Salary Negotiation Tips for Freshers

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jul 29, 2021

You have finally landed the much awaited job offer, and it is now time to talk numbers. You will certainly be more motivated to join if you get your worth. Well, there are no defined rules regarding salary negotiation. It all depends on your profile, education and experience.

Keep patience

Don’t jump the gun. Understand the given salary break up before you start the salary negotiation conversation. Don’t show haste in either accepting or rejecting the given offer. Even if you are asked to reply as soon as possible, you can always ask for a day or two days’ time. Evaluate the numbers and see if they meet your expectation or not.

Strike the right chord with your employer

If you are a fresher with 0-2 years of work experience, you can negotiate on the salary based on the uniqueness you are bringing on the table for your prospective employer. However, be careful as you’re trying to take your career to the next level. Don’t just leave the deal for some amount of money, pus it could be your first or second job. Be rational.

Emphasize on the facts as to why you want to be paid more; example, you have additional skills, any part-time experience, or certifications, etc. You need to be confident and speak with conviction. 

Do your homework thoroughly

Before you begin the salary negotiation, understand the market’s benchmarks and the industry’s current pay standards. Know the existing salary trends for your profile, experience, location, qualification and experience. You may seek advice from an experienced professional in your network and look out for such information on the internet. You will easily get to know the average pay scales as per your job profile. It will help you explain your ask.

Document the conversation  

You might end up negotiating your salary over a call with the HR, it is very important that you send an email requesting the same too. Emails let you put forth your thoughts formally and courteously. Also there may also be a chance that you miss out on giving some crucial information to justify your ask. It also offers recruiters to take time to ponder over your request and then draft a reply versus having to answer immediately on the call.

Don’t be scared

Though you should be carefully doing this conversation, you should not settle for anything lower than your worth as it may affect your future income. And HRs do understand that the candidate will try to negotiate the salary as it is a common practice.

Essentially, never leave any good opportunity for something that you may regret later. Gather your thoughts, do your research, and respond judiciously. A very useful tip: Don’t be erratic or stretch the disagreement. Show your sincerity.


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