How to Ace a Phone Interview like a Pro

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Posted by FirstNaukri Mar 06, 2020

When looking out for a job, creating a professional resume and adding key information like your accomplishments and achievements is important, but is not the complete preparation from your end! There is more that you need to do to prepare well for any job interview.

A phone interview is one thing that a candidate has to face even before a face-to-face interview and here you can’t take any risk. So, whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, preparing to ace a phone interview takes you one step closer to your much desired offer letter.

Basically, there are two types of interviews- scheduled and unscheduled. The scheduled calls are often fixed on a particular date between a job seeker and the recruiter. Whereas, unscheduled calls are random and it can arrive anytime from an HR as a screening process and shortlisting for the next round of selection process. So, during the process, make sure that your phone is available for any call. Here you can get some handy tips on how to ace your telephonic interview round:

  • Do Prior Search

It is always suggested to do prior research about the organization before heading for an interview. You can visit the company website and check the company reviews online by the trusted resources. You should know about the company portfolio, key features, and strategies. Generally, interviewers ask, “What do you know about the company” and more such questions, for which you should have appropriate answers.

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  • Be an Active Listener

Usually, to set a stage, the interviewer speaks about company environment, history, expectations from a particular role, etc. It is always suggested to listen to all the briefings carefully and while the person is explaining these points, the candidate should sound serious. Meanwhile, you can also ask questions about the organization, as it gives the impression that you are equally interested in getting in. Later, try to find out the connection by quoting similar situations or work strategies, this move will ease the conversation.


  • Be Ready with the Explanations

An interviewer mostly picks up questions from your resume, they ask about your previous work experiences, educational background or some other special tasks handled by you (in particular circumstances). It is always suggested to make a prior note of your work experiences and educational background before the interview. Try to list all the responsibilities you are handling in the past/current job, but make sure it should not be very descriptive and exaggerated.


  • Understand Your Interviewer

Interviewers meet a number of candidates regularly and they can easily access the confidence level of the candidate. Based on it, they ask the questions and proceed further. They can easily glean out your self-confidence, personality, and how effectively you can communicate over a phone call. A candidate should never rush to answer and try to maintain an even tone throughout the phone call.


  • Understand your Weak Points

There might be chances that the candidate can be asked about the issues such as an employment gap, the reason for leaving the previous organization, etc. So, it is suggested to answer the questions with honesty, be non-defensive and sound confident.

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  • Ease the Environment

Before initiating a telephonic interview, always try to arrange a quiet place, which should be free from any kind of distractions. Stay focused and listen to what the interviewer is briefing or asking. Always have a pen, paper with you and note down the important points.


Hope these tips can help you to go through your telephonic round of interview with great ease. And yes, never forget to send a Thank You Note to the recruiter once you are done with the process. Always end the interview with a happy and positive note and be ready for the next rounds.


Happy job hunting to you…All the Best!!


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