Job Search Tips to Help Millennials in 2020

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Posted by FirstNaukri Mar 30, 2020

As a fresh graduate, you might face fierce pressure while making a run for the job you’ve desired all through your college life. For the year 2020 has just started with several ups and downs in the employment sector for some industries, there is plenty you can learn during the process itself. Here are a few tips that will help you find a job at an efficient pace during the year. Take a quick look at these tips and start implementing them right away.

Tip #1: Know Where to Search for Jobs

This might sound a wee bit indirect, but you need to know the specific fields/job markets that are hiring actively this year.  Several reliable hiring reports like Naukri JobSpeak give you a clear insight into the hiring activity in India.  This means there’s ample research you can carry out, be it regarding the type of jobs you should look out for or industry hiring trends.

Tip #2: Experiment and Beat the Norms

Who says it’s about a paper resume and a form application process only!

Hope you get the point here, job search for your generation has never been about a run-of-the-mill approach. What you need are alternative solutions working your way. For example, a graphical/visual or even social resume can present your qualifications, skills and work experience in a much better way.

It’s up to your choice and the plan you have crafted, be it different or similar to the rat-race. Not only this, right from picking signs from the interviewer and expressing your skills in the form of stories during an interview, to writing thank you emails to the employer for good luck can work out in your favor too!

Tip #3: Keep Debunking all Negative Opinions

Be it any job destination you travel to, stereotypes are common everywhere. It’s your responsibility here to stay active in communication and debunk the root causes of these stereotypes, wherever it crops up.  There would be instances when the employer would start a debate over the negative traits of your generation, hence pressing over the reason why you don’t fit in for senior positions.

To combat the same, elaborate over experiences when you faced challenges and worked hard to accomplish a team target. That presents you as a team player and mature candidate, rather than one who likes to take things easy.

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Tip #4: Get Some Experience that Counts

With the technological advancements and strong networks everywhere, it’s quite easy to get into the corporate arena for experience’s sake. However, the kind of experience you cover and the professional growth that happens simultaneously is something that will count with a larger effect than anything else.

The same goes for college graduates and undergraduates going for internships during their summer or autumn breaks. Know your interests, the economic spheres suiting you the best and then take a step accordingly. Make sure you pay enough attention to the way business is carried out, soft skills that go prominent and leaders who have made a difference to your respective industry. This way you stay on track and focused to face the competition with a harder gut every time.

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Tip #5: Choose your Mentor

You might be having the right zeal, the enthusiasm and all the talent to be a master of work expertise when it comes to your subject, but experiences do count. The only way you can play a clever game and keep your aim within a measured distance is being mentored by a senior in the field now and then. Mentors can help you build the right network, cross various phases of career development and stay clear on different employer perspectives that prevail in the global job market today.

There are several alternatives when it comes down to job search strategies for millennials. But this generation likes to try a new solution to old problems, and that is what’ll take you to glory in the corporate arena as well.

All the best!


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