Tips to Prepare for a Mock Interview

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Posted by FirstNaukri Apr 03, 2020

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, don’t keep waiting for the right time to come for your career advancement. Utilize this time at home and practice mock interviews to refine your interview skills. As virtual interviews are gaining momentum, practicing them at home will help you to ace your final interview with recruiters. Well, the show must go on, whatever may come. So, start preparing now with some useful mock interview preparation tips.

How mock interviews help?

Practicing mock interviews several times helps you to answer the different common interview questions interviewers ask and be prepared with the best way of answering them. The idea is not to memorize any specific answer, but to gain confidence in addressing any such similar questions with clear ideas.

Practicing mock interviews over a call with friends or family members helps you to let go of any nervousness you usually experience during a real interview. With video interviews preferred nowadays, you definitely need to practice more to know what works and what not in a Skype or zoom interview call.

Mock Interview Preparation Tips

Tip #1: Choose a partner as an interviewer

The first step includes choosing the right partner who can act as an interviewer and ask different interview questions. You can choose anyone- a colleague, friend, family member who has an understanding of this and can tell you how you performed at the end.

Tip #2: Set the interview setting

Although it’s an informal setting of an interview, it is important to arrange a formal setting to get a feel of a real interview. This helps you to take it more seriously and answer the interview questions properly. Choose a suitable and quiet environment in your house where there is the least distraction. Make sure your internet connection is working fine!

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Tip #3: Keep your resume in front of you

While having a mock telephonic or video interview, keep your resume handy to have access to any important information. This helps you to remember what you have mentioned in your resume and answer accordingly.

Tip #4: Dress appropriately

It is again important to dress appropriately, as you do for a real interview. Dressing professionally influences your performance during a mock interview and prepares you to understand how you should present yourself in front of the interviewer. Even if you are attending any telephonic interview, dressing appropriately helps you to make the process more serious.

Tip #5: Record it & take feedback

It is the best practice to record your mock interview for evaluation purpose. Share it and discuss it with the person who played the role of an interviewer with you and take feedback on your performance.

Take several other rounds of interview to improve basis the feedback. Check your tone of voice and facial expressions to see if it needs further improvement. This will help you to gain confidence and prepare better in your final interview.

All the best!


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