” there are a few things to avoid. These consist of:

  • Don’t oversell yourself by boasting about your successes.
  • Avoid being overly generic in your response by providing particular information.
  • Don’t concentrate on your shortcomings by talking about your blunders or failures.
  • When discussing your achievement, be animated and upbeat.

Tips to Answer What is your Biggest Achievement?

The interview question, “What is your biggest achievement?” is an opportunity for you to showcase your accomplishments and demonstrate how you’ve contributed positively in your previous roles. Here are some tips on how to answer this question effectively:

  • Select a Relevant Achievement: Choose an achievement that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. Tailor your response to highlight skills and experiences that are valuable in the new role.
  • Be Specific and Quantify: Provide specific details about the achievement. Quantify it whenever possible by mentioning numbers, percentages, or outcomes. For example, “I increased sales revenue by 30% in six months” is more impactful than “I boosted sales.”
  • Explain the Challenge: Briefly explain the challenge or problem you faced that led to the achievement. This helps interviewers understand the context and the significance of your accomplishment.
  • Highlight Your Role: Emphasize your specific role and contributions. Explain what actions you took and the strategies you implemented to overcome the challenge.
  • Discuss the Impact: Explain how your achievement positively impacted your previous employer or team. Describe any benefits or changes that resulted from your actions.
  • Showcase Relevant Skills: Use this opportunity to showcase skills that are relevant to the new position. Whether it’s leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, or project management, tie your achievement to skills valued in the job description.
  • Connect to Company Goals: If possible, align your achievement with the company’s goals or values. This demonstrates that you’ve done your homework and can contribute to their objectives.

Finding Your “Biggest Accomplishment”: Think Beyond Work

As a fresher, your achievements might not be limited to traditional work experience. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Academics: Did you excel in a particular subject, win academic awards, or complete a challenging research project?
  • Extracurricular Activities: Did you hold leadership positions in clubs or societies, organize events, or participate in competitions?
  • Volunteer Work: Did you work on a community project, mentor younger students, or contribute to a social cause?
  • Personal Projects: Did you build a website, create a mobile app, learn a new language independently, or complete a personal fitness challenge?

Your biggest achievement doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. It’s about showcasing your potential and how your experiences have equipped you to excel in your chosen field. Embrace this opportunity to tell your story and shine!

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FAQs on What is your Biggest Achievement?

What is your greatest achievement sample answer for freshers?

The most appropriate response to the question “What is your biggest achievement” will focus on your professional accomplishments, life milestones, or academic excellence. Additionally, it will be customized to the position and the business, underlining the values you and they both share.

What to keep in mind while answering What is your biggest achievement interview question as a fresher?

Be bold; don’t be modest. When asked about your biggest professional accomplishments, you have the opportunity to extol your own virtues. Be prepared for follow-up inquiries and be specific when discussing actual outcomes and statistics.

How do I say my achievements in a fresher’s job interview?

When answering ‘What is your biggest achievement’, be understandable, succinct, and interesting. Apply the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) approach.

What if I don’t have any work experience?

Even as a fresher, you can shine! Focus on achievements from extracurriculars activities, volunteer work, or personal challenges that showcase transferable skills like leadership, problem-solving, and communication.

Can I talk about an academic achievement?

Yes, but focus on how it translates to practical skills. Did your research project involve teamwork or overcoming a specific challenge?

What if my biggest achievement isn’t that impressive?

Focus on the skills you developed! Even a small accomplishment can showcase valuable qualities like perseverance or initiative.

Should I mention my failures in the answer?

Focus on overcoming challenges. Briefly mention the obstacle you faced, then highlight how you learned and adapted to achieve success.

Is it okay to prepare multiple answers? 

Yes! Tailor your answer based on the specific job description and the skills they value.

What if I get nervous and forget my answer?

Take a deep breath and rephrase briefly. Mention a key skill you developed from the achievement and elaborate on that.

How can I end my answer strongly?

Reiterate your enthusiasm for the position and how your achievement makes you a strong candidate.


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