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Mastering TCS Aptitude Questions: Solved TCS Aptitude Tests, Previous Year Questions

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Posted by Aarna Tiwari Aug 29, 2023

In the competitive landscape of the job market, aptitude tests have become a crucial part of the hiring process. For candidates aspiring to join esteemed organizations like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), excelling in aptitude tests is paramount. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) is a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization that conducts aptitude tests as part of its recruitment process. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, understanding TCS aptitude questions can significantly enhance your chances of success.

TCS Aptitude Questions PDF – Solved

In this article, we will delve into the world of TCS aptitude questions, exploring their patterns, and benefits of solving them.

TCS Aptitude Test: Understanding the Structure

TCS, a global IT services and consulting firm, uses aptitude tests to assess candidates’ analytical, logical, and problem-solving abilities. These tests evaluate candidates’ suitability for various roles within the organization.

The goal of the TCS aptitude test is to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude for numerical ability and logical reasoning skills. There are multiple-choice questions in it, and you have a specific period of time to answer all of them. The exam is divided into several portions, each of which focuses on a distinct ability.

The format of the TCS Aptitude Questions and Answers has recently been modified, and the test has been broken down into two main sections, the TCS Foundation, and the TCS Advanced Test. The TCS Foundation Test is quite challenging, whereas the TCS Advanced Aptitude is extremely difficult.

TCS Aptitude Questions: TCS NQT Previous Year Questions

TCS releases the previous year’s question papers for their aptitude tests. These question papers can be a valuable resource for preparing for the tests. You can find previous year’s question papers for TCS aptitude tests on the TCS website.

Check out these solved previous year’s question papers of TCS Aptitude Questions.

Question 1: In a class, the average height of boys is 165 cm, and the average height of girls is 155 cm. If the average height of the whole class is 160 cm, what is the ratio of boys to girls in the class?

Let the number of boys be B and the number of girls be G. The total height = B * 165 + G * 155. Given total height = (B + G) * 160. Solve for B/G, the ratio is 3:2.

Question 2: If x + y = 10 and 3x – 2y = 4, find the value of x.

Solve the second equation for x: x = (4 + 2y) / 3. Substitute x in the first equation: (4 + 2y) / 3 + y = 10. Solving for y, we get y = 3. Substituting y in x, we get x = 4.

Question 3: The difference between a number and its two-fifths is 400. Find the number.

Let the number be N. We have N – 2/5 * N = 400. Solving for N, we get N = 1000.

Question 4: A train travels a distance of 360 km in 5 hours. What is its speed?

Speed = Distance / Time. Speed = 360 km / 5 hours = 72 km/h.

Question 5: If 20% of a number is 50, what is 40% of the same number?

Let the number be N. We have 0.20N = 50. Solving for N, we get N = 250. Therefore, 40% of N is 0.40 * 250 = 100.

Question 6: A shopkeeper sold an article for $450, incurring a loss of 10%. What was the cost price of the article?

Let the cost price be C. Selling price = Cost price – Loss. We have 450 = C – 0.10C. Solving for C, we get C = 500.

Question 7: Simplify: √(64 – 9) + √(25 + 16).

√(64 – 9) + √(25 + 16) = √55 + √41.

Question 8: If 2x – 3 = 7, what is the value of x?

Add 3 to both sides: 2x = 10. Divide by 2: x = 5.

Question 9: If the base of a rectangle is 12 cm and its height is 8 cm, what is its area?

Area of rectangle = length × width = 12 cm × 8 cm = 96 cm².

Question 10: Find the value of 2^3 * 3^2.

2^3 * 3^2 = 8 * 9 = 72.

TCS NQT Aptitude Test with Descriptive Answers

TCS aptitude tests are a series of questions that are used to assess the skills and abilities of candidates applying for jobs at TCS. Check them out here.

Question 11: A car travels a distance of 540 km in 6 hours. What is its speed in m/s?

Answer: Speed = Distance / Time. Speed = 540 km / 6 hours = 90 km/h. Convert to m/s: 90 km/h × (1000 m / 1 km) × (1 h / 3600 s) = 25 m/s.

Question 12: If 25% of a number is 75, what is 50% of the same number?

Answer: Let the number be N. We have 0.25N = 75. Solving for N, we get N = 300. Therefore, 50% of N is 0.50 * 300 = 150.

Question 13: If a shirt is sold for $30 with a 15% profit, what was its cost price?

Answer: Let the cost price be C. Selling price = Cost price + Profit. We have 30 = C + 0.15C. Solving for C, we get C = 26.09.

Question 14: Solve: 5x + 8 = 23.

Answer: Subtract 8 from both sides: 5x = 15. Divide by 5: x = 3.

Question 15: The area of a square is 121 square units. What is the length of its side?

Answer: Side length of square = √Area = √121 = 11 units.

Question 16: If 60% of a number is 120, what is 80% of the same number?

Answer: Let the number be N. We have 0.60N = 120. Solving for N, we get N = 200. Therefore, 80% of N is 0.80 * 200 = 160.

Question 17: A circle has a diameter of 14 cm. What is its circumference?

Answer: Circumference = π * diameter = π * 14 cm = 43.96 cm.

Question 18: Simplify: (2/5) * (5/8).

Answer: (2/5) * (5/8) = 1/4.

Question 19: If x – 3y = 7 and 4x + y = 19, find the value of x.

Answer: Solve the first equation for x: x = 3y + 7. Substitute x in the second equation: 4(3y + 7) + y = 19. Solving for y, we get y = 1. Substituting y in x, we get x = 10.

Question 20: If the difference between a number and its three-seventh is 200, find the number.

Answer: Let the number be N. We have N – 3/7 * N = 200. Solving for N, we get N = 350.

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It’s crucial to practice answering all kinds of logical reasoning and numerical reasoning problems when getting ready for the TCS aptitude questions. You may become more comfortable with the question forms and develop your problem-solving abilities by doing this. During the test, time management is also essential. Aim to give each segment ample time, and pace yourself properly. Finally, remember to thoroughly read each question and check your responses before submitting them.

Firstnaukri Aptitude Tests: Your Ultimate Preparation Partner

Mastering TCS aptitude questions is a pivotal step toward realizing your career aspirations. These tests evaluate your skills beyond academic knowledge, reflecting your practical problem-solving abilities. By understanding the test pattern, practicing with TCS’s previous year’s question papers, and utilizing platforms like Firstnaukri Aptitude Tests, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success.

This platform offers a range of carefully curated practice tests that mirror the TCS aptitude test patterns. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive question bank, Firstnaukri equips you with the tools you need to excel.


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